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September Chat Thread!

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Hi Ladies, here's a few posts to get us started.  It's already almost 1/3 of the way through the month!  Better late than never, right?



Originally Posted by Quinalla View Post

nstewart, yes wow does it make a difference to have laid back babies. You mean I can lay them down with a full belly when they are tired but still awake and they will go to sleep on their own with just a pacifier, what?!? You mean sometimes they wake up and put themselves back to sleep?!? I can actually set them down for 5-10 minutes without having to listen to "I'm probably being stabbed" screaming? Wait, I can go on 3-5 hour car trips and not even have to stop as long as I can feed them a bottle in their seats? Your pediatrician you don't have anymore sounds bad, the milk thing at 8 months, that's really concerning! I get that pediatricians aren't always 100% up to date on everything (its a lot to keep up with), but she seemed to have everything wrong.

EPP, yes losing lots of hair. I'm lucky my hair is thick, but we are all getting annoyed by it as my hair is on everyone's clothes, always getting stuck in baby skin folds, all over the carpet, ick! I know the shower drain is going to clog soon.

PBM, yeah my hair stopped falling out abnormally about the 10 month mark, then you get the new hair growing in which is also fun to deal with! Glad your move went pretty well and only one busybody. I'm not looking forward to moving when we do next spring (hopefully, but I think our house will sell fast as long as we price it appropriately), but at least I know my family will all come help and we will hire movers too so it will mostly be the unpacking that's going to suck!

Question for the ladies who are done having kids (or anyone who wants to chime in on BC even if you aren't), anyone looking at permanent birth control options yet? I was planning to just have DH get the big V, but I'm actually thinking I might do the Essure procedure as I want to be sure I can never get pregnant with the complications I had with this last one, I just want to be extra sure, maybe we'll both get procedures to be extra safe! It's non-surgical and usually you are recovered the next day and there is a test to make sure it took after 3 months, dunno, still thinking. Right now I'm doing the mini-pill since I'm BFing, but I'm ready to be done with the pill.



Originally Posted by PhilsBabyMama View Post

Saw this and wanted to share with you guys. smile.gif



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PBM, I saw this yesterday too!  A friend tagged me in a comment on it on FB.  I have such wise mama friends.



Originally Posted by pastormama View Post


Thanks for that!  And to everyone for weighing in on the D drops.  I haven't been doing them, mostly because Todd seems quite healthy, doesn't get sick easily (even though his sister seems to have the perpetual runny nose!), and he gets a bit of formula so I think we're covered.


As for me and my H (he's not quite back to DH status yet!), things are good.  He returned from rehab when Todd was two weeks old, and has been working on his sobriety ever since.  He is living with his grandmother and working a TON at a new job.  It's manual labor (delivering mattresses), which I think is great - he is dog-tired and doesn't have energy for any "other" pursuits.  I have decided to give it until Todd's first birthday to decide where I am about us continuing with our marriage vs. divorcing.  No need to rush into anything.  Things are fine now - in fact, better than they have been in a long time!  Separating our finances and not living together might just be the secret to a happy marriage!  (Kidding.)  He sees the kids quite often, they adore him of course, especially DD.  The main thing for me is how common relapse is.  I know people who have been sober twenty years who suddenly just go off the deep end.  Am I willing to go through that again?  I don't know yet.


Kate, we are still considering a #3, so no serious thoughts on permanent birth control yet.  I haven't heard of the Essure procedure.  I'll have to look into that when the time comes.  We have several friends who are done having kids and they all seem to have gone the V route.  Although, now one of the couples is getting divorced and I kind of think it's unfair to the hubby that he can't have kids if he re-marries and his wife can, and not that I would plan my decision around a "What if DH and I ever got divorced?" but I do think "what if something ever happened to me?"  Anyway, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  For now, we are using the barrier method.  I didn't go back on the pill after DS1 was born and I don't really want to do chemical birth control ever again.  And not that I use it as birth control, but I did read "Taking Charge of your Fertility" and do pay attention to fertility signs when I'm cycling and try to be extra careful around peak times.


PBM, thanks for sharing.  It's so true.


