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serafina- I also make a lot of milk and was able to donate some to a few local moms when I had my first son and plan to do so again.  I also plan to pump at least once every day just so I have some to donate.  It is really an awesome thing if you can do it!

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Ok so it's been a while since I've logged on and I have a question about a low milk supply. I'm sure someone has already discussed this on here, but there are so many pages to read and honestly, I'm too tired to go back through the thread to find my answer smile.gif anyways, anyone have any suggestions on how to "up" the supply? Other than eating, drinking A TON of water, trying to get as much rest as possible...Ive read about lactation cookies working but haven't tried them. Anyone ever made/tried them? Do they work? Oh! And I have been taking fenugreek. It's helped some, but I'd just like to get more of a supple going. The little one is taking about 3-3.5oz every time from the bottle. I'm pumping 4oz all together, every 3-4 hours for 15 mins each time. It feels like I'm pumping for just for that next feeding. It's super frustrating. ANY suggestions are welcome! Please and than you smile.gifsmile.gif
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I made some Major Milk Making Cookies (google) and they were okay but not sure if they did anything for my supply. Fenugreek I've read you have to take to the point where you start smelling of it to be effective, but you may want to double check that.

Is there a reason why you can't latch him on instead of bottle feeding? I can't get much out of pumping but supposedly how much they get at the breast can vary quite a bit from how much they get from a bottle...

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Blairmichelle, drinking a pint of stout beer every night or every other night works amazingly well to increase my supply. I also think mothers milk tea is fantastic.
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