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There are mommy and baby groups-- one is at a birth resource center and it's sliding scale $10-20 for an hour and a half... facilitated. The other one is the same deal at a "family friendly" yoga center. I've been to both- the first one no one else showed up and the door was locked, the second one there were 5 other women but I didn't connect with any of them (and they were all about to be due and I was only 28 weeks). I think after baby is born it will be easier to find groups- because it seems lke most of the groups are for moms with little babies- playgroups, breastfeeding circles, and I'm definitely joining the baby bootcamp so i'll meet people there. Definitely a super depressing day today. I spend every day completely alone until my husband comes home. no one calls or texts or ANYTHING anymore. I went out and ran errands, but I was alone. 


I'm also really upset that we still don't have everything we need for the baby. My husbands sister sent the hand me down clothes that she was supposed to send like a month ago. Before I left the house I organized all of the clothes by size and put them in piles in the guest bedroom, clearly marked. There were clothes that were brand new and given to us by his family/friends ... and today we finally get the box in the mail of what is supposed to be all the clothes up to 6 months- and it's just a total jumble of every size from 0-12, NONE of the new stuff we got as gifts, it REEKS of fabric softener/detergent with fragrance, and there are maybe 6 newborn onesies, and half of them are stained. I don't want to seem ungrateful because we really need the help- but I'm SO PISSED my SIL messed everything up. She's really messy and apparently threw a bunch of her sh*t on top of the clothes that I had organized, and this is what happens. ugh. I guess we're just going to put everything on credit cards we need for the baby and go more and more and more into debt. I don't have a freaking diaper pail. 

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Whew, so much going on I can't keep up with it all!!! Full harvest moon tonight and to or row, here's hoping for so e babies for all us 37+ ladies!!!!!!!!!!

I did the DMV and Walmart today . . . If that didn't put me into labor, I just may be pregnant forever, ha! I must have a uterus of steel, no matter how stressed I get, nothing happens . . . Not one of those ladies whose body starts contracting at stress. Good I suppose but I could go for it right now!

We are all set logistically for baby- we have coverage for our two littles figured out, if baby comes before my mom does (on the 26th). Coverage figured out for our boys (we work at a group home for kids with behavior issues). And I've passed the point of nesting, to the point of "my feet are too swollen, who cares what the house looks like," and having to make myself keep up with basics.

Oh the silliness of the end of pregnancy! Just a few weeks and it will all be forgotten in a haze of nursing, snuggling and family bonding!!!!!! We can do this ladies!!!!
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I'm realllly feeling this moon-- in fact I've felt really different every full moon since 6 months hit--- I remember 6.5 months pregnant I was on the beach watching sea turtles hatch under a full moon having crazy constant braxton hicks contractions.... 7.5 months I was really really sick with bronchitis and was almost going into early labor from coughing so much-- and now this one at 8.5 I've been having BH all day, lower back pain, and I definitely feel like baby has dropped-- and I noticed my pubic symphysis is really tender so my hips are starting to spread. oh joy. Maybe she'll be born on a new moon ( which happens to be my birthday). I'm scared to go out in the moonlight and stimulate this further- I totalllllyyy see why ladies have babies on full moons. 

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i just went out to see the moon & got a lot of wiggly baby pains!  full moon & autumn equinox--seems like a good time to be born :p

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Ok so you Mumma's who know about the moon, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, and tonight is a full moon here too, its pouring with rain and I'm wondering if all these tightenings will turn into something more tonight..... I have been eating spicy food all day too, could have something to do with it too. Rather exciting though.

A baby in front of the roaring fire, with the rain coming down outside..... Gives me warm fuzzies. Even without my birthpool.
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yoginimama - :Hug I'm sorry to hear all that. I sounds like those people have been treating you like some of my husbands "friends" have done him. It seems a lot of people only wanted to spend time with him when he drank all the time. Others only call him when they are in a jam. Most people close to our age {mid 20's} still act like they are in high school. I think like you said you will find some groups to join after your little girl is born and make some new friends. I also spend a lot of time at home alone, I spend a lot of that time day dreaming about my baby and journaling.


em - salad dressing, that's cute way to sum it up. I try to joke about the not so funny things in life. My baby is also pushing on my hip. I like that much better then her bruising my rib everyday that's for sure


ciga - I get what your saying about contractions making your chest feel heavy. The ones I really take note of seem to start at my lungs. I think that's why I'm so quick to draw a deep breath in, it feels like the air is being forced out.


