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mrsandmrs, I seem to have noticed that Alden's feedings aren't taking as long without the shield, still a good 20 minutes each side but he would easily go 30 with the shield so I do believe it has to affect their efficiency at getting milk. I'm sorry you're still having pain with feeding, I'm in the same boat and I can't imagine having to deal with it while feeding two! I dread offering Alden the right side and I have to grit my teeth for a good 10-20 seconds.


beep: I hope your plugged duct resolves itself without much issue. Is extending your maternity leave an option? I know what you mean with not being ready. At this point I can't see myself returning Nov 1st, though that was the tentative date I gave my clients. It's not that I don't want to, I just haven't figured out how the scheduling would work. What if he starts screaming bloody murder while I'm working with someone? I can't just interrupt our appointment to pop him on a boob... I'm attending a "returning to work and pumping" class tomorrow evening so I'll let you know if I get any great insights/tips.


serafina: I had to google "milk blister", sounds painful. Alden and I are getting the hang of sidelying night nursing which would be great if it led to going right back to sleep but for some reason the 2am feeding always ends in an hour of fussing and crying... Then when we feed again at 6 or so he just goes right back to sleep, why?!


I feel like some things are improving with our feedings, I'm pretty sure we're done with the shield, but then other things, like the toe curling pain when he latches, still need to be resolved. I remain determined to make this work, the LC at the birthcenter probably thinks I'm a high maintenance client because I keep calling her. She's been really awesome throughout this process and I can't imagine where we would've been with less access to support. I didn't realize what a difference that would make, I naively thought, as a FTM, that breastfeeding was a natural thing and therefore couldn't be all that hard to figure out.

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serafina: I had to google "milk blister", sounds painful. Alden and I are getting the hang of sidelying night nursing which would be great if it led to going right back to sleep but for some reason the 2am feeding always ends in an hour of fussing and crying... Then when we feed again at 6 or so he just goes right back to sleep, why?!


huh.  thats interesting.  could it be something you are eating in the evenings causing painful tummy?


ive always done sidelying night nursing with all 3 kids, keeping my head on pillow all the time because I like my sleep!  but of course if baby didn't cooperate & sleep it wouldnt work.  ive gotten lucky?? shrug.gif

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I'm always afraid I'll smother her with my boob with side lying nursing haha. We do nurse that way sometimes, but I always stay awake holding my boob off her face. Am I doing something wrong with positioning?
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We don't have the baby in bed with us, and I'd be so worried about falling asleep and rolling on her anyway. Liv still feeds 2/3 times a night, the longest I've ever had her sleep is 4 hours, I'm wondering if she'll ever get to most of the night asleep. She's 5 weeks on Tuesday. On the plus side the pooping has slowed down a bit now😝
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Man, now that Simón gets enough to eat, he's finally sleeping longer stretches, except I'm supposed to wake him up every 2 hours anyways to give him his supplement, nurse him, then pump...so It doesn't translate into anymore sleep for me.
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I position baby's face and my boob in such a way that we are both relaxed and no smother risk, and then go to sleep. I wake up exactly how I fell asleep, 100% of the time. I dunno, it seems like second nature to me. Should I snap a photo?
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Yes please Serafina smile.gif

You must be exhausted Lilmamita. Your determination is so impressive

Serena- Violet didn't start sleeping longer stretches until very recently. She's almost 8 weeks old.
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the twins are two months old (today) and they have started sleeping more 4 and 5 hour stretches at night. they still eat about every 2 hours during daylight hours, but i think that is often a comfort/cuddle thing because they don't always eat a full boob even if they are screaming for it. 


lilmamita, things are going to turn around for you soon. are the herbs helping you pump more? i forget if you were able to get a prescription for domperidone. it is supposed to really help with milk supply, but i know it is hard to get for milk production purposes in the US. when are you all scheduled to go home?

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I am seeing a new LC tomorrow and one of the things I want to ask her about is Domperidone. But I'm not totally sure about taking it. Honestly, I'm not pumping more milk than I always have. I just decided to switch from the herbal tincture I was taking to a high dose of fenugreek and blessed thistle, so hping that has an impact.

We are scheduled to travel back in 10 days (DH has to travel back then for visa reasons), but We are starting to wonder if I should go back. I don't know if we could handle the pumping schedule on our own there. We could potentially hire someone to stay at our house, wash all the pump parts for us between pumping, prepare bottles, and hold Simón while I pump. I am looking into the availability of hospital grade pumps for rent and also donor milk (I know there are 3 public milk banks and DH is pretty sure there are some private ones, too). W basically after talking to the LC tomorrow we are going to check in and talk things through with our MW and then make a decision about what to do.
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re: domperidone. it can be really powerful. and if it is going to work for you, i think you usually see a result in 24-48 hours. my wife was taking it for months to induce lactation (before we knew if my supply would be OK for twins). the first day we were home from the hospital, the babies started crying and her milk let down (without pumping or taking the next step of the protocol... we weren't planning on her taking the next step until my supply was established!) we had to order it from overseas since none of our docs would prescribe it for BFing. 


one (very small) time saving tip for the pump - you can put all the parts in a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer between pumping sessions. then you can wash them less often. the first couple weeks of BFing the twins, it took an hour to feed one, an hour to feed the other, an hour to pump and wash the pump, then i would start all over. i literally never had time to sleep. but freezing the pump pieces gave me a tiny break to nap. it's not a lot but it can help. good luck. i am thinking good thoughts in your direction. i hope the new LC is awesome.

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Here's some side nursing, bed sharing pictures...

