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if you precook dinner... what do you do with it?

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So I made dinner ahead of time, so I wouldn't have to cook tonight, since we will have a busy evening. But ... now what do I do with it? It is still super hot (potatoes, carrots, and chicken breasts all in one pan roasted in the oven)...


Do I take it out, cook it, and put it in the fridge ? (it i now 12:35 pacific time) or can I just leave it in the oven until dinner and then reheat? Is that a no no for food poisoning? 


What do you do?



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Put it in the frig then just reheat!
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Another vote to refrigerate.  I'll sometimes leave a pot of hot soup on a turned-off element, but only if I'll be back before the two-hour rule kicks in.

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the official rule is refrigerate. 


but i dont do it myself. provided its all going to be eaten up tonight with no leftovers. 


though you've probably finished dinner by now. 


i've left cooked eggs and cooked chicken out. a big no no. *shrug" never had a problem. 

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Throw it in the crock pot on low with a little water or broth in the bottom.


Heck, next time cook the whole thing in the crock pot, it sounds like a perfect crock pot meal. 

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I may get banned for this, but I am firmly in the Don't Worry About It camp. :wink I would leave it out, reheat when I got around to it, and never give it a second thought. I often leave a pot of soup or stew out overnight, and reheat it for dinner the next night. I figger boiling will kill anything bad. 

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Hey, this was three days ago!  Forestmushroom, how'd ya do?  Did you spend a night hurling??


With a pan of food fresh out of the oven I'd leave it and enjoy it later. I'm with the others, I don't worry too much.  We're all fine.


But the one time I leave stew out a whole 24 hours would be the time I poison my family. That's just my superstition.


Now I get to poke fun at my dear friend, a brilliant woman with a degree in microbiology.  She gleefully tells of the time she was newly married, and it was her husband's 'turn' to do the dishes. She urged him to pack up the pork chops immediately, he said they were too hot, he'd do it later.  So 2 hours later she took the pork chops and tossed them in the garbage. He was horrified, she was smug. I'm in the horrified camp. What a waste!  I guess I shouldn't be too scornful.  You're supposed to be careful with pork.  But it's all context. She can be a condescending, insufferable know-it-all. Actually, I'm torn, because I can just see it, he's brushing her off, she's pissed because he's not doing what she knows needs to be done, he's the art major, she's the fricking microbiology major, just put the pork chops away already! Sigh. Poor woman. Can't win.


She also never made turkey sandwiches for her kids' lunches, because the turkey could spoil.  huh.gif  I panicked!  I'd been giving my kids turkey sandwiches for years!   duh.gif  It was only a matter of time before I poisoned my kids!  In my mind, yet another instance of my flaky, lackadaisical parenting in contrast to her together, well-planned parenting.  But, but... had my kids ever been sick from my food?  Why, no! No they had not!  Maybe I'm just lucky. I dunno, they're 14 y.o. and 18 y.o.  Aside from not wanting to see another turkey sandwich, ever, they've done okay. 

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I am not a microbiology major, but I play one on TV. (Forgive the dated reference)


Seriously, I have taken a few college courses, and I am a total nerd, microbiology and parasitology being among my favorite subjects. I firmly believe that we are making a big mistake in our current "War on Germs". Humans, and every other animal of course, co-evolved with all the myriad of microscopic life on earth. Not only will overuse of antibiotics and antiseptics kill the good along with the bad, and build resistance in both, but there may be purposes to bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that we don't know about yet.


There is a current hypothesis that the recent rise in auto-immune diseases, asthma and serious allergies could be caused by modern sanitation. The idea is that humans co-evolved with their intestinal parasites. The worms produced a chemical designed to buffer the immune system, allowing them to thrive in the intestines. Our immune systems grew stronger as a response to this interference. Now, without the parasite's chemical contribution as a buffer, we have immune systems on overdrive. The pattern was seen in the US as city plumbing, sanitation, and food storage improved, and is repeating now in developing countries. While I wouldn't advise a home remedy of tapeworms, there are folks (serious scientists) studying just this possibility. 


We have so much to learn about the interdependence and interactions of all life. I think it is OK, even desirable, for kids (and adults) to have plenty of contact with all the local bugs. Day old soup is a fine source.

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this is why I freaking love mdc!  forever and ever...


okay so I did take it and put the glass dish on top of a silicone muffin thingy (cause it was still hot!).


I guess my thing is that it couldn't really cool off that much, and our fridge kinda sucks. but I put it in there... and then took it out to reheat later... .but it is kind of superstitious?



I have a food service background, and typically stick to the 2 hours out of the fridge rule for meat and dairy... but in some cases it makes no sense.


anyway, we were fine! and I should of left it out. LOL

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i do have to say one thing though. if you take microbiology classes there is no way you can get wigged out by germs. i helped a few friends with their flash cards - sheesh. if you delve in that for a semester no wonder you wont leave food out and be a germ freak. 


what is interesting is i have friends from africa. it is really from her that i learnt i could leave cooked chicken out the whole day and it woudl be fine. she was a fellow student too - but in engineering. 

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