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That's so cool livingsky! I wish my other boob leaked enough to use that.
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DD1 was the worst angry nurser and still has an aggressive latch. She could srsly suck the skin off your pinky! I called her my little sucker fish.

Otto might be freaking out over an over active let-down. Have you read about this? Pulling off the breast during a forceful letdown wasn't obvious at first and then I noticed a huge leak right after she pulled off. I can't feel letdowns in the beginning. How frustrating right?

Also about pumping-- my doula told me NOT to pump until I establish good supply! That was the opposite advice is get but she'd say unless I'm feeding twins (haha Mrs&Mrs!) that I should only express for engorgement. This has worked for me. I feel like I don't have enough because I had SO MUCH with DD1 and ultimately it caused lots of issues like forceful letdown, hard-to-latch nipples because my boobs were so full. I believe now all the pumping my sister did in the early days made her supply so large she ended up with mastitis.

This baby is so darn gentle with latching I'm very lucky. I got a pump now so I might start to do one pump a day but gradually because I think having too much is not always a good thing. Just my 2 cents.

I was very sore for 6 months (not kidding!) with DD1. It got better with airing out the boobs and getting a deep latch but I was lazy about it after awhile. Hope this helps-- all the suggestions above are great!
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I've only been doing this for 3 days so far, but my nipples are getting a bit sore. Olivia has a very small tongue tie but latches on great, she just sucks so god damned hard! My milks still not in yet but I'm leaking lots so Im hoping supply wont be a problem.
I was thinking of pumping for when I go back to work when she's 4 months, as I do long busy 12 hour shifts it will be a bit hard to pump that much then so want to stock pile some.
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Nursing #3 now. Definitely more challenging this time. He is 10 lbs and wants to nurse all the time but doesn't have the greatest latch. he has lost alittle weight but my milk is in and our pediatrician is happy. His latch looks great from the outside but hurts like hell. He doesnt seem to be tongue-tied. i had nipple irritation when nursing my first and that got better after a week so I am hoping this pain will go away too. If not I may see a lactation consultant which isn't something I have done before. Sometimes it is hurting so much that I am in tears. I am grateful for the other two good nursing experiences because that is helping me persist. Otherwise I think I would be pumping or formula feeding by now.
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I highly recommend the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding which is put out by the La Leche League. It has a ton of useful bfing information from pre-baby arrival to weaning.  It was my go-to book for the entire nursing relationship with my son.  

lilmamita- it has lots of info about pumping, milk storage, etc   which is helpful to have to refer to in book form as if I looked it up online I always found that I would forget. 

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Just posted my latest breast feeding woes in the Breastfeeding forums but wanted to see if y'all had any insight. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1390554/1-week-old-constant-nursing#post_17471150
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Dollysods- I could have written that exact post just now. My little guy is only 2 1/2 days old and he's my second but I do not remember this much nipple pain with the first. Latch looks ok but I am dying when he first latches on and for the minutes or so after until it subsides. Has it gotten better for you? I am also thinking about contacting an LC if it doesn't improve in the next day or so. We have a ped visit tomorrow as well so I will have him check to make sure there's no tongue tie or other issues that may be affecting his latch/suck. It feels like he is chomping on my nipple! Yikes!
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I have a question. Who feeds on just one breast at a time? Since my milk came in a few days after birth one breast has been enough for Violet. But, she's been eating so often for over a week now that I just decided to switch sides once she has emptied one breast and still seemed agitated. She latched right away and ate for a few more minutes. Then spit up a little. And now she seems quite content. I am always worried about supply. So in my mind it makes me think I'm not making enough. But maybe her needs are just greater now and she needs a little top off? She has plenty of wet diapers and one huge poopy diaper a day. So I have no reason to think my supply isn't enough. I'm such a worrier
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Avi eats from only one breast at a time. when we went to the lactation consultant Friday (she didn't pee her second 24 hours and kept losing weight the first few days) she ate 2oz from just one breast. the LC said that was why she's only eating one at a time. She said if she still seems hungry to offer the other breast if she's satisfied on one that its fine too.
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Soo it's time for me to join this discussion too. Sage is now 10 days old (whoa). The day we were discharged, I had a cracked nipple and the other breast felt like he had bitten into it, so I had to take a break from BFing and feed him expressed colostrum. We've meanwhile had two apps with the LC. In the first one, we got over the latching issues and nursing has worked ever since. But due to the soreness, I had to switch to the nipple shield, and now that my nipples have recovered, we're trying to wean him off. Yesterday we got three feeds in (one breast each) without the shield! Our best chances aree when he's still sleepy, and not starving.

