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HELP! Need info on hib to share with husband

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Okay so I am finally getting my husband to read over some of the material on vaccines. my older two are fully vaccinated but my 5 month old has not had any and if it were up to me she would have none. My pediatrician doesn't like it but she did tell me that if she could get one it would be HIB and my husband agrees that my daughter should get it. The complications and mortality rate when you actually get the disease has him scared. He is a concrete numbers and facts kinda guy but I also want him to be aware that there are risks... Can any one help me out here? I have done tons of research and read and read and read but honestly it comes down to in my heart I don't feel like vaccinating is the right thing to do for my children anymore. Any suggestions on how to talk to him about HIb or more specifically ACTHib which is what she would be getting? Thanks in advance :)

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I just replied to you but I don't see it. Did it post?
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The Vaccination Book by Dr. Sears was very helpful to my husband and I. We chose to vaccination one at a time only doubling up on polio + another vaccination as polio has little or no reactions. My younger son is turning 5 in nov and just got his second mmr. He won't get any shots until he is 10 or 11. The book is very helpful and discusses why you need certain shots, which you can do first and discusses ingredients and the producers of the shots. He also provides vaccination schedules for different pathways to get your shots. It helped us greatly feel like we knew we were choosing the safe vaccine pathway for our sons. Also if your child is in daycare I think he recommends shots and why. I hope this helps.
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Note that NC stands for 'noncapsulated'
So we went from 81 to 16% for the Hib there's a vax for, but from 19 to 80 for the one we don't.
Sound like a pretty even trade off to me.


There are a lot more places you can research to show how just because we are vaxing for type B (there are 4 other types of Hib) Now other strains are becoming more prevelant.


There are more places you can look at that shows serotype replacement. Such as, we are getting rid of one thing but staph is on a huge rise etc. Lots in the vax archives.


Question: Hib has gone down, but have cases of bacterial Mennigitis gone down?


This is pretty interesting as well:



Here's the link on reported cases of invasive Hi (all serotypes, including HiB)


It starts off high in 1991 with about 2,700 cases...reaches a low in 1997 with about 1,100 cases...and then starts climbing back up again till 2005, where we're almost at the pre-vaccine level again, with about 2,300 cases.
Since the Hib vaccine has made a huge impact on Hib disease, I think it has to be the other types stepping up, causing the increase.


And if you're really in the mood to dig into some of the science of how these little critters evolve and adapt, here's a link on how they gene swap (which is, IMO, crucial to the GMO debate, as well.)


And here's a link on the same thing happening in Africa, only this time there's an overall increase in 'bacterial meningitis' of 900% after vaccination for Neisseria meningitidis, one of the other main families of highly pathenogenic bacteria.
(scroll down to the chart-link to see the post-vaccine graph)


Hope that might help :)






"Those who are afraid retreat.
Those who are brave grow greater.
Never fear, always grow."

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I lost all my links, but if you wan to give him numbers, my daughter reacted poorly to the hib vaccine (along with DTaP) as determined by our ND with testing so she was *lucky* number 1 in whatever to have a vaccine reaction.  We stopped vaxxing at 5mos and haven't looked back since - she's 22 mos old now and finally on her way to recovering but has a phantom oat allergy and casein sensitivity to show for it all.

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