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I can't believe it! I've gotten several big milk donation offers through requests I put up on Eats on Feets and Human Milk for Human Babies. Feeling a lot better about my ability to get through this.
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That's great, lilmamita!! Good luck! I pumped a few oz per day for a friend who was having trouble with her supply a couple of years ago. It felt great to be able to help. She had a couple of different donors at the time, and she always thought it was so cool that her baby got the benefit of several women's immune systems. smile.gif
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That is really awesome, lilmamita!!  

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Originally Posted by lilmamita View Post

I can't believe it! I've gotten several big milk donation offers through requests I put up on Eats on Feets and Human Milk for Human Babies. Feeling a lot better about my ability to get through this.

Those two are really great organizations so it's not surprising to me! You can totally do this mama!
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Thanks for the encouragement, folks. Simón has gained 6 ounces since we started supplementing Tuesday evening, so that is very good. He is crying less and sleeping more even though he is still pretty fussy sometimes. I'm feeling a little discouraged with how my supply is going. After a couple days of it seeming to improve (getting about 3/4 oz from both breasts each time I pumped and then a record of more than an oz at 6 am today) I have only been getting a half oz each time I pump since then. And I feel like now that Simón is getting his supplement, he's not as good of a nurser and gets kinda lazy and forgets to suck as much. I'm worried that is responsible for my supply going down again. Sigh...one day at a time.
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Domperidone definitely helped me get my supply up. Gwen hasn't had to be supplemented in almost 3 days. Other things you can do, skin to skin contact as much as you can, pump after he breastfeeds for at least 10 minutes, ideally he will cluster feed and that will also stimulate your breasts.  You will have sore nipples, so be gentle and pamper them otherwise. Another thing you can do, start with supplementation first, and finish on the breast. He'll get his satisfying feeling from the breast and be more eager to feed from you. Or if you tube feeding/finger feeding, you can tape the tube to your boob and supplement that way (it's really annoying, though) so he's only getting food from your breast. 

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In my experience that's because baby is struggling with the discomfort of needing to pee or poo, and once they manage to relieve themselves, they will settle back to the breast just fine.  Or then it's a need to be burped.  Or an overactive letdown being an irritation. 

I forgot to say thank you Serafina for pointing this out. L was grunting and fussy as usual last night and instead of immediately popping her in the moby, I pulled her off, laid her down and did bicycle kicks and little baby sit-ups to relief some gas. Well it WORKED and she was far less fussy last night. It may just be a coincidence but I'm hoping to do the same tonight. I've read some moms doing baby massage right before fussy time starts and DUH I didn't even think of it! Genius!
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lilmamita - how are you supplementing? At breast, finger feeding, ...? Maybe try at breast supplementation with an SNS, or switch up the order of breast and supplement. When I was supplementing the first couple of weeks we started doing breast and then supplement, but switching it up to supplement 1 oz, breast till baby comes off, and then top off till he wouldn't take any more worked much much better; my theory was that he was so desperately hungry that he couldn't handle the breast to begin with, but once he was more relaxed it wasn't a problem.

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chispita - we've been supplementing with a bottle. The LCs and my MW suggested that since Simón already has a good latch. But my mom bought me an SNS today and I may switch to that. And actually, I just talked to a new and much better LC today and she suggested exactly what you are saying. So now we have been giving him a bit of the bottle, then I nurse him, then we finish the bottle. It seems to be helping quite a bit and keeping him actively nursing for longer at the breast. When we first did it this evening we weighed him before and after he nursed and he had gotten .7 ounces of my milk instead of the .5 he had been getting the times before.

The LC I spoke to today that my MW referred us to wants us to go see an ENT doctor tomorrow to make sure there is no tongue tie or other oral problems.

Good news is Simón has gained 6 oz since his all time low weigh in on Tuesday and someone Responded to my Eats on Feets request and donated us 60 oz of milk. And this new LC is awesome and way less alarmist than the WIC LC. She said his weight loss wasn't that drastic. That it was problematic he wasn't gaining back so it is good we are addressing it, but that it wasn't drastic.
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I wish we were closer so I could donate some milk to you from our freezer stash. You're doing an excellent job and this is going to be a distant memory some day. One note about the sns - I had to use an sns system when the twins were new, and one LC told me that the extra nursing simulation could increase my supply, so there's that, too. I hope the hospital grade pump helps too. I love mine (I rented one for 3 months)
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You're doing such an amazing job lilmamita! Keep it up! It will all work out.

