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Weekly Chat September 12 - September 20

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I supposed it might be my turn to start a new thread!  :) 


The last thread was so great, everyone sharing absolutely excellent wisdom about body images and perceptions as well as insights into due dates and how we really feel about them - I know personally today marks exactly one month until my due date, so it's certainly on my mind!  :)


Maybe if people want to, they could share what specifically, if anything, they're doing for labor prep?  I personally am drinking Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea (a red raspberry leaf tea with some other yummy additions), about 2 cups daily, and I've started taking 1000mg of evening primrose oil a night.  I'm not trying to induce labor, but I know that the tea is a great uterine strengthener and the EPO will help soften my cervix and prepare it without dilating it, so between the two, I'm hoping to potentially have a shorter labor.  Labor wise, I'm also hunting for good music to take to the hospital with me and buying little things I find at the store like back massagers or tennis balls, things like that.  I should probably pick up my own yoga ball, too.


Anyone else?  Any tips from all you lovely been there, done that mamas for us lost first timers?  Lol.

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Mother nature is more powerful than me.
5th baby, zero labour prep.
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I've been drinking red raspberry leaf tea, but a big part of that is that I've just always done it during pregnancy and find it kind of soothing. Other than that, I've kept up an exercise routine, which could potentially help me in labour, I guess. I don't do much labour prep, honestly. I tend to just go with the flow as far as labour's concerned. DH has done perineal massages on me in past pregnancies. Maybe we'll do them again, I don't know. I'm only 33 weeks. I haven't thought too much about it this time. My pushing stages don't tend to last long (last time was one contraction), so I don't get much time to stretch, but once the urge is there, I can't stop it no matter how hard I try (I learned that in my second birth). I'm with Shiloh! Mother nature is so much more powerful than I am! It might help to stretch out my scar tissue a bit, though, since I got fairly sizeable tears with my first two.
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38 weeks, and I have been taking EPO for the last two weeks. I did with my last pregnancy, and my delivery was extremely smooth. That doesn't mean much, but it's good for you anyway. I don't like red raspberry tea, so none of that. I'm not doing reineal massage because I have hemmrhoids, and do not want my husband looking at THAT!!! There are some things I like to keep private. Lol. This is my 5th one so I'm not too concerned. However, I've never been pregnant this long, and I am a little terrified of a huge baby this time around. My 36-37 weekers all came out between 6lb 2oz - 8lb 13oz and 2 in the 7+ area. And I am bigger this time too....so I'm a little scared. Lol.
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At 37 weeks plus a few days now, Ive been drinking RRL tea as well, a couple mugs a day for my entire pregnancy so far. Im also reading Ina May books non-stop lately, Im completely addicted to "Spiritual Midwifery", highly recommend! Also trying to take time out of my crazy days with a toddler just for myself to gather my thoughts and go over some birth affirmations Ive found very relaxing and encouraging. However the BEST thing thats happened thus far was my beautiful Mothers Blessing my family/friends put together, Ive never felt so empowered before and completely ready for this homebirth and everything it has to offer! Every single pregnant mother deserves one and I plan on helping out other Mama friends in the future to help them feel empowered as well! Ive also put together a birthing alter near where the birthing pool will go, gathering together inspiring pictures, items from nature, beeswax candles, essential oils, my favorite healing stones and my affirmation flag that was made at my blessing. After a very traumatic hospital birth with my son, its been very healing for me already and I havent even got to the best parts yet! Fingers crossed for a healing home/water birth!!!

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Irielyn, I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you to have your healing birth. I would certainly not call my last birth traumatic, but I felt very pushed around last time (my third) and like I had a lot of fighting to do. I still hold a lot of anger about it. I'm hoping for some healing this time around as well.

Abk, You never can tell what size they're going to be. I've had all 38 weekers between 7lbs. 2oz. -9lbs. 1oz. I was pretty much the same size with my 9 pounder and my 8 pounder by the end of my pregnancy. I'm slightly nervous about this baby's size as well since I'm kind of expecting a teeny little (to me) 7 pounder again, but I'm more worried about the fact that I've been so certain I'll have the baby sometime when I'm 38 weeks. I don't know how I'll react if I go past that. It's out of my control. All I know is it's unlikely to happen as I expect it to!
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I started the herbal labor prep pills that the midwife recommended this week, so I'll be taking those until labor, increasing dosage each week. They have a bunch of herbs including RRL. Other than that, not much prep these days. I'm walking more often than before, trying to do 30 mins on the treadmill most days. DH and I should really review the concepts and relaxation techniques we went over in our Bradley classes.


This weekend I'm going to try to do some decorating/organizing of the nursery and make some freezer meals. We have 5 dinners in the freezer right now, but from only 3 recipes, so I need to get some variety in there.

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I've been drinkin RRL tea all along and I'm planning to drink a super concentrated version as soon as I go into labor. Maybe in the hospital parking lot from what I've read.  I'm hoping it helps because my last labor and birth were a little rough. 

I've finally started washing baby clothes. I have some AIO elastic to replace hopefully this week. I've been working away on my baby quilt every day which is really therapeutic and calming for me.  It makes me feel more prepared for this birth somehow even though it's just a blanket and not strictly necessary.  We still have so much to get cleaned up and finished before we're "ready" but I'm trying not to stress too much about it.

