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Feelings When TTC

Poll Results: Did you have ambivlance about TTC?

  • 22% (2)
    No! Just excitment.
  • 77% (7)
    Yes. It is natural to feel nervous about big changes.
  • 0% (0)
    Yes, and it was a sign that it was not the right time for us to TTC.
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Hey Mamas! 


I wanted to ask about TTC feelings. A bit of background - we have been waiting to TTC until after our son turned two. It's been all I can think about for months! Basically, we've thought a lot about the decision and are so excited. I've talked to prospective midwives, etc.  I got my IUD out, and after finishing up a little medical issue we'll start TTC (actually my period is due soon so I think we'll miss this next cycle - we have to abstain while I finish this treatment which is a few more weeks). Anyhow, now that we're actually here I keep having these thoughts, and they surprise me a bit.


What if I have a miscarriage? How will that affect me as a mother to my DD and DS?


What if the new baby is autistic or really difficult? DD and DS are so wonderful - easy going, loving, wonderful, smart. 


I'm so happy with my life right now, what if the new baby changes that?


These thoughts surprise me a bit, because I felt so strongly about TCC. Have other mamas had this ambivalence even though they were also really wanting to TTC? Just normal cold feet or a sign that we aren't ready?

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... is it my breath? shrug.gif

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I'm on my mobile so I wont be able to go into detail, but in my experience those sorts of thoughts are absolutely normal. I now have a 2 mo old and a 3.5 yr old, and thankfully our ttc period was really short, because my thoughts and emotions about it were all over the place. I still had some ambivalence and uncertainty during early pregnancy, but by that point iy was no longer something I could back out of. And DH and I had been planning #2 for a while! We were really excited about it and even dd had been asking for a baby sibling for a while. I yhink its normal to worry about rocking the boat when making big life changes.

It's only been 2 months now, but I'm really happy to say that things are going much better than i had ever anticipated. dd wad a challenging baby, but the new baby is so easygoing and a brilliant sleeper.
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First off, I'm sure what you're feeling is completely normal.
I've been ttc for 22 months now. It would be my first. DH is amazing, but is type 2 diabetic with mild ED and a definite decrease in sex drive. We haven't been able to test his sperm and I'm going crazy with every period I get. The difficulty of ttc really came between us and I'm trying to not focus on monthly timing so as not to create stress. We are back in a good place. I've thought a million times over....what if, what if, what if. Then I had a heart to heart with myself one day. I want to be pregnant so badly. What if the child, my child that i wanted so badly, had a disability??? I would be the best damn mother that child would ever have! I am just THAT strong that I could handle anything for my baby. For MY baby, our baby. i believe that you, as a mother already, would have that same love, no matter what. I wish you a happy, healthy addition to your life, but no matter what, you'd be great.
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