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Sleep help needed! How do I get two light sleepers to stay in their beds all night?!

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Background- 4 year old, nursed to sleep until 7 months ago when I got pregnant again, falls asleep in her bed but winds up coming into our bed around 11pm and is extremely resistant to going back to sleep in her bed. Is in the middle of night time potty learning, it's going well though. She shares a room with her almost 2 year old sister, who until a few weeks ago was a great sleeper, but we switched to "big girl" beds and between that and teeth coming in, she's turned into a super light sleeper after around 1am. I get them both to sleep by snuggling and reading stories (nursing the 2 year old) and then listening to a guided meditation for kids cd after the lights go out. They've never been able to be put down "drowsy but awake" like the books say and it's just always worked to nurse them to sleep.

Lately, the four year old will come to bed with me just after I've fallen asleep and I don't even notice (but dad doesn't have enough room to sleep), the 2 year old will either wake up with the 4 year old if a bunch of noise is made or wait until around 1am and then wander in. She won't sleep with me, she either thinks it's playtime or sucker punches me, so I take her back to her bed and lay with her. At that point though, even if I get her back to sleep, she pops right back up as soon I try to get up.


Last night, we moved the crib mattress to the floor next to my side of the bed and the 4 year old slept there (with my hand there most of the night) and the little one, after two hours I wound up closing the door and letting her cry for a minute until she quieted down and then I went back to bed. I didn't hear a peep out of her the rest of the night and when I got up she was asleep in her bed. I feel so guilty about letting her cry though!

It's getting extremely frustrating and I need some input! I really want my bed back before the new baby comes. Does anyone have kids that are light sleepers/constantly want mommy that share a room and actually have gotten them to sleep all night in their beds? Are there any books you recommend (for me or the kids)?


*Husband help isn't really an option as he works extremely long hours at a very stressful job, and sleeps like the dead (never hears them, only notices when he's getting kicked in the face by a kid in the bed) and has never handled bedtime since I've always nursed them back to sleep.

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We do yoga before bed, epsom salt baths with lavender, and the last few days I've resorted to trying low doses of melatonin. They take multivitamin supplements, a bone health blend, and an omega 3 supplement as well as vitamin D drops.
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Well, I've resigned to keeping an extra floor bed next to our bed or kid sleeping bag in our room (dd's here are 7 & 3).  Sure, dd1 does now sleep in her own bed a lot now at 7 (but she's been waking up from bad dreams lately, so using the floor bed a lot).  


Sometimes it's really helped our girls to sleep in one of their own beds together.  Last year, dd1 would wake up and just move to her little sister's bed at night instead of into our room.  This worked for her cause she just prefers feeling someone nearby when she's sleeping and always needed lots of snuggles to sleep.  3 y/o has not yet, ever, just been in her own bed all night.  I think dd1 used to sleep in her own bed all night sometime around 3/4, however, and would only sometimes wake up to call 'mom' or sneak into our room.  She was the kind of kid that would stay up late-ish, though, and I think that always helped (since dd2 tends to fall asleep faster and earlier, and will wake up at night earlier than dd1 ever used to ).  shrug.gif  Sorry, not much help besides maybe encourage them to snuggle each other a bit before coming into your room.

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I suggested them sleeping together and the 4 year old is ALL for it, but the 2 year old will not have it. lol She doesn't like to be touched while she sleeps. She just wants me to sit/lay there. :/

I read something about giving the incentive of extra cuddles in the morning if they stay in bed all night, so I'm going to try that.

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