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Met with the new lactation consultant today. Nothing too groundbreaking, just some minor adjustments to our routine. Bigger flanges needed for the breast pump for comfort. Simón's latch isn't great, he doesn't quite get his mouth big enough, so I need to pull his jaw down after he latches. She also said his palate is higher than it should be and suggested cranial-sacral therapy. She showed the proper way to give him a bottle- paced slower. And also showed me how to use the SNS. And she told me more about domperidone, which she guesses is readily available without a prescription in El Salvador. And she also said she thinks his screaming is gas related and suggested trying gripe water and some homeopathics. I asked about how long it usually takes low supply issues to get better with this regimen and she said sometimes 1 week and sometimes 3 months, there is really no way to know.

I'm kind of battling with how long I persevere or when to throw in the towell. And also whether to go home with my husband in 9 day or stay with my parents a little longer.
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Just looked it up and it does appear domperidone is available without a prescription under the brand name Motilium in El Salvador.
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Lilmamita: I second the recommendation for cranio-sacral therapy.  Here is a link to a really informative article about how it can help that I found extremely useful and relevant:




Both my children had posterior tongue ties that affected their palates, my son's was clipped at three days old since I was able to detect the tie right away.  (I had supply issues with my daughter because the tie was not diagnosed until she was 9 weeks old, so nine weeks of terrible latch and inefficient feeding...I did terribly with the pump as well) My son, Linus, is four weeks old now and we have been seeing a chiropractor that does cranio-sacral therapy since the clipping.  We have made a lot of progress, especially in how wide he opens his mouth now, compared to the half inch he used to open it just to suck in my nipple in order to chomp on it.  Also, his "new" tongue is helping him reshape his high palate that was caused by his tongue humping instead of waving.  


Based on your posts so far, I don't think you will throw in the towel until you exhausted all possible options.  I have a feeling that the right combination of specialists and all of your hard work will prove to be successful!  Congratuations on persevering....you will be glad you did when you look back once your breastfeeding well!  

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lilmamita: it sounds like you're still trying to work things out and I hope that you will be able to establish the pleasant bonding routine with Simon that you are looking for! I think the expression "throwing in the towel" has some judgment built into it, maybe not, but I encourage you to see whatever you choose, whether that is continuing BFing or switching to donated milk or formula, as the next step in your relationship with your son as opposed to giving up. :Hug


AFM: the lactation consultant seems to think I have vasospasm going on but everything I've read says that occurs after BFing and my pain is with initial latching on. The nipple does turn white though and it takes about 30 seconds for it to turn back to normal color. It's on both sides but the right is worse than the left. Anyone got any input?

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Well, I think my plan is going to be to continue on with this routine of pumping every two hours through Oct 23rd when we head home. If my milk still hasn't increased, I will get ahold of domperidone in El Salvador and give that a try (along with the pumping) for another week. But if I haven't seen any progress by then, I think I will stop the pumping, keep comfort nursing him and try to find donor milk, but if that is not possible switch to formula. In the meantime, I will try to get him some cranio-sacral therapy, too.

It's not just the exhaustion of the pump every two hours routine, it is feeling horrible that 90% of the interactions I have with my son are really frustrating nursing sessions, and then the rest of the time I am hooked up to a machine and listening to him cry while someone else tries to soothe him. I feel like I owe it to him to make a serious effort to make nursing work, but that at some point there are other things that are more important to the development of our relationship and his development than just nursing. Even though it makes me so sad to lose what I thought would be such a big part of being a mother.
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I'm kind of battling with how long I persevere or when to throw in the towell. And also whether to go home with my husband in 9 day or stay with my parents a little longer.


the term "throwing in the towel" was pulled from lilmamita's post, my response was only intended to be supportive....


I know what it is like to make the decision to supplement, and I remember the pump, feed, supplement cycle very well.  I was hoping to offer encouragement if nothing else.

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Lilmamita, I just wanted to say I really sympathize with what you are going through. You're doing a great job of persisting through a lot of obstacles. You are being a great mom for him.

Afu. Otto gained almost a pound in the week since I quit using the nipple shield with him. My nipple still turns white when he nurses (blanching? Vasospasms? Whatever.) But sometimes I can distract him or relatch him effectively. Today I asked our pediatrician to check for a tongue tie and she says he does not have that. From my infinite google research, I was pretty certain he didn't have a tongue tie, but it was good to have a pro check his mouth and put that concern to rest. Memphis's weight gain slowed down this week, but his gain is still ok. They have both gained more than 4 lbs since birth!
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nicolette, I was not referring to your post but rather to lilmamita's own words, implying that we often tend to judge ourselves the hardest. Didn't mean to offend anyone, just trying to offer my support.
mrsandmrs, the twins' weight gain is impressive! Question: does your nipple blanching occur with pain? Do you do anything to address it?
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lilmamita, thinking of you. Breastfeeding turns out to be a lot more challenging than I thought. I'm sure you've already tried most things in the book, so I'm not even going to try to give any advice.. We will be trying cranio-sacral therapy next, too. Sending hugs!

Over here, I think we've hit the first growth spurt.. Been cluster-feeding Sage for a few days now. I went back on the nipple shield and have not tried without it yet again. Oh yeah and he's currently taking forever to nurse.. I'm often feeding him for an hour or even more!
Have had the first times nursing him outside of our home, that was reassuring in terms of not needing the boppy and that it's actually not that much of a hassle to carry the nipple shield, kleenex, lanolin etc around.

Do you guys weigh your babies at home, or only when at the pediatrician? We've only weighed Sage once after the hospital, at the ped's. His next appt is two months from now so that makes me a bit nervous..
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