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Birth bead exchange

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PLEASE READ THE UPDATE and if you want to be in the gift exchange as well, it'd be helpful to note that on the spreadsheet.  thanks mamas



1. Janurary 1st is our sign up by date and January 15th is the mail-by-date.  

2.A couple mamas were interested in a gift exchange, if you want to participate in that, just send the gift as well as your beads in the same emvelope.  Or note in advance on the spreadsheet that you want to praticipate. I'll swap the gifts around and send them to the mamas who participated.  


We did this in my last DDC and it was really fun.  You comment to get your name on the list (say we get 10 people), and the host puts their address.  Then we all go out and buy 11 of the same bead, and send those, and a self addressed stamped envelope, to the host. Some people send 11 copies of the same cute note or Bible verse. If you are not in the same country as the host, or prefer to have tracking, you don't send the SASE: instead, you agree to a way to send the host return postage money (paypal, basically, which I would be happy to help anyone new sort out, it makes shipping cheaper for you and you get racking into the bargain, at least domestically).  Host sends all the beads back, and hopefully none gets lost in the mail.  But if one does, that is what the extra bead is for, so the host can re-send one necklace if necessary.


return shipping will be about $4 with an sase in the us, or $3.50 with paypal.  If you want to use paypal let me know your email address and I will invoice for the cost when I have the envelopes all filled.  


beads should if possible have a hole big enough to fit a regular #2 pencil lead into them.  No bead will be rejected based on hole size but it would be easier to thread on a ribbon if the holes are this big.


In the end we each have a pretty necklace's w0rth 0f beads.  With this many mamas hopefully we get some fun variety.  


If interested, please ADD YOURSELF TO THE GOOGLE DOC.  




If you can't figure out the google doc, comment saying that you want in and I will add you :)


18 mamas from the usa 

3 mamas from canada

1 mama from costa rica

that makes 22 mamas total :)

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If I make it through this trimester have been spotting from the start) I'm interested.


I'm in Canada :)

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In one due date club we did a bead exchange, and all my beads got crushed in the mail!  It was so sad.  In my last DDC we did a bead and gift exchange.  That was kind of fun, because we sent a gift to another momma for the newborn baby.  My exchang-y sent me a "Born at Home" shirt, with the sweetest note - I was desperate for a homebirth, having tried for one twice before. Knowing some stranger in New York believed in me meant more than you can imagine.  Anyway, I'd be happy to participate, and love to help organize. 

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I would be down for it. It sounds like a really cute idea!
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i'd like to also :) i'm in the U.S

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So, we go out, buy a bead, send it to the host, the host makes the necklace (?) and then sends them back the the people who sent them?

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Yes, I'm in!  I've done this before, and it was fun.  However, we do need to specify a specific size range and hole size for sure.  Last time there were some teeeeny beads that were difficult to string with the rest.


US here too

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If I am still pregnant, then yes, I would love to participate. I am in the US.

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I'd be in for this - sounds like fun! I'm in Canada.

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i am up fr the gift exchange if every0ne else is.  my 0 key is subbing t0day, l0l.  any0ne dislike the gift part?


yes, s0me kind 0f standard h0le size w0uld be nice.  ideas 0n that q


the idea is that the h0st sends back a variety 0f different beads, en0ugh t0 make y0ur 0wn necklace with.  if we want the h0st t0 d0 the stringing as well, that's t0tally great, but i un-v0lunteer, as getting 10 separate envel0pes 0ut t0 the mail in a timely way is en0ugh f0r me t0 plan ;).


i am adding every0ne t0 the list wh0 said they wanted in, i'm assuming we will get extra after we are all 8 weeks.  :)

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gifts sound neat too...just as far as the list goes I think piratemere is in Canada too - maybe I'm wrong about that though.

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thanks manysplinters, i will leave it blank and wait and see what she says but i saw her c0mment ab0ut new y0rk and assumed usa.  i am really falling f0r the gifts idea!

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I am in Canada, but we have a cabin in the states, and go there often, so I can do shipping to and from there if it helps.  I wonder what I said about New York...?

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I love the idea. :)


piratemere - you mentioned your exchange-y from new york believed in you. <3

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:) yep, it was the exchangee wh0 c0nfused me.  its 0k, i'm g00d n0w.  :)  s0 far we are equal parts usa and canada wih tw0 swing v0tes.  

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Whoops, sorry, I'm in the US

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and usa is ahead by 1.  l0l. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -this just is t00 funny with all 00s!

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I love this idea. I'm in.

Virginia, US
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Great idea! I'm in as well and I'm in the US.
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yay that makes 10 of us :)

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