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Eating Healthy

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What're some tips and tricks for eating healthy. I am about 6 weeks along and as soon as I found out I started taking prenatal vitamins ans cut out processed foods.I'm eating things like fruit, stuffed peppers with beans and cheese, chicken, brussel sprouts, almonds and tons of greek yogurt.


I just don't feel like I am eating ENOUGH. I eat when I am hungry, but I always feels like I am hungry, then I don't eat for an hour because I am cooking for dinner. Perhaps I am just paranoid though.

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You might need to try adding some grains. A lot of days where I eat mainly fruit, veggies, nuts, beans, all that, I end up hungry. And for me personally, I don't think I would gain the weight I needed to eating like you do. I'm normally underweight. You seem to be eating really healthy, and you may ask your doctor's opinion on what other things might be good choices for you.


But yeah, have you ever had steel cut oats? Those are very healthy for you, and I attribute my lack of constipation during the first trimester to eating them almost daily. Normal oats are also good, qunioa is also a yummy grain.


I would make sure you eat when you feel hungry. Don't go nuts and stress about it during times when there is nothing you can do, but try to listen to your body as much as possible. I don't know if you've experienced morning sickness yet, but you don't want your tummy to be empty :)

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Thank you so much. Yeah, I need to eat more breads too, and grains in general. I did have some rice the other night when I made chicken Korma :drools: I do like me some quinoa though and will look into steel cut oats. I have a Winco here so those are 2 things ot easily stock up on.


I get queasy every now and then, but no real morning sickness yet. I just eat when that comes on and I am fine.

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