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Anchorage schools

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Hi! :)
I used to live in Anchorage and we are planning a move back.  Except this time I have school aged children.  What can anyone tell me about the schools in Anchorage?  I am familiar with the fact that there are public, private, optional, and charter.  
How hard is it to get into the optional and charter schools?  What public schools have a good reputation?  Anything would be appreciated, THANKS! -J

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Anyone in Anchorage with recommendations to share? 

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I think that the charter schools are lottery-based. I've heard terrible things about the Winterberry Charter School! A lot of schools on the upper east side aren't great, along with the west side (Jewel Lake/Sand Lake have good rating, though). We just moved to the south side because the schools are rated so highly. What grades are you looking at, specifically?
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Hi :o Thanks for your reply.  My children are currently in 4th, 1st, and preschool.  It would most likely be for next year that I would be enrolling them.

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You're welcome! I think this list is fairly accurate: http://www.zillow.com/anchorage-ak/schools/

You can sort charter/public/private easily. Lots of great schools in Eagle River, just a smidge north of ANC (still in the same district). Kincaid Elementary is probably the best school in West ANC; the only problem with West ANC is that it's pretty crowded nowadays and nicer homes are very expensive. East ANC, especially along Muldoon/Debarr/Boniface/MountainView are iffy in terms of both school quality and safety alike. I have volunteered at MountainView Elem, however, and had a great time with the kids there. It's just a tough area.

All in all, I'd say some of the best schools are out in Eagle River, South ANC... My husband grew up in West ANC and said he had a good experience there, but the rankings aren't so great in the area anymore for elementary schools. West ANC High School, however, has incredible academic programs, in case your stay is long-term. But South does, too, from what I keep hearing.
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Public schools in ANC very widely depending on the area they draw from. Some are great, some aren't. We live in SE anchorage and are happy where we landed. We have one kid in an optional (ABC program) and 3 attend regular public. Many of the charter/optional schools have wait lists and not everyone gets in. Having a sibling at a lottery school means other siblings are placed at the front of the lottery for open seats, if any. There are places people rave about for reputation but I've heard both that xyz high school is a great one and that xyz high school is a great one if you shop at nordstroms, have an iPhone and a car for your kid, etc. you can find good at just about any school.
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