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What kind of pump do you all use?  I have an electric one that was only $40 but it doesn't work very well.  I want some milk stored in case I go out for a few hours, but  the most I've ever gotten was 1.5 ounces which is not nearly enough for a feeding.  I expressed milk today with my hand (Ash was sleeping for a while and my breasts hurt) and got almost that much (and there was a LOT left), so I know it's the pump.  I can't afford the Medela electric pumps, but I heard hand pumps are OK, especially since I'm a SAHM.  Anyone use a good hand pump?

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My insurance covered my pump. Most insurances are now. I'd definitely look into it. I have the Medela double electric but I work FT so I needed a good reliable pump.
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Originally Posted by serena76 View Post
  It's not been enough as she's stopped gaining weight as much the last 3 weeks.

Says who?  I'm obviously not on the inside track here with information on this specific situation so just honestly curious who decided her weight gain was slowed to a dangerous level.   Based on a growth chart from the World Health Organization or from guidelines given to women in the UK or...?  I'm playing devil's advocate since I know I'd really want to be 100% sure it's absolutely necessary, before introducing any amount of formula in the first two months of life (at least if successful exclusive breastfeeding in the first half year of life was my goal).  Does she cry inconsolably after your breasts are emptied, like she's desperately hungry and not satisfied to suckle without a milk flow?  That's never happened to me and I guess I cannot say if I could resist offering formula myself if I had a miserable, screaming baby who seemed obviously hungry and obviously unhappy with the amount of milk she got from me.  My newborns have always fallen asleep after even a teensy short feed, and gained weight speedily despite seeming to rarely stay awake through a long nursing session, so I rarely get to even switch to the other boob before baby is passed out cold and not suckling anymore, so I hardly have ANY experience in this arena with the hungry, crying newborn + empty breasts scenario.  I'm just wondering what advice you are given in that scenario from the standard health services, and what advice a Lactation Consultant would give you, at least in the UK.  Sorry I'm so curious!

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My health visitor and Dr told me to add formula coz she has dropped from the 50percentile to 9th in 3 weeks. She's 6 weeks and only put on 13 oz. I was feeding her constantly, she never falls asleep from nursing, and was always making hungry cries even after having both boobs. Now she is sleeping so much better, is much less fussy and hopefully putting on weight. I know breast is best, but I need to do whats right for my baby and me. She is still getting breast milk daily and any amount is better than none.
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You're doing a great job Serena smile.gif
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The most important thing is to feed the baby. If you're feeding your baby, and Liv is gaining weight, than you are an awesome mom and are doing the right thing. It doesn't matter if you're giving her breast milk or formula. Don't ever lose sight of feeding your baby the amounts she needs. And I know.  I never had a full supply with DD1, and I always had to remind myself that I was doing everything possible to make sure her needs are being met and that's what made me a good mother, and you, too.

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Agreed! Some bebes are just slow to gain and you are obviously doing the best you can. I too was so worried about this very thing. I totally understand.

It could just be genetics too. I weighed 9 freaking pounds at birth while my sister right after me was only 4!

On that note... Lillian weighs 9.8 pounds! Woot! So happy she's doing well.
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It sounds like you are doing a great job, Serena, & in that scenario of dropping so precipitously in growth norms I can understand why you would supplement. I probably shouldn't have been so nosy. Have you looked into ways to boost your supply? Good luck, and it sounds like you are taking great care of your baby.
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Thanks everyone, I was upset to start with, but I know I'm doing my best for her. I'm loving all the big smiles I'm getting smile.gif
Serafina- it's ok, you're not being nosy lol I've been trying to eat porridge more and I've got a recipe for lactation cookies I'm going to make. I hoping to keep breastfeeding for as long as I can. Some everyday is better than none I think.
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Oh absolutely!!! :-) she (& her immune system!) is still getting all the benefits from your milk! You are definitely doing your best & I didn't mean to imply otherwise, I was just curious about the UK "supplementation/minimum weight gain policy" (or any other countries') and what scenario they consider a reason to supplement. I know very little on the subject of hungry babies who aren't gaining weight, so wondering how it goes.
I feel very lucky that I haven't had that issue and I'm sorry you have had to, but sounds like you found the right solution.

As for me, right side of right breast is terribly sore for 36hrs & flu symptoms hit 24hrs ago. I've been in bed nursing constantly the last 20hrs, getting up only to change diapers and twice ate something. No fever today but muscles ache & exhausted. I hope it's non infectious mastitis and heals on its own but if it's not better by morning I have a Dr appointment to get antibiotics. Boo.
I think the soreness might be getting better in the last 8 hrs but I'm not sure. I feel so sleepy and have been awake only 3 hrs between 8am & 6pm. Baby girl is so kind to nurse so much when I need it most!
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Oh I hope that gets better serafina.
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I am finally getting around to pumping and building up a freezer stash in case of emergency.  I found a used pump at the local children's second hand shop, sterilized all the parts that come into contact with the milk, and sat for fifteen minutes with the electric pump while my 8 year old watched on with glee and held his sleeping baby sister, and we got 7 ounces on one side and 1 oz on the other, since I had recently fed her on that side.  Isn't that kind of a lot?  It seems like a lot to me, like I really ought to be finding a local group to donate my milk to.   

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Serafina, that sounds like a lot to me, I get 1.5 oz total per session at most. You should have no problem building a good stash at that rate! I'm sure a local mommy would be incredibly grateful to get your donated milk.

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That is a lot. I get 4-5oz total per pumping session. I wouldn't be mad about that though.
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Not mad at all, just noticing that I seem to be able to express so much in a short time that I really should consider making pumping a part of my daily routine and donate it, since the results are so plentiful with just 15 minutes of effort.  I could do it twice a day and get half a liter to donate daily. cool beans!


eta:  no wonder my babe was 12.5 pounds at 4 weeks!  She's being drowned.... :rotflmao

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Wow serafina, that's great. You're obviously a milk making machine lol someone will be grateful for that milk.
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That's a lot! I would get 4-6 ounces averge between 2 pumping sessions. Way to go!
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Also you should so donate some. I gave a mama in need 170 ounces a week ago and it made me feel so great to be able to help a little baby. I wish I could keep up the pumping so I could make sure he always gets breast milk. (He's an adopted baby who's birth mother was a drug user greensad.gif so he is going through withdrawals)
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The nursing aversion from DD1 wanting to nurse this AM was terrible. Terrible!!! I am feeling really bad as I lashed out at her and I shouldn't have. I did not handle it well.

Moms with 2 or more-- are any of you tandem nursing? I'm really thinking it's time to wean. It makes me sad for my DD1 but whew I am just DONE. I think 4 years was pretty good!
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tilly, i tandem nurse but it's a little different. sorry that relationship is winding down, but four years is an incredible run of it! 


seraphina, i can pump that much, but i believe i have oversupply issues that make my twins really barfy. if you can produce like that and avoid all the downfalls of oversupply that is really something!


im going to donate my freezer stash once i go back to work and know "for sure" tht my supply doesn't tank. we want the twins to depend on bf-ing for 12 months at least, but i think going back to work is the major hurdle i have to face. i stopped pumping extra bc it was just too much work with two infants to care for, but i probably have a couple hundred oz in the deep freeze that i can donate when the time comes. 

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