PM - hang in there.  You are so strong!  You are probably sick of hearing it, but it's true.  So many people would be back with their H (not quite DH as you've said) because it's the easy and simple thing to do.  So good for you for really taking the time you need to make the decision that's right for you and your family, not just the quick and easy one.  I hope that he is successful in his recovery and stays dry for the long haul, but you are right, there are no guarantees.  


AFM - Just got back from a week's vacation with the family.  We rented a condo in the shushwap, on a lake, with a great pool area and basically just spent the week hanging out by the pool.  It was really relaxing which was what we all (and especially DH) needed.  I can't believe it, but DS1 starts pre-school on Tuesday, just two mornings per week.  Sander is doing great.  Growing and growing.  I haven't weighed him in some time, but he's too big for 6 month clothes and is really filling out all the 9 month stuff (like it won't fit for too long if he keeps growing).  He was almost 18.5lbs a month ago, so if I had to guess he's probably between 19 and 19.5?  Physically, he's not doing too much yet.  He rolled over one day, front to back, but hasn't done it since.  He can bear some weight on his legs and likes that and "jumping".  He is very, very social.  Likes to talk a lot, he LOVES it when I sing.  He loves to laugh, a lot, and he is very smily and happy.  


Here's a quick snap of him from our vacation.  The shirt and swimmer he's in are both 12month sizes.






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Wow, September already!! Seems like only yesterday I was on here waiting for DD2 to come.


We're doing well -- made it through the summer!! -- DD is the best big sister I could ask for and DD2 is such a sweet, smart little babe. 


I am trying to figure out this new balance daily  :)  


Not thinking about BC yet- is it bad I haven't DTD since long before DD2 was born? No interest in it, AT ALL. I can't even imagine forcing myself to do it  :/  But I've always had that issue w/ DP, to some extent.


What I am thinking about (we had a frost this morning) is winter gear. I need to get baby mittens, coat, snowsuit ... ahh! 


Here is little Meadow. 


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Such cute pictures ladies! I took a few this morning, but haven't uploaded them yet so I'll be back with pictures.

For essure, they insert a tiny coil into each Fallopian tube through the cervix and then after 3 months they check to see if the tube has scarred over to block eggs. I don't think either DH or I want to have any more kids, but I know I definitely do not. Even if the worst were to happen, if I wanted more kids I would adopt or something else, I'm not having anymore myself. I want permanent BC on myself because again, if the worst were to happen to me, I want to make sure I wouldn't get pregnant. It's probably way overboard, but still, better safe! And I know DH is going to drag his feet scheduling, so that's another bonus.

We are heading to my sister's this weekend for tabletop roleplaying and board games. All my siblings will be there and probably their spouses/kids except for one as she is in Malaysia visiting her family. My parents can't make it and they are bummed, but we are going to try and do this once a month (skipping a special visit if we are going to be together anyway like for Thanksgiving/Christmas), so plenty of future opportunities. It's also a great time to get all the kids together so they can start getting to know each other more for fun cousin times.

nstewart, glad you had a nice relaxing vacation! I feel like I haven't had a vacation in eons smile.gif

Othermother, BFing makes me horny (unlike the opposite for a lot of folks) so yeah smile.gif We don't have tons of time and we are both tired a lot, especially me, but we fit it in when we can. I was just thinking about winter gear myself for DD1, I think I just need snowpants and boots though, the rest should fit from last year, but I need to check the boots & hats.
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OM, I'm with you on dtd! I don't think we have since ... December? And I couldn't be paid to right now! The lack of romantic spark has long been another issue in our marriage. To be honest I have no idea how I got pregnant so easily twice!

Todd is gorgeous and happy and so strong. He won't stay on his back at all, flips over immediately when you put him down, and has started swimming around on the floor a bit! His physical development is so far ahead of where dd was at this point.

We are all calm here for the moment. Dd has some kind of cough/ fever, so the two of us are home today. Finally just got her back to sleep after she was up most of the night ...
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I'm with OM and PM in the you couldn't pay me to DTD. Well of course not, but you couldn't pay me to do a lot of things now. Funny though my boyfriend sent me a text of happy anniversary of conception! Fabulous. Oh yeah I did DTD with you. I almost forgot.

