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Possibly Diabetic?

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Hello mommas!


I bought myself a blood glucose meter yesterday, as I wanted to start checking my own blood sugars. I was preparing to deny the 1 hour glucose test at my next prenatal (I'm 24 weeks currently). I followed the guidelines on this website:



I am also 24 years old, a healthy weight, and have no family history. I eat primarily paleo/traditional foods and exercise a few times a week.


I woke up and took my fasting level: 75 @ 8:52am

Then I ate some boiled white potatoes (which I never ever eat. Did this on purpose)

1 hour later : 159 @ 9:52am

2 hours later: 71 @10:52am


I saw on Livestrong.com that for the 3 hour glucose test:

"A fasting glucose higher than 95, a one-hour level above 180, a two-hour level over 155 or a three-hour measurement over 140 is diagnostic of gestational diabetes."

Since none of my levels exceeded these guidelines, do you think I'm okay?
Okay so I had a normal lunch at 11:30am. 3 broccoli fritters (pancake-like morsels made from eggs, broccoli, leeks and spinach), and a cup of sauerkraut.
1 hour later: 73 @12:30pm
2 hours later: 69 @1:30pm
3 hours later: 68 @2:30pm
I then had a snack because I was starving! Tortilla chips and some dried mango.
1 hour later: 117 (darn you mango) @ 3:30pm
Any input/knowledge you guys have is so appreciated! :love

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Bumping this for you!

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Thanks for the bump!


I skipped over this part on this website, which is what I used to test myself.


A Special Consideration if You Have Been Eating A Low Carb Diet

If you are currently eating a low carb diet--especially a diet that provies less than 75 g of carbohydrate a day, your post-meal test result will be slightly higher than it would be if you were eating over 150 grams of carbs a day. That is why, if you were going in for an official post-meal test or a glucose tolerance test ordered by your doctor, you would be told that you have to eat 150 grams of carbohydrate during 3 days before your test to get a valid result. However, since this is an informal test you probably don't want to stop your diet for that long. So when you get your result, you can make an informal adjustment to your post-meal test results that will account for the fact that low carbing temporarily raises your post-meal values when you eat an unaccustomed large dose of carbohydrate.

To make this correction, just subtract 10 mg/dl from any post-meal result that is over 140 mg/dl at 2 hours if you are currently low carbing. This is a very rough estimate, but close enough for this kind of home testing.


So that means my 1 hour post meal result, after eating the big bowl of potatoes, would be more around 149. Still over, but not quite as bad.


Any thoughts? I'm going to test myself again tomorrow, but only eat normal meals.

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The guidelines can vary a bit with your source, and the home glucometers easily vary by 10 mg/dL as well. I can get two different numbers from my two meters. So I would not sweat every reading. Overall yours sound good.....awfully low to me, but I dont eat as strict a diet as you.

With my first pregnancy I was diabetic according to the GD test, but as long as I ate very healthy, small portions, low carb (no exceptions!) I was fine. So now I decline the in-office test and just home monitor my entire pregnancy. With your body not being used to that much sugar, I think you are smart to opt out, especially if you plan on eating well.

The 159 post-potato would be similar to my reaction, although mine would stay higher for the 2-hr as well. So it could indicate an issue, but IMHO the bottom line is that if that is not a typical meal for you it doesn't matter anyway. The bonus of declining the formal test if you would have failed it is you avoid being diagnosed and catergorized as high risk even though you are well controlled with diet. My midwife said the test is recommended because most women do not want to test at home, and will not eat well without the motivation of a formal diagnosis :/

I would continue testing as often as you want, and anytime you eat a questionable meal, especially later in your pregnancy.
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I have GD that must be controlled with insulin. This is my second pregnancy and this one is waaaay harder to control. What I would give for your numbers!!! :-) They sound really good. The potato number was high, so that's an indication that your body spikes with potatoes. I would steer clear of them or eat very little of them during your pregnancy, as well as anything else that may be spiking you.

My guidelines are as follows:

Less than 95 fasting
Less than 140 one hour after meals during the day

What week are you? You sounds as if you have nothing to worry about.
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If you're eating paleo, you'll get false high readings. Your body isn't used to processing carbs. If you do go ahead and get the glucose tolerance test, try adding a lot more fruit to your diet in the week before:-)
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@Neycie: Thanks for the input! Yeah, that's exactly why I wanted to bypass the test. But being a first time mom (aka in my case pretty paranoid) I didn't want to NOT test myself, so I'm glad I got the meter! It's actually pretty fascinating how it all works. I didn't know the first thing about insulin a week ago. haha. 


@Dalia: I'm so sorry you are going through that! I am 25 weeks pregnant.


@LucyLucy: Yes, that totally makes sense with my diet. I am going to start eating more fruit and sweet potatoes to get my body used to processing them a bit more easily! 


Thanks everybody! : )

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To be clear, you only need to add more carbs IF you're going to take the test. Otherwise keep eating paleo and low carb. It's a great way to avoid third trimester swelling and discomforts:-)
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