I've felt like poop today. My glucose levels have been low, and that makes me feel very sluggish and have some crazy head aches. And feeling like that makes it hard for me to want to eat to get and keep those levels up. I normally enjoy food, but not on days like this. I did very slowly sort through nearly all of our baby clothes. We have limited space so anything bigger then a newborn is going in a short tub to fit under our bed.

I go back to the Dr tomorrow. I wonder what she is going to check this time...

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Oklafarmmama- I hope you feel better! And I hope your doctors appt goes well tomorrow.

Yogini - *hugs* its a hard place to be in, being a sahm takes some real adjustment, and having the time to contemplate everything also can drive you near crazy, adding finances to the mix is often the final straw. Five plus years down the track and I still have days like you are having now. I also have days where having people over just seems overwhelming too, like tonight, we have friends and their kids popping in before we all head to our children's school and I could actually do without the visit, I don't want to have to rush and tidy up or have my kids rooms turned upside down and them get all hyped up just before bedtime. But tonight I have to let it go.

Still a very tight belly.... Might get an early night just in case.
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I'm feeling super crabby today and it's barely past 9am. Ugh.


Midwife appt yesterday was ok. Did the GBS swab and also gave a urine culture because my first sample that they do a quick dip stick test on looked like I might have a UTI. She offered to check my cervix if I wanted, and I said sure, so she did. She said I was about a fingertip dilated. Pretty meaningless, so ::shrug::. She also kindly held her gloved hand up to show me my "cottage cheesy" discharge that might indicate a yeast infection...in front of my husband. duh.gif Like, for reals? Did either of us really need to get that eye-full? He doesn't care, and I know he's probably going to be seeing my poop in a few weeks during labor, but still, ew. Not necessary. And then she forgot to take my blood to recheck my iron levels, and I didn't remember until much later that night. So it'll be a week and a half now before I know whether my levels have improved after my next visit.


I slept on my right hip wrong last night (I mean, is there even a "right" way at this point?...not really) and it's all out of whack today and hurts. Boo.


Little pity party of one going on over here. hopmad.gif


It's ok...I'll probably feel better later. I shall make myself some tea and take a few deep breaths. Hopefully others are having a better day!

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Whew, I feel like I'm behind on everything! I'm sorry a lot of us are feeling down in the dumps :HugIt's hard going through all these changes, and feeling alone! I'm hoping to find a good mommy group after we have our little girl. My close friends all moved out of state recently, so it's been a little strange not having many people to spend time with. The one friend that still lives nearby who I had been close to prior to getting pregnant, and I don't get along anymore. She became a really big know it all about pregnancy/parenting once I got pregnant, and having her tell me what I "should" be doing or how to count my calories, or that I was dumb for thinking about the effects of herbal teas on my baby (she told me there are no dangerous herbs duh.gif and laughed at me for asking) .. it all got to be too much and in the end it really drove me away. Plus, she gossiped to me constantly about her other mom "friends", and basically just talked about how they were doing things wrong and how her way is right. It was just too much. Plus, if she can so freely gossip about those "friends" why should I think she won't gossip about me?? So I'm hoping to meet some new friends, maybe at a breastfeeding group or mommy and me group. 


Slammerkin, I'm sorry your midwife appt wasn't awesome. Showing you and your husband the discharge was totally not needed, ugh! I hope you feel better as the day goes on! 


Danielle, I hope you're doing well and that maybe the tightenings led somewhere!! Bask in the moonlight, haha!


Oklafarm, Feel better soon!! I hate those days where you just feel icky and can't shake it off. I hope your doctor's appt goes well!


You guys are making me want to go soak up the full moon tonight, lol! I'm ready to have this little girl in my arms! I forced sex on my husband last night for the first time in for.e.ver. He was so nervous and my belly really throws him off, but he was ... a good sport. Lol. In the end I'd have to say he enjoyed himself and it wasn't a scarring experience haha. He's so weirded out that our daughter is "right there". But luckily it wasn't too weird for him, so hopefully more sex will help move things along for me! I've also been drinking red raspberry tea and taking evening primrose oil, in hopes of helping things move in the right direction. I have weekly doctor appts, but she won't check me until I'm 39 weeks.. I've been trying to check myself, but I'm terrible at knowing exactly what I'm feeling, or if it's even my cervix that I feel. I've been having tons of contractions recently, some painless, some that hurt. I'm really hoping they're having an effect!