Ahh. Quest isn't gaining weight. Did 4 month check up today. Height and head size good weight fell off of his curve. Have to go back in 2 weeks for extra check up. Blegh. Gotta nurse, pump, feed him, feed myself do it all over again. Just when I'm starting to get ready for pumpkin work season.
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Originally Posted by FarmerMomma View Post

I'm with OM and PM in the you couldn't pay me to DTD. Well of course not, but you couldn't pay me to do a lot of things now. Funny though my boyfriend sent me a text of happy anniversary of conception! Fabulous. Oh yeah I did DTD with you. I almost forgot.

Ahh. Quest isn't gaining weight. Did 4 month check up today. Height and head size good weight fell off of his curve. Have to go back in 2 weeks for extra check up. Blegh. Gotta nurse, pump, feed him, feed myself do it all over again. Just when I'm starting to get ready for pumpkin work season.


Oh no! Are you eating lots, Momma? Gotta feed yourself. -hugs-

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I eat a big dinner but not early and often.
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From context, I've figured out what DTD refers to, but what on earth do those letters stand for?


Regardless, I'm ALL ABOUT it, haven't since February, COMEONLET'SGO! But alas, it's impossible to find time and privacy and husbandary motivation.  Sigh.

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Do the deed.
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Subbing. Will try to post when I'm at my PC. :-)

But I am laughing at everyone's DTD issues. Apparently DH and I are the weird ones because we're pretty much at the same frequency as pre-baby. And we're old farts! Haha!!
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BC - this is definitely our last baby.  DH went for a consultation for the Big V and will probably get it done whenever he stops traveling so much and has a somewhat free weekend to recover.  So now we're using condoms.  Not a huge deal as we used them for a long time when we were dating and then prior to TTC.


FarmerMamma - so sorry about Quest.  Hoping the weight issue resolves itself soon.


Elodie is rolling over and sucking on her hands / fingers / thumbs like crazy.  I'm finally taking her to her "four month" check up on Monday (closer to five months actually).  Most people says she's a "big baby" but nowhere near the size of some of your LOs!  She's a great little nurser though.  I'm starting to get freaked out about going back to work.  She's only taken like two bottles ever.  DH has been traveling all the time (as in four weeks in a row...Sunday or Monday through Thursday or Friday).  He was here this past week, but will be gone the next three weeks.  I've never left her with anyone else so there's no one to try the bottle thing.  I'm doing a "trial run" at daycare on Wednesday when I go to the office for a meeting.  We'll see how that goes....


Question: I still put Elodie in a SwaddleMe blanket at night.  I feel like she still has the startle reflex.  The one time I put her in a sleep sack instead, she wouldn't settle at all.  I know she can roll over, but she always puts her head to the side and she has fabulous neck strength.  Are you guys still swaddling?  Should I just suck it up and try the sleep sack again?

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Kate&Joey, will she take a bottle from you? I know some babies won't take bottles from Mom, but all three of mine would take them from me no problem. I would try to get in a trial run, but I wouldn't worry too much, most babies will drink from the bottle once they get hungry enough. DD1 was never a big fan of the bottle, but she would always take it.

As for swaddling, I stopped about a month or so ago, they didn't seem to need it anymore so now I just put a light blanket over their bottom half and tuck it under. If your baby still likes swaddling, I would keep doing it myself.

Had a fun weekend at my sister's house. All the siblings/spouses/cousins were there except my oldest brother's wife and son. We played several board games (European style ones) and started our tabletop RPG campaign. Looking forward to October and we already agreed on a date, so it's on smile.gif Here are a few pictures of the kids:

Alice on the left, Oliver on the right


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We don't do much swaddling here. But use ring sling to get him to sleep sometimes which is very swaddle like.

Well I have been pumping a bit to raise supply. I haven't given Quest a bottle and don't want to. My first weaned early so I want to avoid the bottle. But have had no luck with saringe or sippy cup. Oof. I guess still better to pump than not, right?
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OM, I am starting to think about winter gear too!  No frost yet, we have had a beautiful fall so far (it was 26C yesterday) but it is supposed to start to cool down tomorrow.  Really, it's more that I find that things get picked over and sold out so quickly here, especially with the current baby boom!


