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questions about preemies

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Hi there

can everyone give me some tips and advice to pass on to my friend who just underwent emergency csection due to preclampsia. Baby had 12 weeks to go. Luckily everyone is ok, mother liver is better, and baby is breathing on own but in ITC. Baby is one pd and 12 oz.

I have read in the past something about kangaroo care for preemies or something? I understand the parents cant go to ITC often...what can parents do to ensure baby gets lots of contact??

Mother is pumping now to get milk supply going, encouraged at hospital. So will be offered to baby. Whew.

Please send me links, tips, advice...etc. I know it is emotional and will be when she goes home without baby.

Thanks again in advance
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Once the baby is able to be moved [sometimes, when they are hooked up to monitors or machines, the hospitals won't let the parents hold them] the mom can just open her shirt, put her undressed baby on her chest and cover the baby's back with a blanket.
Intensive care units do have visiting hours, I'm not sure where she is, but most NICUs do let the parents in night and day. During shift changes though, they like the parents to not be in there.
It was very hard on me when my daughter was in the NICU [and she was only in there 3 days!]. The things that reassured me, was I asked questions. "How much did she eat last time?" "How's her temperature?" "How is she?" etc... This is HER baby, tell her not to be afraid to make requests or ask questions!
Also read to the baby! My nephew is currently in the NICU and loves to have people talk to him, so reading is a great way to help stimulate growth/development!

Good luck to her and I hope the baby has a speedy recovery!
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We live in Switzerland and I know things are done differently in than in the US but, kangaroo care should start as soon as the baby is stable. It is such an important part of caring for a preemie. This is *her* baby and from what I've heard sometimes mums in the USA have a harder time accessing their infant and partiscipating in their care. She should tell the nurses that she would like to partiscipate as much as possible and they *should* comply.

We did baby massage with our son from 32 weeks. We were also allowed to come and go as much as we liked. The nicu was accessable to us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even if I just stopped in to say goodnight and stroke his tiny head... I could do this.

I think our NICU was very different though... attachment parenting was stongly encouraged and we received a copy of the "baby book" by the Sears and a sling. We were taught baby massage and baby wearing at the hospital.

I'll have write more later... my "preemie" is wanting some attention!

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i remember reading (dr. sears?) that fresh breastmilk is far better than frozen breastmilk. apparently frozen kills those cells that are so beneficial. therefore, whenever possible, mom should pump and feed during or right before visits. (assuming the little one cannot suckle yet...)
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