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12 month shots shedding?

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Sorry I know this is already in the forum but, do the vax at 12 months shed? I'm currently worried about my 6 month ds, as he and his vaxed cousin play with the same toys at MIL house. The cousin got her shots on Thursday it's currently Sunday....
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MMR, Rotavirus and Varicella (oral Polio and Flumist, very doubtful those were received though) are live and thus shed. Which vaccines did your infant receive?
FWIW, OPV is only for rapid seroconversion and no longer routinely adminstered, and Flumist is for age 2+.
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My baby is unvaxed. He is just at his nanas, and he and his cousin share toys, (which they both put in their mouths). So since his cousin was just vaxed, I was concerned that her saliva shedded live viruses on the toys that ds has been sticking in his mouth
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My unvaxxed DS has just been diagnosed with rubella - he caught it from a recently vaxxed child so yes, MMR definitely sheds.
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I would also say that my baby last year caught CP, and Measles from a recently vaxed baby in church nursery. I can only assume they were sharing saliva as well. The first baby caught shingles or got it just after the CP vax and more than just my LO came down with it in the nursery.  The other baby who received the MR, came down with a horrible rash (that pretty much looked EXACTLY like measles and still showed up to nursery cause there was no way it could be since just vaxed....:flipped)

My whole family had Mumps this summer as well (no idea where it came from though and would have never known if not for my wonderful 75 year old doc)


Starting to wonder how much these diseases are still actually floating around but since our cases were so mild that we would not have known about them normally if not looking for them.


Just a thought.....



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