Katie, I WISH BFing made me horny!  Seriously!  I haven't been horny in a year!!  DH and I DTD maybe once a week or so.  Sometimes I do it purely out of consideration for DH.  He is one of those "physical affection" type people.  Sex makes him feel loved.  But sometimes I really enjoy it once we get going, and am fortunate because he's all about ME enjoying MYSELF, that's what turns him on.  Glad game night was fun!!


Farmer, I hope the weight issue resolves quickly.  DS1 did this around 9 months.  But he had a stomach bug and was also super active.  Is Quest a really active baby?  Take care of yourself, I hope pumping boosts supply.  


Kate, I don't have any advice on swaddling.  DS1 HATED being swaddled.  Sander didn't hate it, but didn't seem to need it so I really didn't swaddle past the first few days/weeks (can't remember, it wasn't long).  I think the issues is if they roll while swaddled then can get stuck on their tummies, right?  If she's in your room and often in bed with you I'd guess it's less of an issue in terms of safety, right?  If it was me I would maybe try starting with naps (unswaddled) and just take baby steps till she doesn't need it any more.  With the bottles, Sander is actually better at taking one from me than anyone else.  In fact, I tried to leave him with my mom last week and he wouldn't take a bottle from her.  He took one from DH as soon as he got home though.  So maybe try to give her one a day yourself so she at least gets used to the concept?  That's what I'm trying to do with Sander.  I am not going back to work or anything (until next April/May) but want the option to leave Sander with DH or my mom sometimes.


AFM - Not too much to report.  Just ready to settle into fall and a routine.  Early fall is one of my favorite times of year.  I had a stomach bug last week that knocked me on my butt, then went away for a family wedding on the weekend.  So I'm a bit pooped but starting to recover.  DS1 started pre-school last week (HOW is he that BIG???).  It's two mornings a week for two hours.  I hope he likes it.  I sure enjoyed going to the grocery store with only 1 kid in tow this morning (the easy one!).  Oh and I chopped all my hair off.  I was only wearing it in a bun or braid or pony tail 9 out of 10 days anyway.  Although now I am forced to actually do it every day which is both good and bad...

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Here's the new 'do!

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Love love LOVE the new 'do !!! Super cute.
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Cute do NS.

Yes Quest has been quite active. That's about when weight slowed when he got so wiggly. Still I wear him tons so not much wiggles then. One week WIC report is good on weight. We're off of the nursing shield. Not pumping much but gonna try again and freeze the milk. Wasn't very motivated when I couldn't get the milk in him. Now I'll save it for when he takes cereal. I'm wondering about skipping drs apt since we're working with WIC so closely. WIC has been much better with nursing advice.
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Thanks everyone for the swaddling input!  It's not that she likes swaddling, but I do think she settles better with the swaddle than without.  Honestly, I don't put her down for naps so I can't experiment with that.  She either naps on me after nursing, in the carrier on a walk, or in the car.  The few times I tried to put her down, her eyes popped open immediately and I just wanted her to get her rest.  I thought she was going to drift off in her crib today when I put her in there while I changed the litter boxes and was folding laundry...but after her aquarium music box stopped, she started fussing.  Oh well....  I think I will keep up with the swaddle a bit longer and then switch to a sleep sack and see how she does.


Yes, I guess it's a safety issue.  I've heard you should stop swaddling once they roll over.  It doesn't seem to matter in the crib with the hard mattress; her head is always turned to the side.  In our bed, she doesn't turn over anyway.  Maybe she feels more "snuggled" or something?


We had a trial run at daycare today.  It was only for two hours, but she slept in the DC provider's arms and didn't seem too bothered when I left.  She did not take the bottle though.  I tried to give it to her at home, but nothing doing.  I even spoon fed her for a bit, but then she got agitated and wanted to nurse.


I did discover that since DD usually only nurses one side, I can pump the other side during nursing.  A bit awkward, but at least I don't need to worry about her wanting to be picked up as soon as I get all of the pumping gear out and get going!


