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Zeetah- What DPO are you? Still hoping for a BFP for you!

Winter- I'm thinking you are at 11DPO today? SO happy for you!!!

Cupcake-How are you doing today?

Starshine Welcome to the 2WW club and good luck!

Update on my 2WW: yesterday I still felt like I had a sinus infection. Felt yucky all day, maybe had a slight fever but felt like I had ice in my veins. Had chills but my skin was hot. Same thing last night. My BBS were really sore after taking my bra off after work. Especially the sides near my underarms. Nipples were very sensitive. I honestly didn't have any other symptoms. BUT, my BBS were really bothering me. On my way to bed I looked at them in the bathroom mirror and I had these really ugly protruding blue veins on my nipples! I've heard that it's a symptom but had never seen them before. This morning my BBS were sore when I first woke up. Then not sore and now they are sore again. Just went to check them out in the mirror and my nipples look huge!

So yesterday when I was just starting to feel out this month, my body's got me all confused again!!! And after telling myself for weeks that I wouldn't take another EPT before 14 DPO.......I just went and bought two! Lol

Good luck and baby dust!!!
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On still waking up feeling bad. It's gets betterduring the day. Had brown spotting last night after dtd. Today bbt dropped ever so slightly and im having sharp pains only lower left side. Nothing else newlol
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hey louloudeer im 12 dpo. af due on Sunday. had waves of nausea today. my boobs still sore and like sensitive under my arm mainly left side but the burning sensation is gone now. have like dull af cramps but not alot or too strong. am very emotional today as well and tired.
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Zeetah- I have definitely had those same cramps. Very dull started on the right side. Didn't notice them yesterday, however today it's kind of my entire lower abdomen. I couldn't really compare them to cramps.....don't really know how to explain it.
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just checked my cervix again. I know its not really a reliable source but there is still some white cm, not alot but some and its still high and soft and I think its closed. it also feel wet down there that I keep thinking its af.
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winter2013:  CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!  I'm totally jealous ;)


So I'm still fairly irritable (who am I kidding?  I'm unbearable) and have been having mild cramps the last hour or so.  AF not due for about a week.  Still having thick creamy white discharge.  So tired of waiting.  I think I need to start charting my symptoms better.  Haven't really kept track of them at all so I'm re-reading posts to find out what everyone's symptoms have been leading up to their BFPs. 

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So sitting here getting my nails done and the smell is making me nauseous! Never happened before. Oceans my Nailsdone for 3.years. Maybe that's a good sign lol
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I'm 5-6 days post o with thick white cm? Implantation related? Too early? Means nothing?
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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMama4-4-10 View Post

I'm 5-6 days post o with thick white cm? Implantation related? Too early? Means nothing?
right there with ya wondering the same exact thing! Anyone recent BFP's that had same thing? Or any BFN's with same thing that indicates it means nothing?
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Thank you everyone for the lovely congrats :joy I still can't quite believe it and have a lot of anxiety, but trying hard not to stress. Didn't sleep too well last night because of over thinking stuff, so just trying to keep calm now and wait and see if it sticks or not.


Really hoping more of you will be joining me in the June Due Date Club when it opens!??!


Still sick but glad this stressful week is over, trying to rest and drink water, boobs still sore more than AF usual -that has been my only consistent pregnancy symptom so far.

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hey ladies
looks like in out. af came like a b*tch with severe heavy cramps and backache but just had one gush if thats the right word of blood and mucus
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oh whats weird is my boobs still sore and on the sides and im nauseous am tired and this morning my cm was whitish and my cervix was so high and soft
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Hello All!  I'm a newbie, but wanted to join this months TWW!  Congrats to the BFPs so far!


I'm 7 DPO, and feeling hopeful this month!   DH had been taking blood pressure meds that affect sperm's ability to fertilize and this cycle he had been off them for at leas 90 days- so I am hoping we got some healthy swimmers this month . 


My 30th B-day is the day AF is due, so it would be an amazing gift :bgbounceto NOT have her show up!


TTC 11 cycles

One Ovary!


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STILL.WAITING. Woke up with a massive headache, but I'm certain it was the wine I had at a bday party last night. Hubby and I had a really great time tho and it was a much needed adult night out. Wasn't going to drink during TWW but I figured it could be my last chance if I am preg. So I decided "screw it....lots of ppl drink before they find out".

Idk if I'm just reading symptoms that aren't there, but I just feel weird and wonder if maybe I am! I'm literally the most cold natured person I know and I've been having hot flashes. Strange twinges in my uterus. No sore boobs tho - but I only had that with my 1st. This would be my 6th pregnancy (3 living children). So I don't read too much into what my boobs are or are not doing.

I don't know how to describe it other than I just feel "off". Hope I'm not just setting myself up for disappointment!

Zeetah: so sorry AF found you. Hate that greensad.gif
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Lady Craig: welcome! I'm also either 7 or 8 DPO (don't chart temps). Praying this is the month for you...and everyone for that matter!
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Wanted to run this by everyone. Thoughts? I am guessing I'm not the only one that sees a BFP then frantically goes back and re-reads every post to follow that persons feelings, symptoms, moods, etc. Maybe the person getting a BFP could recap their experiences from ov leading up to BFP? That way we could see it all in one post? Or maybe there's a thread for this and I just don't know?
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Thanks Rosie2727!  dust.gif Baby dust for you!  


I've been charting like a mad woman because I'm so afraid of being less than fertile with only one ovary left; the charts make me feel better because I know that I ovulated.  I totally respect your adult night out.  We're going to New Orleans next weekend for my big 3-0 and will probably want to have a drink or two.  I have read that it is only going to affect the baby if it has already implanted (no nutrients will be shared until after implantation)...

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Hi all! Been taking a break for a few days! For me its 9 or 10 DPO, I guess I really feel out of it this month. greensad.gif The last few days I've only had a few twinges in my abdomen and slightly sore BBS. Trying not to be bummed.....

So happy to see so many BFP's though!! I know you are so happy! It gives me hope! Good luck and baby dust!
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Sorry everyone, I was out of town and hotel didnt have wifi, but I got a BFP. My Dr called and said my blood test came back positive. I took a hpt the day after I did the blood test and it was negative. Also I think I read that someone started their period, but still had pregnancy symptoms, I have had a few people in my family who had the period for 2 months while they were pregnant. Also the reason I had the blood test done was because I was feeling nauseated, cramping and started spotting brown stuff after the hubs and I dtd.

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zeetah sorry AF arrived for you :Hug


alear  huge congrats to you on the BFP!! :joy


rosie I had more tender boobs than usual for me, from 6 DPO... They got more tender each day until 10DPO I think.  I'm 14 DPO today and they are still as sore. I remember feeling nauseous for about 20 minutes during my morning walks at 5DPO, 6PO and 7DPO too. I don't know if that was a pregnancy symptom or not as I got sick a few days later so maybe it was to do with that. But they were my personal symptoms.

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