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How do you keep a fussy baby calm? Our little guy gets pretty feral every evening. We can calm him for a few minutes (white noise/ swinging on his side) but he then snaps out of it and starts thrashing and shrieking again. This happens even when he is well fed and has a clean diaper.
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Bouncing on the yoga ball... and more bouncing... and more bouncing...

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My DD was extremely fussy. We had Dr Sears's Fussy Baby Book and he has a lot of good suggestions in there.  She loved the Moby, walks outside, jiggling, patting on her back. But even with all of those things sometimes she still just screamed. And now as a 4 yr old she is very sensitive and it's very easy to say the wrong thing around her.

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Finally found the weekly thread again lol
We're back in happy mommy territory here: no bottles for over 24 hours, comfy latch, happy baby. Yay! My 2.5 year old has started rubbing noses with baby, saying "nosy nosy nosy"... So cute! She's also regressing with the potty a bit but it's a matter of being too busy (or zoned out watching TV - a battle I will take on soon). We had one poo accident only so it's not that bad.
Crafty, your post made me laugh; you are one witty mama! I'm sorry your FIL is being a pill. Mine mostly just ignores the kids so at least he's not being a $h1t disturber, just unhelpful. We were thinking of paying a quick visit one day before a noon engagement but couldn't because of FIL's morning routine: his coffee and newspapers. Seriously, reading the paper took precedence over grand babies. *shrug* oh well. DH described it as his morning routine. Silly me, I thought most people can deal with a change in routine for one day by age 4 or 5. eyesroll.gif
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skycheat= yay for no bottles with happy baby!

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I'm ambivalent about pacifiers. My kids all have hated the car. I would have given my left arm for any of them to take a pacifier in the car and quit crying.

For the rest of the time, I don't usually mind the comfort nursing, but this one seems to have more issues with being overfed and I'm moving in 3 days. I need to be able to put him down. He barely tolerates the wrap and I have to pack.

I've never given a baby this young a pacifier before, but I'm at a loss as to what else I can do. He's a very good nurser and I try to use it only when I have to, but it's just not my thing. I like the long straight one that falls out when he falls asleep. But I don't want him to get too used to having it, so that's a bonus.
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Sky cheat: glad to hear you had a good day!

Banana: good luck with the move. Hope all goes as smooth as possible.

Thanks for the paci recs. ill order a couple and try them out. Never used with DS1, he hated them.
Also having a Ton of trouble getting babe to sleep anywhere but on or next to me. Not the rocker. Not the swing. Hardly in the carseat. Definitely not in the bassinet, swaddled or unswaddled. What to do? Wait it out? We're co sleeping but I don't really want to.
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One of my babies really only sleeps on my chest. He gets lonely, I think. My other baby is OK in the bassinet or on the bed with me. I'm just going to wait till he's comfortable sleeping not on top of me and enjoy the snuggle time. I don't think co-sleeping has to be long term if you don't like it but I think I'd prefer doing that than causing a lot of extra stress right now.

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Bouncing on the yoga ball... and more bouncing... and more bouncing...
We did this DD1. We even would take it on vacation with us.

Crafty, my DD2 just went through a similiar potty situation. According to my research, it is official labeled "potty resistance". A Google search will give you some ideas on how to handle it. I have no real advice, just sympathy. We're not even out of the woods. She refuses to poop in the potty so I am cleaning out underwear daily. She literally refused to pee on the potty for 3 months until this last Tuesday. I told her if she didn't pee on the potty she would be asked to leave preschool (which is totally true). Voila! No more pee issues. I can't wait for her to decide pooping on the potty is the in thing.

Jillygayle, we use the Soothie pacifiers. L is extremely efficient at the breast and isn't much of a comfort nurser so the pacifier is a lifesaver. She is my only one who would take it.
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Jill, mine is about the same.  We have our mattress on the floor and ended up putting another mattress next to my side of it and that is where she sleeps at night.  Some people also have luck with sidecarring a crib to their bed.

