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Questions about Twins

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Hi Mommas

I have 4 month old twins. They are almost 3 months according to when they should have been born. I have a few questions. First let me say I never ever thought we'd have twins and I always thought I would co-sleep, cloth diaper, etc.

I've been lucky enough to breastfeed them after 2 months of extreme difficulty.

They have become a lot of fun lately. They smile and play a lot but I'm having huge problems with sleep.

They wake up every hour.

What am I doing wrong?

I had them in a cosleeper then crib but they've gotten too big so now they are in two separate cribs in their own room. I give them a pacifier to help them go to sleep. My boy will wake up by hitting his head on the crib. My girl wakes up of the pacifier falls out of her mouth.

I love having twins but am finding it hard to not be a zombie because of the lack of sleep. I don't know what to do. I don't think we could successfully co sleep with them in our bed because I'm so tired I often wake up surprised to have one in my arms on the other hand them being in their own room and cribs isn't working either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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My twins are 7 months... they sleep in Fisher Price Rock N Plays for the first part of the night.  When they wake, I nurse them and allow them to sleep with us.  Normally one will wake about 3 am and the other about 5 am.  My boy sleeps way better than my girl. Once they nurse they normally go back to sleep in our bed and are ok.  They are getting bigger though so soon I'll have to figure out another sleeping arrangement. But it does get better, I promise! 

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Just to put it out there, since you originally planned to cosleep--if you haven't tried it at this age, you don't know that it won't work.

I used a guard rail on my bed and slept in the middle between my twins. When one woke to nurse, I'd roll that way and nurse on my side while I went back to sleep. Not getting out of bed or even sitting up really helped me go back to sleep quickly. Because yours are getting so big now, this type of set up might work for you.

Also, I think it helps them sleep longer stretches, because they are close to you and get so much comfort that way. Your breathing and heart rate would also help regulate theirs, which might help with staying asleep. And if you need to nurse, if they're able to do it in the side lying position, it allows you to sleep while nursing.

Congratulations for sticking through the hard part with nursing! My first couple of months were extremely difficult, too (preemies like yours), so I know how hard it can be. You are so strong for going through that, you can figure this out, too! smile.gif
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Just my own experience, but I'm a long-term swaddler. at 3 months, my babies were still swaddled for the evening nurse to sleep. I then put them down in their own bed asleep. As they wiggled in the night, they would get out of the swaddle.

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One other factor, 4 months is a HARD age.  Babies often go through a sleep regression at this stage. For us it was when they started to try to roll over.  It only mildly affected my A, but B had a TERRIBLE  time with it.  There were many nights when I was up off and on all night with her (they were still in our room at this point, but in separate beds as they had been waking one another up).  They are learning new things all the time and their little brains are busy.  The paci coming out constantly was a nightmare, too, and honestly, we didn't get much relief with that until she could keep it in better at about 7 months old.  She still uses one during the night, but can put it in herself which is awesome, lol.  She also did this weird thing where she would work herself up to the top of the crib and be in the corner, not really stuck...but just too far up there and mad about it.  Maybe like your little guy hitting his head?  Anyway, all of this did pass. Maybe the cosleeping would help like others said.  Or swaddling.  For us, we just had to ride it out. Things got better at 5 months and have just gotten progressively better and better. They are 11 months now. Sending you good vibes, and a hug and congratulations.  Hang in there and kudos on being able to breast feed. You are doing great.

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Thanks for all the help and support!

I really like the idea of half co sleeping. Putting them down in their cribs, dream feeding, and then we they wake up in the middle of the night bringing them to bed. We had a couple of really rough nights and I was getting so anxious and desperate that I was worried I would have to react with a bottle or CIO and I really didn't want to ever do either. (they came from bottles in the NICU and it took forever to get them off.)

One thing I'm finding a lot of where I am is that my friends who are mothers of twins formula feed so often their babies sleep through the night pretty early or my friends who have singletons co sleep or feed on demand and so done have a problem with sleep. I've been trying to feed on demand as much as possible but it's hard with two.

I've felt so stuck in the middle and so talking to you all who are doing it with two and often with a toddler or other children running around really helps. Thank you so much.
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My twins have been waking up more frequently lately, so I'm back to waking the other to feed when one wakes up, that can help eliminate some of the zombie-ness if you aren't already doing that. And when my twins are going through a growth spurt or something, I often give up sleeping with DH in our bed and just go sleep in their room on the floor or sleep on the couch in the living room with them in pack-n-plays so I can get a little more sleep and DH can get more sleep to be better for helping with the twins and taking charge of DD1 (3.75 years old). I get more sleep because I can often get to them while they are still barely stirring, slip in a pacifier and they go right back to sleep instead of I get their too late and they have woken up enough to need picked up and held or whatever. Cosleeping if you can swing it would probably help in the same way for you. I also often cosleep with one baby for a few hours if one is having a particularly rough night.

And I wanted to say, I do give a bottle of formula to my twins as the last meal before bed sometimes (it gives me a break when my supply is running low - hello lack of sleep! - and they just want to nurse for 3 hours before bed) and it does not extend their sleep at night. I know for some babies it does, but never for these ones or DD1, so don't be too jealous of formula as it is more often temperament of the babies than anything IME.

And yeah, 4 months is a rough time, growth spurt + other things going on then that makes for a lot of sleepness nights. Also, my twins at 5 months are much better at holding pacifiers in their mouths and the orthodontic style ones are much easier for them to hold in too, might try that! I'm lucky mine rarely wake when they drop their pacifiers.
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