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Weekly Thread 9/9-9/15.

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Hopefully this is the last thread I have time to make.

I'm due tomorrow with zero labor signs. Yay for me.

I have three shifts left at work. I might ask to work until she comes though if I still haven't had her by my last shift. Sitting at home still pregnant drives me crazy.
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CDsMom1031- Maybe you'll be one of those people who have ZERO signs and then BAM! go into labor!


AFM: I've been having early labor signs for the past week. I've been dilating, having very mild contractions, nausea, bursts of random energy, bursts of exhaustion. It's a tease and I'm really trying to remain optimistic and accepting of what my body is doing since I have been this whole pregnancy. 


But it's tiring. It's tiring to have people ask the million questions. It's tiring running after a two year old, it's tiring to sleep, it's just...tiring. 


I also really want a bucket of KFC chicken or hell ANY fried chicken. Gimme some fried chicken, coleslaw, biscuits, potato wedges, and pop Game of Thrones in the DVD player and just let me hibernate. 

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CDsmom, how many shifts in a workday? I must say I'm glad to be off work, I don't feel like I'm just sitting around, I keep working on the never ending to do list. Maybe if this baby hasn't come 10 days from now I'll feel that way but right now I'm happy to have the time.


Mama Ana: your plan for hibernation sounds good. I'm definitely in the "leave me alone" phase of pregnancy.

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I've been having contractions most of the day. They're not going anywhere and it's starting to really annoy me because about an hour or two into them I had a dr appt and although I was 3cm, which wasn't much of a change from last week, baby was so high she couldn't even feel her head.

It just sucks because the contractions are just enough to make everything my kids are doing drive me up a wall, and all I'm doing is snapping at them. greensad.gif As much as I'd like it to be it, I really just want them to stop because I know for as long as they've been going on and not really getting worse, it's not going anywhere.
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CDs, sending big labor vibes your way!

mamaana, do you want some company for your "leave me alone" plan? That sounds super good to me!

dakipode, good luck knocking out your to do list!

freckledmama, Fingers crossed that all these contractions are thinning things out. My MW says that with pregnancies after your first, it's common to not engage until real labor. My baby is still mostly pretty high up too, unless I take a hike.

AFM: DS started preschool today and it went pretty well. I had a lactation client to see this morning, but I think she's the last person I'll see for a few months. I had a few hours of uncomfortable cramping last night so didn't get much sleep and I'm looking forward to early bedtime tonight. I'm feeling pretty lazy and whiny, and just wish I could go to a retreat for almost-due pregnant ladies, where the staff anticipates all needs, and you can swim, soak in the tub, be massaged, drink smoothies, nap, watch bad TV, etc. Ah!
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Y'all can join me in my hibernation. :D I'll even share my food. 

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these hibernation and retreat plans all sound good to me! but I'm a ftm and can pretty much do what I want within my resource limit; I am in awe of you all with young ones already that you are tending while pregnant, especially at this stage!! No wonder you want and need a " leave me alone" option and I'm hoping you can find some peace amidst the chaos of parenthood at full-term! and may we all go into labor at just the right time:-) ( whatever that may be!)
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thefreckledmama - if it helps any, when I was assessed in labor at the hopital I was 8 cm dilated and Jakob was still "really high" according to the doctor. He arrived less than an hour later! And I had 5 days of contractions before labor finally started, but once it did it was fast!
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37 weeks this week. i don't have much energy in a day anymore, so i'm resting a lot and trying to take things even slower than last month. 


this week we're taking the pets to their pre-baby checkup, seeing the OB, and the doula for the second prenatal appt. nothing else planned. looking up school stuff for my supervague post-baby plan. looking at wedding stuff and trying to figure it out as far as possible. might work on filing piles of paperwork later tonight. missed the window to go for an anti-anxiety walk today :( must go tomorrow. 


generally wanting to do an anti-anxiety exercise once a day now because getting so close to labor and becoming a mom is really freaking me out. 

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vc, we are twins.  I am also planning a wedding and looking up study programs for my own super vague post-baby plan.  :)


I walked today.  I walked around for over six hours, meeting friends for lunch and coffees, going to flea markets searching for used leather stuff on the cheap that I can paint and make pretty.  Spent all evening prepping all the items, so I can paint all day tomorrow. 

It was a good day, I really ignored the aches and pains and just kept on going-going-going, hoping that it's helping labor come sooner.


I'm 38 weeks!  Head is fully engaged, dilated a few cm, and I am sooooo ready!  I guess she's not, though.  Man the last stretch is hard to deal with, just the impatience I'm dealing with!


My kids keep asking me when she's going to be born, as if I know!


Insomnia!!!  I woke up after 4 hours of sleep and could. not. get. back. to. sleep.  So I'm just up now, and although it's not monday anymore here, I know it's still the tail end of Monday in the US, so I am still referring to 'today' as Monday.