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Unrelated to pacifiers , but my little guy nursed 86 ccs right from me tonight! No SNS and granted it was a loooong session but he was actively sucking, swallowing so I kept him on maybe 40 min but hey he got it and he's full. DH was feeding our big guy at the same time with a bottle since he had sneaked another nursing session in earlier and really I would like to get to bed by 11 so I can sleep a bit before I pump at midnight. Anyway, just excited. They're averaging 50ccs/session right from me and then supplementing with SNS for the rest. DH bottle feeds at night while I pump.

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Wow, Edelweiss, that's great news!!
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Anyone here experiencing a babe who appears to have days and nights mixed up? Gus is 6 weeks on Tuesday and we've had a rough past week in which he's up and very fussy/agitated from ~3-5 am, sometimes more. Then he sleeps sooooo much during the day! Elizabeth Pantley of the No Cry Sleep Solution says that babies who are 1 month sleep an average of 16.5 hours per 24 hour period, but I feel like he sleeps at least 20, mostly during the daytime! We are cosleeping, and he prefers to snack all night long, so I've been thinking this is because he's sleeping too much during the day and not eating enough. Any ideas?? Help!
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We are trying to encourage wakefulness during the day. It's hard, though, because they do sleep sleep so much. We have definitely not mastered it, but I think it's getting better most days/nights. I guess just keep talking and lights on during the day, try to keep things dark and quiet at night even if he does need to nurse.


How much is he nursing during the day?

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We had the same issue with DS and it turned out he was very sensitive to any lights on at night (which I needed to get him latched). Being first-time parents it took us months to figure it out. Luckily DD seems to have worked out a day-night schedule with low lights. Hope you can sort out his schedule soon!
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Coffee, we had a random week like that- maybe at 4 or 5 weeks, but it seemed to go away on its own, which I know is not helpful. On those nights though, the quickest way to get DD to sleep or calm enough that I did anyway was to put her on my chest instead of just next to me in bed and also make sure I thoroughly burped her after nursing. Could just be a little gut development issue? Also, I slept in (ha!) as much as I could, so like... 7:30. eyesroll.gif then I drank a lot of coffee while spacing out on PBS Kids!

Oh, also speaking of pacis, our DS never took one (he was *always* at the breast and I tried desperately to give him one, despite also being one of the mamas that would NEVER use one- ha ha!!), but DD seems to enjoy Nuk brand (my paci of choice as a baby myself!) and we use the newborn size (0-6 mos I think). It's mostly our go-to in the car, but she'll also occasionally take it during other times. It was a huge help during the rough patch of night waking, coffee, or sometimes when I just need 5 more min todo something- like finish off a huge plate of food! eat.gif
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Coffee, that happened to us last night. L woke up 3 times last night and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour. She had never done that before. She is 5 weeks and, according to the Wonder Weeks, it is a growth week. I thought it might be gas as well.
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Coffee- same here. But I have been swaddling him during the day to keep him asleep, so I can pack. It's working, but He is nursing more at night and getting gassy from it. Today , I'm going to bite the bullet and wake him up every couple of hours to eat. Hopefully we can go back to our peaceful nights.

Edelweiss sounds like a great step for him!
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Wow. I am failing miserably at not having a total breakdown today. The movers are coming in 2 hours, I have been stuck in my room with the baby for the last 2 hours because my dh decided that a door frame HAD to be replaced before we move out, instead of after the tennants are in, and it's crazy loud so he won't stay asleep. My mother and dh are no doubt down stairs throwing stuff into boxes with no concern for what happens when it's time to unpack ( and that is a huge pet peeve for me). And it doesn't even matter because the house in no where near done. And I really need a shower.

I kind of wish I was anywhere else right now
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Great news, Edelweiss! So happy your guys are doing well!


We've had some day/night confusion here, but I think it's done now. DD has really long alert periods and for a week she was waking up at around 2 or 3am wanting to interact and play. We just turned on a light outside the bedroom so there was enough to see by, but it was still dark. DD would spend a while looking around and then go back to sleep.


Last night was really bad, DS kept throwing up from 10pm until 3am. None of us got much sleep and the whole house smells like kid puke. Poor DS is just lounging around this morning, and won't eat much of anything.

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