Random question: do you guys have pets?  In the last couple of weeks, Elodie has become really animated when the dogs and cats are around.  She positively cackles with glee when the cats jump up in front of her or rub on her.  My big dog will give her kisses and she LOVES it.  We got home late tonight from DS' soccer practice and I had to run into the bathroom so I brought her bucket seat in the house and plopped it on the floor in front of the bathroom door.  My smaller dog came right over to her, wagging her tail and sniffing her; DD had a huge grin on her face.  So cute.  :-)

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FarmerMomma, yeah I'd say it's better to pump to boost your supply, hopefully you can get some of it into Quest too, I know there are some you tube videos out there to show how to cup feed, maybe that would help you out? You also might try a sippy cup too. I'm glad WIC is giving you pretty good advice. Freezing the milk to save for cereal is a good idea!

Nstewart, your hair is so cute! I'm not brave enough to go that short yet, maybe someday, I just love my ponytails so much. I was just very glad to have this place when I was BFing DD1 since for most people it seems BFing reduces your drive, so it was nice to be able to talk to a few other women on here who had the opposite effect as it is really not something anyone ever talks about IRL or in the BFing books. Glad you are enjoying fall, it's my favorite too and I think we are going to have a good one this year for once!

Kate&Joey, glad you got the nursing & pumping thing figured out. Sorry she still isn't taking a bottle yet, but glad the trial run went well. You've probably tried this already, but sometimes getting a little milk on the bottle nipple helps get them interested. As far as pets, we did have cats with DD1 (they live with SIL now as DD1 turned out to be allergic!) and she totally loved watching them and chasing them when she got bigger. And the twins got a big kick out of my sister's dog this past weekend, though they weren't too sure about being licked on the head smile.gif

I really wish I could get Oliver sleeping better again, he has a bit of an upset tummy still from what I think was a mild stomach bug last week and he is waking about every 2 hours at night. Most of the time just needs some soothing so I think it will go back to being better eventually, but ugh my sleep right now. Alice is only waking once a night to eat and usually wakes once between 3-4am for soothing, that seems to be the disturbed sleep hour at our house as Oliver will wake 2-3 times during it and even Sydney (DD1) often wakes up and tries to crawl into bed with us. I'm debating trying some oral probiotics to try and help him out, anyone have good recommendations?

On the house selling front, we are still looking to put our house on the market next March and we just got all the trim painted and the deck attached to the house stained (hired someone to do both). It looks really good and that's the last big thing we have to do, now it is just a few little things that need fixed/replaced, paint touch-ups which we won't do until February/March and of course packing. Looking into our options, I really want to buy our next house a few days before we sell this one so that we can move one time. I just can't imagine moving twice with kids, bleh. Problem is we won't have the $$ from our sale to add to our downpayment. We don't plan to start looking more than preliminary until we have our house in contract. I've read about doing concurrent closings where you close on both on the same day, but that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, and I've also read about buyers letting sellers stay in the house for a few days after closing, but I don't know how common that is here or even if it is a good idea. Anyway, anyone have any house selling/buying (especially at the same time) stories?
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Thanks!  Still getting used to the hair.  Liking it overall, but actually "doing" it every day???  Not so much!  


Kate, I'm glad that the trial run at daycare went well.  I hope that the bottle thing goes ok and isn't too stressful for you or Elodie.  I know you'll get it figured out, she won't let herself starve!  But I do understand how stressful it would be.  We do have pets, two cats.  My old guy (he's 13) is a bit more leary around the kids.  He doesn't get too close although he doesn't run away or anything from DS1, just stays very still if DS1 is around.  Our other cat, Mindy, is DS1's buddy and has been since he was a baby.  She is super friendly and super cuddly and incredibly tolerant.  DS1 regularly "hides" her under a mountain of pillows, lays on her, etc. and she's totally fine with it.  Today she came and sat on a chair with Sander and I and he was tugging on her fur and she seemed totally unphased.  I do have to watch her as she will try to cuddle Sander when he's sleeping and wake him up!  I am less worried about her smothering him (she's just SUCH a cuddler), he's big enough now to roll away, but I do try to keep her out of the room when he's sleeping.



