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Can anyone recommend a place to start for understanding the differences between the full-scale Wechsler and the Abbreviated Scale? DS just took the abbreviated version as a subject in a research study and did substantially better on the abbreviated version.




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Hello there! It looks like your post might have been missed, so I wanted to bump it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have experiences or information to share?

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Hi - I am not sure about information that may be available on the internet etc, but I have a psychology textbook on Psychological Testing by Cohen et al (2013) that discusses short form tests.  Basically, there is some debate as to the reliability and validity of short form tests including the WASI and it is widely regarded that the longer form test is better in this regard.  Essentially, the argument is that by reducing the items that there are in a test it reduces a test's reliability and hence its validity.  However, short form tests are recommended by some for particular cases, particularly where a test-taker is believed to have an atypical attention span.


I hope that helps.


Good luck.

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Sorry - also forgot to mention that there can also be practise effects.  Not sure if it crosses between long and short form tests but sometimes tests can be skewed if you take them too close together.

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Thanks very much.


I know that tests too close together isn't an issue; these are years apart.


He's just a quirky test-taker, I think. He does regular achievement testing for the charter, and those scores bounce around also. Processing speed is consistently lower than other things, and I wondered if that piece might be an artifact in the abbreviated test scoring higher.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply; much appreciated--


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