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Did you have someone photograph your birth?

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Hey Mamas,


Did any of you have your home birth photographed? I'm particularly interested in any experiences with professional photographers. I'd really like to have the experience documented somehow, but my husband has said he wouldn't be comfortable with someone snapping photos. Was your partner reluctant? If so, how did you convince them?


Thanks for anything you might be able to share!



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We didn't have a professional. We ended up with 3 birth attendants (2 midwives plus an apprentice) so one of the midwives grabbed the camera and took some photos. I am eternally grateful for this! Only one of my births (out of 3) had photos taken.  I wouldn't have felt comfortable with a professional, but I am fairly introverted. The midwife was very unobtrusive. 

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Yeah, I don't think my husband will agree to a professional, although I love the look of pro birth photos. Our doula has offered to take some pictures. As long as there is something! With my first, we have a few shots from the day I went into labour, before things got heavy, but nothing from the hard labouring or birth. I'd really love some shots of the moments right after birth!

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Our doula this time around happens to be a pro photographer trying to get established in the community (recently arrived). . She took some maternity photos of me last week and plans to do birth/newborn/family photos as part of her package. I feel lucky and grateful! We couldn't pay a professional photographer to come, not would we feel comfortable with a stranger there just to document. But we both have interacted enough w/our doula that it seems perfect.
My first birthing, I had no labor pics and our doula took a few snaps post-birth.
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Yep, hiring a great local birth photographer who also had two at home. It is an amazing experience and perhaps one of the greatest days of a mother's life, so I wanted photos to capture it. The spouse is there for support but really, its not about the man, its about the mother. smile.gif
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This was baby #5 and we decided we would do a pro photographer. The first one i called said no, then i asked the pro that had done our pics before. She said YES. It wasnt bad having her, i am so thankful and happy to have these photos!
Here is the blog i did the first few we took but the b&w are all hers i have lots more too <3 i love them


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