This is my cuddly princess.


Katie, sorry Oliver is having sleep issues!! Sander was such a rock star and has also been less stellar lately.  Maybe it's just the whole "4 month more aware" thing, but long gone are the 6 (or 7 or 8) hour stretches.  Now he usually does 3 hour stretches.  But, honestly, that is STILL so much better than DS1 was I won't complain.  AND some (most) nights, DS1 is the one waking Sander up at least once! Drives me crazy, he comes to our room to pee, or wants to cuddle or nurse, or just be tucked back in and if Sander is in bed with me (which he usually is by 1 or 2 am) it wakes him up when I get out of bed to deal with DS1.  I think Sander may also be teething as he's been really hard to get to sleep at night.  Tonight it took me 1.5 hours even though I KNOW he was tired when I started putting him down.  I'd have him asleep and he'd wake up as soon as I layed him down.  If I left him to fall back asleep on his own for a bit it just didn't happen.  Anyway, that's just pretty normal I think.


Wow, your move sounds exciting!  I hope you find what you are looking for.  DH and I have had our house for 10 years, and it's the only house we've owned so I don't have much advice on closing dates.  If you had a closing date for your house earlier than the closing date for the house you buy, you could rent your house from the purchaser for a period of time.  If I was the buyer, I'd want something in writing to let you stay (but, maybe that's just the lawyer in me).  I think it would really just depend on how the buyer's closing date lined up with your plans though.  They may need to move in.  I guess if you want the proceeds from your house for a down payment, then renting for a month or two after selling your own house would make sense but I sure wouldn't want to move twice either!  I can't even imagine moving once!  And we aren't pack rats by any means, I just look around my house and can't imagine packing it all up!  Do you have a neighbourhood(s) picked out?  The house hunting would be so exciting.  Are you planning to buy new or to purchase something existing?  How do you feel about moving after you just did so much work on your home?


AFM, not much new or exciting.  Everyone in our house has a cold that we are just getting over (go figure, DS1 starts preschool and we are all sick a week later!)  We're having some beautiful fall weather here, and went to the zoo today with my friend and her son who's the same age as DS1.  She is 38 weeks and planning a homebirth.  So exciting to see her and remember that it was just a few months ago that it was us waiting on our babes!  She was induced with her first, labored forever, had an epidural after like 12 hours of labor, had to have DS1 vacuumed out, etc. so I am really hoping that she can go into labor on her own this time and have an uneventful, natural delivery at home just like she is dreaming of this go 'round.  And, while she's convinced it's a boy, I am so sure she's having a girl.  Maybe just because I want to buy some cute baby girl clothes for someone!  Oh, only other thing of note: my little sis had me accompany her to give my opinion on some engagement rings that she and her beau have been looking at.  So exciting.  Her boyfriend is an awesome guy. 


Oh, is anyone thing about solids yet?  With DS we did BLW (baby led weaning) and am planning to do the same again (no purees or cereals, finger foods only).  I know it's early, Sander is almost 5 months only.  I feel like I should wait until 6 'cause that's what the books say.  But he is really good at getting things to his mouth accuretly and can pull himself up to sitting while in his bouncy chair or car seat and sits up really well (not to the point that he can "sit up" on his own, but on my lap or in the bumbo he sits quite well).  And he's been trying to get at the food on my plate.  This weekend he got a handful of coleslaw and I had to pry it out of his hand. He's tried to get ahold of food on numerous occasions.  With BLW they don't actually EAT anything until they can swallow the solid food anyway.  He always sits on my lap during meals so I'm thinking of just letting him grab at the stuff on my plate.  I am a bit unsure because DS1 was less interested in food for a long time than Sander seems to be, but I also thing DS1 was further ahead physically (rolling over etc. earlier) than Sander is.  Thoughts?  Also, it seems like there are no recommended restrictions re: foods anymore?  When DS1 was a babe, the recommendation was to avoid eggs until 8 or 9 months, nuts until 1 year, etc.  Now, from what I can see, that's no longer the recommendation and anything (other than choking hazards like whole nuts, etc.) goes??

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