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Drink containers for school

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My child is starting school and I have new questions.

What do you use for a drink container for your child's snack/lunch at school?


I am not a fan of stainless steel- I have personal aversions to drinking from metal and am not inclined for my family to do so.


At home we use ceramic or glass, but I don't think there are child safe portable ceramic or glass drink containers- are there?

So that leaves plastic- are there any  good plastic drink thermos' or water bottles for kids?

What do you do if you opt out of metal?


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DS uses thermos intak. There are glass bottles that have a silicone sleeve. Lifefactory is one brand and target carries a cheaper glass bottle too
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check with your elem. school. some schools dont allow glass.


for plastic we opt for camel back. i do that mainly coz dd drinks more as she likes chewing on the 'straw' component. 




though honestly dd prefered drinking out of the tap at school and only sometimes used her water bottle. 

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My DD doesn't bring lunch but she does use a contigo water bottle or coffee mug depending on the day for water in class. They don't spill and there are stainless steel ones that can be dropped a lot.
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Seconding the camelbak option. I have one for myself and while they are $$ it's lasted through daily use much better than any rubbermaid or knock off brand.  Keep in mind you need to take it apart nightly to 'air' out otherwise you could get mold in the mouthpiece.  Mine was $17 at Target and honestly worth every cent.

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zebra you are right and you reminded me of our waterbottle adventures when dd regularly drank out of them. she did have metal ones which even if they did not break, did not take beatings very well and ultimately started leaking. 


the camelback survived very well and i changed it when it got v. grimy. 

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I got one of those glass ones with the silicone sleeve, and like it so far- only used once so far but ds did drink it.

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My kids just started using Juice-in-a-Box this year, and I'm very impressed! I'm pretty anti-plastic myself but didn't see how we could get around it for lunches. They each have a metal thermos for snack time but another thermos just does not fit in their lunchbags. The Juice-in-a-Box(es) fit perfectly since they're juice-box size and do not leak at all. 


Sorry, I sound like a commercial! 

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