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Not sure where to post this. Baby has dropped at 32 weeks. Previous baby was a preemie.

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My friend is expecting her second baby. It's an IVF baby so she is sure about dates. Her first baby was born at 35 weeks for no apparent reason. He water just broke. He was breech and was delivered by c-section at 35 weeks, 2 days. Thankfully, no health problems for mom or baby.


Now she's pregnant with baby number two. She had preterm labor at 31 weeks and was kept in the hospital on fluids for a day, but sent home and told not to worry. They had done a blood test which showed baby would NOT be born in the next two weeks, but still she was only 31 weeks, so that test result was not very comforting.


Now it's a week later. She's having only mild braxton hicks contractions from time to time. But she says everyone who sees her says the baby has dropped. She feels that it has, and everyone is telling her that they can tell. So, the baby probably has in fact dropped at only 32 weeks. 


Do you think she's likely to have another preemie? Should she seek medical attention? Can babies drop more than 4 weeks before they are born? Praying that she makes it to 36 weeks.

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I dunno but hope your friend is doing okay.
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As she has already had pre-term delivery with her first, and she has already had pre-term labor with this pregnancy, I would anticipate that the chances that she will have a pre-mature delivery with this baby as well would be greater. If I were in her shoes, I think I would definitely be contacting my doctor and, if not brought up, asking about the possibility of a steroid shot just to give an extra boost to the lungs. Then again, it would probably depend on my previous experience, too - whether I received that shot before and whether I'd had previous pre-term labor before delivery - so that I'd have an idea of whether I might make it as long as the previous pregnancy. If things were progressing similarly to my previous pregnancy, and that experience turned out with healthy little one, I'd be more likely to just try to relax as much as possible and let things take their course.

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Babies can engage in the pelvis "drop" weeks before labor begins. This is common in first time moms, but can happen for anyone.
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Well, I've read that usually the baby won't engage or drop any earlier than 4 weeks before delivery, and she's only 32 weeks.


I talked to her last night and she said she learned that when she was in the hospital with pre-term labor that she had a UTI caused by GBS, so they are treating her for GBS now and they say that was likely the cause of her preterm labor.


She's worried because she said with her first baby she began to feel lousy about 34 weeks, dropped at 32w1d, and bag of waters broke the next day (35w2d). She's feeling lousy again at only 32 weeks and her baby has definitely dropped.


I'm worried because her doctors are telling he she can keep working and are being very nonchalant about it all. She doesn't even have an appointment again until Tuesday.


I was thinking about that steroid shot too. I'll suggest to her that she ask the doctor on Tuesday about it.

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Hi - I had my DD at 34w+1d because of spontaneous labour and she had to stay in the NICU for a week (I was told to expect at least 2 weeks initially so we were lucky). My water didn't break, I just started having regular contractions and there was no sign of infection or anything else. We still don't know what caused it.


This time around, I'm 33w+3d today and I've been having quite a lot of BH contractions and I know my baby is VERY low because I can feel where the baby is moving and I'm getting nerve pains in my legs. I've contacted my midwife about this because it's really freaking me out and her response was to make sure I was getting lots of rest and putting my feet up (not easy with a 2 yo!). She asked me to monitor any contractions and if there is any sign of regularity, even if they're 10 mins apart, to contact them right away. So far so good. I also did a swab a few weeks ago to check for any infection just in case.


Please have your friend make sure to rest quite a bit, be careful of heavy lifting (again, with a toddler who wants to be picked up this is tough), etc. Contacting their primary care person is a very good idea to find out what they recommend based on her specific history and asking them what she can do to avoid triggering any pre-term labour.


Having a baby in the NICU is no fun, not even for an hour. I wish her the best of luck!!

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Thanks Allison. Sounds like you and my niece (I mistakenly posted friend instead of niece) are due around the same time. Her official due date is Nov 3. She's very worried about having a preemie in the NICU. She was supposed to have seen her doctor this week but I haven't heard anything yet. 


I hope you go full term, or at least long enough to avoid the NICU. Thanks for posting.

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Sahmmie, how is your friend doing? 


About steroids for lung development, I learned at some point (can't remember where unfortunately) that administration of these steroids can trigger a mother's milk to come in too early (something about competing with progesterone, which would normally prevent colostrum from changing over to mature milk). If a mother has her milk come in before the baby is born, and isn't aware of it - or feels it, but doesn't pump, etc. - then she can potentially lose her milk supply. ie, the milk comes in, the mammary tissue senses that there's no baby taking it out, and the tissue starts to shut down. Going days or weeks without pumping at that point could leave her with a chronically low milk supply. 


Milk expression before birth doesn't normally bring on labor, but if a mom is at risk for preterm labor it would be risky. So it seems like it might be wise not to push for the lung steroids until the doctors really seemed to think it was time and necessary...?

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