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Welcome baby R - 9/6/13!

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Here is baby Rhys, born late Friday night.


I had very crampy contractions Thursday night, to the point where I could barely sleep. I woke my husband at about 5, and told him I wanted to go in to the hospital after we dropped DD at school. He called in to work, while I tried to get comfortable until it was time to get her ready for school. Did the usual morning routine, breathing through it every time I contracted.


When we got to DD's school, DH went in to drop her off, but texted me to come help him. For some reason, she had a complete and utter meltdown. We tried all the usual reassurances, but she was not having any of it. I stepped outside, b/c I was having pains and because I thought my presence was ramping her up. She is so possessive of me sometimes. At any rate, DH eventually left her in the care of the school counselor and came out to car. 


At hospital, the ctx had started to ease off while I sat here. When the nurses checked me out, but I wasn't any more dilated than at my last doc appt (3cm); somewhat more effaced, though. We hung around and walked, which made the ctx stronger again, but wasn't any further dilated, so we ended up leaving. DH and I decided that we would come back on Saturday and get induced. That was not in my plans, but I was just so.done, I was nearly hysterical.


DH and I had lunch, ran an errand, and picked up DD -- all through it I was still having pretty intense aches and pains. We took the little one home, and I tried to lie down and rest but couldn't. I called the hospital and got the same nurse I'd seen in the morning, and told her the ctx weren't much closer, but I was freaking out b/c of the pain. She said to come in, so we did. (Longest ride of my life: there was far more swearing and cussing in our car than any one woman ought to be capable of. I, however, am an overachiever. :))


When we got to hospital - about 6:30 -- I was 6 cm dilated, so was re-admitted. After some struggles to get the IV in, I got a dose of meds and promptly took my first pain-free sleep in months. Not much later, I was at 9 cm, and by 10 pm my water had broken. The doctor was initially going to have me just labor down (relax and let baby come on his own), but she was concerned about his heart rate, so we got in position to push - plus a mirror so I could see. (The nurses were surprised I said yes to that one -- apparently nobody does!) Four good pushes later, out he came! Baby was immediately placed on my chest for two solid hours of skin-to-skin time.

What an emotional roller coaster of a day -- but it ended with my chunky, snuggly boy in my arms, so I couldn't be happier.

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He is so sweet! Look at that hair. I'm so glad you listened to your body and did what you knew would be best for you. Congrats! He is beautiful. I love his name.
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Congratulations, he is beautiful.  I love all his dark hair!!

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What a cutie! Enjoy a peaceful babymoon. :)

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Congratulations again and thanks for sharing your story! Sounds like your hospital delivery was pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. I would think a mirror would help so you could see if you're making any progress, is that what you were thinking?

And welcome Rhys! What a great full head of hair!

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So adorable!!!  Glad that everything went well after the rollercoaster night and day.  What a beautiful little boy!!  Congratulations.

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He is so cute! Congratulations!

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Congrats cmu, and welcome, Rhys! Thanks for sharing your birth story with us smile.gif
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Yes, dakipode, the mirror was highly motivating! I think not seeing would've meant much more pushing.

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Congrats and what a cute addition to your family!
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Congrats to u and your family. And another full head of hair lol
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Congrats! Love all that hair! When I had my daughter the nurses asked if I wanted the mirror and they were a bit surprised I said yes as well! I wanted to see what my body could do! You never forget those amazing images!

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Welcome, Rhys!  Congrats to you and your family, thank you for sharing your birth story; it really inspires all us FTM's still waiting here. :)

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Welcome, Rhys! Another one with lots of dark hair! Sounds like quite the ride at the end. Congratulations!

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Love the name Rhys! Sounds like you had a great experience and best wishes for a good babymoon!!
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Welcome to Rhys! He's got such a great face!
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congratulations! welcome Rhys!
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