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Thank you for all of the nice messages. It's nice to have mothering, where there are so many women who can understand what I'm feeling. I'm sorry there are so many of us having difficulties right now. GIS, I'm so glad Clara is gaining some weight! I'm sorry you've had to change the way you nurse, that must be hard.

I'll be having surgery on Monday to get samples for a biopsy. I'd write more but I'm getting tired typing with one hand.

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Sending good vibes for your surgery :goodvibes


I hope you have a system there in your world to give you real life hugs and support during this time! 

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Oh mamapidgeon, that's terrible news. I'm sorry. I hope your biopsy went well. I know that I'd be more than willing to pump for a mom in my area to help her have a stash of human milk if she felt strongly about it, for sickness or whatever. I think a lot of people would do the same. I hope you have a mom community to reach out to for that kind of thing. Anything that helps you feel less stressed is going to be good for your health and healing!

Edelweiss, that must be such a great feeling after all the work you've done. I'm happy for you!

I've missed you all. Just been kind of busy :P
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Thanks, Mama and Banana. I actually ended up just doing a consultation yesterday. I guess the surgeon wanted to make sure I understood what was going to happen, and apparently I'll be getting general instead of local so it'll take extra time.

I guess one advantage to this whole process taking longer is that I have more time to pump.

Not much support in real life other than my parents. I kind of think that's why this happened.


Banana, how do you like the new place (and West Coast)?

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Hugs, mamapigeon! Wish I could lend you some real life support <3
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It's okay. The house and the area I live in are just kind of meh. We are most likely going to move when our lease is up. It's just so far from everything, and not really that great on its own AND still crowded. The only perk is the rent smile.gif

I haven't seen much of the area, but that's because Julian is a PIA in the car and we're still settling in here. I hope to get out more soon, but the mass transit system workers are possibly going on strike, and that will mean I'm pretty much homebound until ds is older...
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Awwwwwfully quiet around here. In case you missed it, we have a pretty lively group going on Facebook. The link is further up the thread. But if this is where we part ways, I want you all to know how much this group has meant to me over the last year during this very special time. It was a pleasure knowing you in this way! love.gif
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I check all the time to see if anything is happenin' on MDC... I just never post anymore.  I think we all have our hands full! 


As to you comment Mary, I feel the same.  This has been so many different things to me over the past year (it really has been almost a year!!!), and I cherish each and every one.  Thank you ladies!  Thank you for everything!

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I feel the same. I think we're all running around. Before you know it, we'll be a thread in toddlers smile.gif
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