He currently nurses about every 3hrs and is fussy in the evenings mostly, sometimes at night too.
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mamamash and oceansolitude, I've been wondering about this, too. I don't understand how to know when he has finished a breast. Quite often he only nurses on one and falls asleep while nursing, so I don't even offer him the other till our next feeding. But sometimes he spits out my nipple but is clearly still hungry (keeps rooting) but when I try to get him to latch back on, he either won't or does but spits it back out shortly after and is still clearly hungry. If I offer him the other, he will usually take it and proceed to nurse just fine after that, so I am thinking it is how he tells me he is done with that side. But it confused me at first cause I can usually still manually express some milk from it. But the lady at WIC told me I can't judge whether he has finished a breast based on that, because he will never completely empty them. So I've taken to switching him to the other side only if he starts spitting out the nipple on the first side but is clearly still hungry. I also switch sides every feeding. Hope that's right. I worry that it might mean he doesn't get enough hindmilk. On the BFing Challenges forum, someone suggested I could have overactive letdown, but I don't think so because he doesn't have any of the other symptoms (never chokes or gags, very rarely spits up, and never seems to need to be burped). And since the solutions like block feeding are designed to reduce your supply, they make me nervous considering it's so early on and my understanding is we should be working on establishing a good supply. He hadn't regained his birth weight at his one week appt with the MW, but was only 4 oz short then. Yesterday at our WIC appt he was actually 14 oz short of his birth weight, but I think there was a discrepancy in their and the MW's scales, cause he eats all the time and has tons of dirty and wet diapers and no signs of dehydration.
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You'll know your baby is feeding well if your breasts have softened. There will always be some milk in your breasts regardless but after a letdown (I don't feel them-- I just listen for swallowing) you'll feel your boob empty. I also offer the other side if baby doesn't pass out! I usually do one side, change her diaper and then switch. If she only takes one side and sleeps she's usually up soon after and I offer the other. I was worried about hind/fore milk imbalance but just decided to keep doing what I'm doing and not worry because she's got 5-6 wet diapers a day. DD1 fed very much the same and she was perfectly healthy and gained well.

IMHO-- I think pumping caused some issues last time! I think it caused oversupply and over active letdown and made things harder in the long run. If I pump it's only one session a day. I've realized I pumped way too much last time with DD1 and I'm not going to do more unless I have to. I don't right now.

Mamamash-- you ARE making enough! Don't fret. Violet is so healthy looking and a sweet little chunky monkey! I wouldn't worry since she has tons of wet diapers. If she gets fussy-- offer the other boob first before anything else or burp. That's what I do!
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Thank you Tilly. That is exactly what I needed to hear smile.gif she really is a chunk. So I can't imagine I don't have enough. She just nurses so often that I worry. But, I know their bellies are so small and breast milk digests so quickly. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and not fret smile.gif

I'm sure there was a scale discrepancy lilmamita. If he's eating and having plenty of wet diapers than I am sure he's regained his birth weight. Keep up the good work!
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I can't feel when my breasts empty either, I felt them get hard and engorged a couple of times but not often coz liv feeds all the time! I was worried for a couple of days when she was constantly eating, I thought I would run out of milk and she was drinking me dry. Then during the night they kept leaking again so I think I'm ok lol. I have to wear a bra with pads in all the time, day and night coz I leak a lot. My DB gets milk down his back when we spoon 😝

I'm sure mamamash and lilmamita that if your babies are happy, sleeping well and lots of wet and poopy diapers then there's enough milk.
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dollysods and vegnrunr, your experiences sound so similar to mine! Initially it hurts and then after a minute or two it's like I become numb to the pain. We've been working with an LC at the birth center and are currently using a nipple shield so we manage but I keep feeling like I'm still doing something wrong since everyone says it's not supposed to hurt. And yes, the chomping, ouch!

vc, I think you asked about the shield in another thread. It's been a real life saver, works like magic, but now I'm concerned about weaning him off. I've tried a few times without with even fewer successes. Maybe I'll keep your tip in mind to try when he's still slightly sleepy (and maybe slightly full too so he's not so fussy and desperate?).


Question (and I will ask this at my appt later today too): our goal has been 8-12 feedings a day and we are able to get 8 pretty consistently which means every 3 hours or so. However, at night we tend to go almost 4 and then we catch up during the day. Is 4 hours too long to go between? Last night I tried to feed him at 2.5-3 hours and he just would not wake up so I left him sleeping on the breast feeding pillow, me sleeping/napping in an upright position and then I noticed he started waking around the 4 hour mark so that's when I put him on.

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Dakipode- everything I've been reading lately says to follow baby's lead, so I would just enjoy the chance to sleep 4 straight hours and feed him when he wants to feed. The only reason I would worry is if he wasn't gaining and having wet/dirty diapers, or if he's waking up so hungry he won't latch on well. But definitely see what your doc has to say.

AFU - Simón has been having occasional green poops and he pooped while I was changing him this morning and it came out super foamy/frothy - like foam from keg beer or soap suds. Everything I read online says that is a sign of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance usually caused by overactive letdown. Considering his tendency to unlatch during feedings when he is clearly still hungry, I'm thinking that diagnosis is probably correct. It worries me that he may not be gaining weight properly because of it. I left a message for my MW and she said not to worry and she would call me back in a bit. I may also go see an LC. At my WIC appt they gave me contacts for LCs that will see WIC recipients for free.
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lilmamita, green newborn poop can be a result of fore milk/hind milk imbalance, but also if food sensitivity/allergy. Based on what you've described (fussy baby, red ring around anus, green poo), I'd go more along the allergy path. If you were my client I'd suggest considering eliminating dairy. If that's the culprit, you should see changes within 1-2 weeks. Hth! Good luck!
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Thanks haurelia. As of today I'm avoiding dairy. Had my oatmeal without milk this morning. Wasn't sure if I should eliminate all the foods you mentioned in my diaper rash thread, or just start with dairy.
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I'd say just start w/dairy. If after 2 weeks or so you don't notice changes, resume dairy and eliminate wheat.

Also, be wary of dairy in processed foods (whey protein, etc).
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Originally Posted by haurelia View Post

I'd say just start w/dairy. If after 2 weeks or so you don't notice changes, resume dairy and eliminate wheat.

Also, be wary of dairy in processed foods (whey protein, etc).


You wouldn't suggest waiting longer for results on the dairy elimination? Everyone I've talked to about dairy elimination says it can take 4 weeks to leave mom, then 4 weeks to leave baby. 

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