So, lately Violet has been nursing really quick. Like 5-7 minutes and she's done. Sometimes 10, but that's not often. Is she just getting more efficient?
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[quote name="MamaMash" url="/community/t/1389565/breastfeeding-our-new-babies/90#post_17482958"

So, lately Violet has been nursing really quick. Like 5-7 minutes and she's done. Sometimes 10, but that's not often. Is she just getting more efficient?[/quote]

Liv is doing this too, I was hoping she was just getting faster at eating
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lilmamita, glad to hear Simon has gained some weight! Crossing my fingers the donor milk will work out. Hang in there.

We've had a setback, after a hard phase weaning Sage off the nipple shield and then the finger feeding and only a few days of direct breastfeeding, I am back to the shield. On both nipples. And even with that it continues to hurt. The LC says it's totally fine to use the shield, but I just feel bad about having to use tools - it makes it harder to breastfeeding while out and about. I also noticed Sage gets really impatient now before a feed, and his latch seems to be going out the window too.
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Turns out Simón had tongue tie so we got it clipped today. I don't think I realized how painful nursing was for me until I felt the incredible difference today. For those suffering bad nipple pain, if you can easily see an ENT doctor, I would recommend getting your babe checked for tongue tie even if others have said he/she doesn't have it because no one else had really detected Simón's and he didn't have easily observable signs of it.

Hopefully we have solved another piece of the low supply puzzle. We are going to see if there is any improvement over the weekend and then have an appt with a new IBCLC who seems amazing on Monday.
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Fingers crossed that you guys now get things quickly improved!!!!
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Yay for the ENT, lilmamita! So excited for you two. I hope it is an amazing improvement in your nursing relationship.
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Lilmamita, I'm so glad to hear all the positive news from your world. I hope things keep getting better and better.

As for us, I have been weaning Otto off the nipple shield. He didn't have a problem switching back to a plain nipple, but his latch is often still really painful. It's better than it used to be, but still bad! However, in the few days since I stopped using the nipple shield, he is clearly having a growth spurt. He's so much bigger and heavier. It could be a random coincidence, but I can't help but worry that his milk transfer on the nipple shield is really bad. And his weight gain has been a little slow when I'm using the shield(abt 1 oz per day - ok but not impressive) so if it's a lot higher this week, it will be difficult not to attribute it to the lack of shield. I am trying to be really dedicated to unlatching and relatching him when it hurts, taking ibuprofen when it's bad, and so on. I'm just waiting for him to grow out of it, I guess.

Everything else with feeding them is good, though. We still haven't had to give them any formula. Supply is not my issue, just the bad latch and constant exhaustion from the huge time commitment. At least I'm getting better at tandem nursing so it takes less time.
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I had a plugged duct earlier today and now am worried I may be developing mastitis. Ugh. I'm nursing and pumping and warm-compressing like crazy for now. I expect it will declare itself one way or the other soon.

In other nursing news...

I'm really dreading returning to work next Friday, especially since the baby is still nursing every two to three hours. Neither of us are ready.

And because DS had several food intolerances that came through breadtmilk and caused initial failure to thrive, I've been on the lookout for similar stuff in this one. She had bloody poop with dairy, so that's clearly out. But other stuff is less clear... She's had some days of nonstop fussiness alternating with full-out shrieking, accompanied by redness around her anus, and other calm days. I'm not 100% sure this is food-related, but I'm doing a total elimination diet to figure it out. I'm not enjoying it and am worried about eating when I return to work, but I think it's worthwhile to try it.
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Wow beep, that must be hard going back to work so soon. I hope the elimination diets helps you figure things out.

Mrsandmrs I couldn't even imagine how hard it must be to tandem nurse. 1 is hard enough, your doing amazing.
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I agree, that's amazing.
Beep, you poor thing going back to work so soon!
I have a milk blister. Skin actually growing over a duct! Stupid nipple. I scratched it off and got it flowing and nursed her on that side a couple times in a row. Lefty is getting very full but it can wait a few hours.

Last night she only woke to nurse at 4:30, (which she does every night), otherwise from 1am to 9:00 she didn't wake. I think I only nursed her on the left Side, and left my right breast out of the equation those eight hours, which probably didn't help the blister. It's hard remember to nurse both sides in the middle of the night. I don't fully wake up, I just put a nipple into her mouth and nod back off, whole process takes ten seconds and I'm out again like a light, and I can't really remember it the next morning. I love my sleep but I hate lopsided supply and mismatched boobies, lefty noticeably bigger since I favor it for night nursing (DF sleeps on my right). I guess I should just embrace it, my left boob has been bigger for ten years, for exactly this reason. Or I could switch sides with DF. I've been trying to favor the right breast during daytime to compensate but supply has been higher on the left since I started this precedent in 2003, so I have to relieve the pressure. Oh well.
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