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CDs - here's hoping you go into labor soon! I'm also due tomorrow, but I don't think anything's going to happen this week.


vc - forgot to comment on last week's thread about the latest from your workplace. It sucks about you maternity leave - will if affect your health coverage on anything major? The horrible confusion surrounding leaves here in the US (you'd think no woman had ever had a baby before), is one of the reasons I've tried to avoid taking any before baby arrives, and I'm not just sporadically using sick days.


serena - doubt you'll check in here before, but good luck with your c-section!

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My shifts are 6-12a. I'm off the next two days but then I'm scheduled Thursday and Friday. Weird.

I'm so envious and jealous of everyone who is having contractions and dilating and everything. Sigh. It's so hard to be patient when everyone else around you here and IRL are having their babies first when you were due first.
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Haurelia, sign me up for that pregnancy retreat!

Cdsmom, hope you get some signs soon. I remember with my DD2 the day before her due date I was super bummed bc I had no signs of readiness and statistically she was unlikely to be born the next day, so no reason to hope. I woke up in labor the next day and it all happened pretty quickly. Maybe your labor will come on suddenly, too.

Serafina, I can't believe you had the stamina to walk that much! Amazing!

I'm 37 weeks now, and I'm super uncomfortable! I have the lovely nausea back, and my bladder is the size of a thimble.
Oh, I got great news today, though- my GBS culture came back negative! I was really worried about that because I don't think I'd refuse abx but I really did not want them.
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I cannot keep up with you ladies in waiting! But I wanted to cheer Serena on and didn't get to it last thread.

I was not planning on cloth diapering a newborn but I've about HAD IT with these premmie disposable dipes. They are terrible, ill fitting and fall off her little butt constantly. Today, the mesh was STICKING to her poor little butt and I almost cried getting it off her. It was so sad.

I obviously have zero dipes that aren't meant for 8lbs+ and am considering buying some preemie or newborn sized dipe covers and transitioning her out of 'sposies. Any ladies here want to sell me some? I might just go with ProWraps on cottonbabies.com but would take used to save money, especially since DH lost his job.

On that note-- we talked to 2 lawyers and at-will means there is nothing we can do. We are trying to just get past it and enjoy this time rather then dwell on crap we can't change. Hope some of you get some labor symptoms soon! Going to try and read up thread and see what's going on with all of you. smile.gif
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Mama Ana; you really do sound just like me! It is all so annoying. But I'm not even having contractions that I know of, and I'm not even sure if what I feel are braxton hicks or just him kicking in an awkward way. Game Of Thrones makes everything better!


CDsMom; you are hardcore for still working!


The lack of contractions or anything resembling symptoms is really getting me down. I'm 9 days over now and I feel exactly the same as I did a week ago. At least I have the midwife tomorrow, so maybe she can tell me what's going on in there. I don't even know if I'm dilated or anything else. And just to add to the annoyance, at night I'm having dillusions that I'm having labour symptoms, but it's just my mind messing with me which does not help with sleep. Last night I was up every single hour to pee as well! All I want is a bloody show or some sign to say that I don't need to worry about induction :(


The one positive side about being this late is that we should be able to avoid having to see the in laws we really don't like. They're going on holiday on Sunday and we were dreading them coming over. We know they'll come over, ignore us, take a million photos with their big-ass camera, and then brag to everyone who will listen about the new addition. They don't even pretend that they come to see us as well. So that's a weight off my chest!

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Tilly-check out diaperswappers.com. You can get used covers cheap. I would either go with the prowraps or maybe some bummis super brites if they come that small. Cottonbabies has preemie prefolds for $1 each. That's your best bet, because they have free shipping, and prefolds are expensive to ship so not usually worth buying used.
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I thought all of you still waiting to have your babies would appreciate this website smile.gif


Good luck today Serena!!!
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My version of the bead exchange necklace. I wanted something fun and colorful! Thank you to all the ladies who participated!




nettlesoup, I hope you see some action soon! Your in-laws sound pretty awful, maybe your stress surrounding them is holding you back?

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nettlesoup, I would not have suffered a visit like that gladly anyhow.  Maybe for twenty minutes, and then I'd let them know that you guys are not up for entertaining guests.  


As far as I'm concerned, post partum time is NOT for guests, and IS for those willing to pitch in and do the grunt household work.  I know we already discussed this a week or so ago but I'm still wondering if I should communicate directly via email to my MIL that she is welcome to come help out during the post partum weeks, if she has the extra energy to help out....?  And otherwise, for general hosting of houseguests (they don't live around here), we will probably be up for that around 6-10 weeks post partum and we will let them know...... 


Sorry to get back on that again, guys!  I'm just feeling grumpy and not in the mood for people around me right now who don't love ME.  My family is far away and I'm not that close with my fiance's family yet so....  I'd rather it just be my man and kids around post partum if I don't get to have my mom!  I'm such a brat.

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

As far as I'm concerned, post partum time is NOT for guests, and IS for those willing to pitch in and do the grunt household work.  

I totally agree. My best friend (!) came to visit us right after DS was born and she sat on her ass in a chair and knitted the whole time- allowing me to wait on her. I couldn't believe it. It'd been awhile since we'd seen each other so I didn't feel close enough to her to say anything, but it really pissed me off!
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