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It's a......

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We don't wait well around here...

Parasite will be our 3rd girl!


I had zero intuition on this one, DH seemed to know right away though. We're totally happy as a family of all girls.

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Yay! Congrats! If you like to sing, you all can form an all-girl family band!! :-D
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Congrats!  We are having a BOY!  My DS came to the ultrasound today and was so excited.  He has been brother-obsessed since we told him a baby was on the way, so I'm surprised he didn't jump up and dance.  We are so excited!

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I guessed it was two boys and then had a weird dream that my Mother-In-Law was telling me to get something for my two daughters. My husband guessed it was two boys (he is from a family of all sons, all male cousins, male nephews, etc) and his family all guessed two boys. On my side of the family, however, everyone said, "A boy and a girl." Since spontaneous fraternal twins are apparently genetically linked through your maternal side -- well, maybe the force was stronger with my folk :)


We're having a boy and a girl. What shenanigans! I can't get over it! Crazy!

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We just found out we're having 2 girls! This is crazy news to us, since DH's family is all boys and we always thought we would only have boys! But now our poor DS is outnumbered... :)

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Psyched to have a boy and a girl join our DD! Can't wait for all the fun family dynamics to come.


Also, on a more shallow note, glad to get to use all of Zoe's things again AND to get all the cool boy stuff that friends and family have to offer. I am thinking about painting the nursery too...I was never wild about the color anyway and its sort of a pinky purple, 

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This one is a boy. Just found out today. It is still kind of sinking in for me. I would have liked another girl, and a chance to hand down all of Amelia's cute little clothes. I'm not sure if we're done after this one or not. But she will get to have a brother. Which I never had, and is pretty cool, I think. Also my husband will no longer be outnumbered. 

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Boy! And I'm shocked. I don't know what to do with a boy. I've been raising a girl for almost 5 years. Yikes.

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To the poster above, that's just how I felt after having my first daughter, and then having a boy. I was terrified, and not at all pleased, by the boy news! But now he is like my most wonderful little soul mate. And my new one is going to be a boy, too!

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Boy!!  Our gender reveal party was awesome!

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