DS was big and he was a little crammed in there and it made for a rather difficult decent. I know I can get a nearly 10lb baby out but I'd honestly rather not do it again. So, I've spent a lot of time this pregnancy making peace with the possibility that this baby could be even bigger and that though it'd be nice if they came a bit early I really have no control over it and I know that even if its really hard I can do it.  I also realize I could end up having back labor even if my baby isn't humungous and ascyncltic.  So...

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Oh and I've got a couple weeks worth of freezer meals already but I'd like to make more.  slammerkin, mine are only from like 4-5 recipes so I'd also like to throw a little more variety in there. We'll see if I manage the chicken pot pies I've been planning. Mostly its just been soups/stews though I did get a couple lasagnas into the freezer last week.

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I want to start taking EPO and drinking RRL tea, but can't find it! I might end up ordering some off amazon or something if I can't find it at a store. I've also been staying pretty active by taking walks, and obsessively cleaning my entire house, lol. The other morning, I woke up with the urge to clean the ceiling fans rolleyes.gif I've just been on an insane cleaning and organizing spree! I've been making freezer meals as well, and have a pretty decent stockpile.. probably 17 or 18 meals. 

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Thanks for the compliment from the last thread, soleilmama333.

I'm not preparing except feeding the freezer!

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labor prep-- not doing much except drinking red raspberry leaf tea every day and reading a ton of books and stocking my freezer. I'm going to ask my midwife about taking pn6/5w labor prep herbs next appt on thursday. I really want to, but I want to get her okay first.


I think my baby dropped a little lower yesterday. She was doing all sorts of crazy weird movements, and at first I thought she flipped breech because I couldn't feel her booty right under my ribs, but then I started feeling fluttery movements really low, but the rolling/stronger kicks up high- so I think she's just farther down, because the booty feels like it's right around where my belly button is?? I cant wait for my midwife to palpate to confirm!! 


Anyone else having insomnia?? It's hellish. I dread going to bed. My husband already has insomnia and gets up a zillion times a night, but now I'm getting up on my own to pee/switch position just as many times as he gets up- and sleeping so lightly- that I wake up every time he wakes up, and he wakes up every time I wake up, and combined it's probably 20x a night!! so annoying. 

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I'm not doing much here as far as labor prep. Had another NST appt today and an OB appt. baby is measuring about 7.7lbs. I'm 37 wks, and 50% effaced. Lower back pain has kicked in and hips are sore. Doc told me that they will do a c-section at 39 weeks if I'm up for it. I'm debating, depending on how much bigger this little girl gets.
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Labor Prep... zero. I haven't even done those freezer meals I was planning on. I never ended up taking the classes at the hospital (the lady didn't call me back and I never tried again). I haven't packed a bag. I'm not taking any weird herbs or vitamins. I finally called my insurance company to find out how to add baby to our policy... thats about as much labor prep as I've done.

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Ok, quick husband rant. Does anyone else's husband/sig. other ask them stupid questions like, "wanna meet me and *name a friend* at the bar for happy hour?" .. UM gee, thanks, but no. And then when you say no, he asks why?? WHY DO YOU THINK???! *deeep breath* ok. I'm ok. I love my husband with all my heart, but some moments,I just want to strangle him. This is one of those moments.


Back to your regularly scheduled weekly chat, lol. 

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I want to go to the bar for happy hour!!!!! Miss that!! Lol
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Agreed, Abk! It only got on my nerves because I want to do fun things with him, but he doesn't think about whether or not something is going to be fun for me. 

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My husband does the same thing. Or when we have a friend over to stay for the weekend, they'll buy beer/make mixed drinks and stay up until the wee hours of the morning drinking and playing games while I do middle-of-the-night kid duty and wake up with them at 6 while he sleeps in. I would make him get up early with them after those long nights, but he's such a grumpy gus that it's not fair to the kids. 

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So unfair. I'm trying to be understanding, and let him just do his thing until the baby is here. He's working, and I'm not right now, so I try to cut him some slack. But I'm not going to be ok with it if he gets his time "to unwind" and I'm always left behind after we have our baby. Maybe I'm just being over emotional and hormonal, I don't know. I tell him all the time that it would be nice if he'd make actual plans with me, and he always says that I'm welcome to come do whatever he's doing so it's not like I have to stay behind.. but really, why would I want to go stand around a bar for happy hour? How does that seem like a tempting offer to him? He asked me why I don't want to come to the bar and I just told him, well I look like shit right now, I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant, and bars aren't really fun for me anymore.. He just said sorry, and told me he'd be home later, and thanked me for understanding, and said that he just needs some bar time to unwind sometimes. Blah. Sorry for complaining so much, I hate being a downer! I'm just really frustrated right now.

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Omg...I am so there!! I'm ready to sit at the bar and have crazy mixed shots, roll on my stomach, and love some tequila again. I am so sick of being the sober one!! Sigh..the guys mean well but they just do not understand! Tell them no football for a year and they will cry like babies!! My hubby doesn't understand that it hurts to bend over. Laundry, dishes, feeding dog/cat....ugh. The kids are big helps but there schedule is full with sports and homework.

Plus I'm exhausted and he keeps asking to go to the Maryland ren fest. I'm so not the energizer bunny!!

Ladies, try cranberry juice, apple juice, and some spritz. It's not a Drink but it's close and sort of fun! A bartender friend taught me.
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