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slammerkin--is it possible that the cottage cheese discharge was actually your cervix shedding?  i have a stubborn cervix & after several nights of convincing labor pains (last pregnancy) the midwife checked my cervix & all it was doing was "shedding" chunky white bits--which was awesome to me because in 3 pregnancies that was the first time i had seen it do anything!


after going out in the full moon last night my baby turned into a werewolf or something.  she would not stop twisting & pushing.  some of it was painful!!  i was barely able to walk around.  i don't know what she was hitting--but it hurt & i had to lie down to stop that pain, but she kept on moving for at least another half hour??  maybe she was packing??


i get a lot of those chest tightening feelings too.  i can breathe just fine, but it feels like when you go over the bump on the roller coaster--last night my face (sinuses?) got tight as well when it was happening.


i was a sahm in a neighborhood of conventional moms who considered me the weird  hippy mom.  then i was the sahm in a co-op (which i thought would be more progressive) where my parenting was constantly called into question for being unconventional.  FINALLY i am a sahm in a progressive liberal neighborhood & it is so much better!!  i am naturally a bit of a loner, but i have always longed for support!  i finally have a taste of that.  i hope it works out for you a bit quicker than it did for me, yoginimomma!

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Hahaha "maybe she was packing" :lol Fingers crossed!

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Em, interesting - never heard of that kind of thing. I wouldn't be surprised if it IS a yeast infection though - I had noticed a bit of tenderness down there lately that I was chalking up to my girly bits not having seen any action in quite some time, lol. She said yeast infections are super common in pregnancy and to try a particular cream for it, so I will do that and see what happens. I've probably only had two yeast infections in my life so it's not something I was really paying attention to or looking out for.


I lol'd at "maybe she was packing" too. Cute visual! My baby's been pretty active too and it's kind of getting uncomfortable and annoying at times. Glad she's healthy and having a good time in there, but ooof!


Dahlia, sounds like that friend became a real PITA. I'd have stopped hanging out with her too. Hopefully we can all connect with some other moms after our babies arrive.

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Yoginimama, so sorry to hear. Here's something peculiar; sometimes when I feel awful it's perfect strangers who say the loveliest things and cheer me up (and of course it can go the other way too!). I've had people come up and say congratulations, when are you due, you look great (even when I don't), etc., while friends are all busy at work or whatever they're up to.


I think it's nearly impossible to go through this alone. That said, even with a support system I have days where I feel completely by myself, which in a way I am, being the only one carrying this baby. With my first pregnancy I took birth classes for homebirth and that's where I really connected with two other women, partly because of the like-mindedness about homebirthing but also just because we were "in the same boat." Your former friends don't sounds like they're the same boat with you. (Mine have mostly changed since having kids.) I sincerely hope you can tap in to your best-match community asap!


I also feel a little crapola these days. Just had a stressful weekend here in Boulder with flooding, though we came out okay. Interesting how it ups everyone's underlying stress levels though; family dynamics were not so good. Now I'm sick with a cough and almost throwing up from it. So fun. Having 1st trimester blood-sugar swings all over again, this time with reflux instead of nausea which is marginally better. Can't believe I have exactly 4 weeks to go; belly is a basketball! At least I wasn't far enough along to give birth during the storms. Whew! Maybe it is just the full moon making me feel rather huge...

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Yogini, I'm sorry things aren't going well for you and that you're so lonely. You could start going to some of these groups when you're pregnant. I started going to LLL during my third pregnancy. I didn't really make any friends, but it wasn't a very active group (they don't even have it in my area anymore).

Dahlia, I wouldn't be able to handle a friend like that either. In a way, I'm lucky because I started having kids years before most of my friends, so I never really had to deal much with their opinions. They come to me for advice which I sometimes feel awkward about because most of them have very different parenting styles than I do. I try not to force my views on them. Hopefully I'm successful.

Em, my baby was super crazy last night too! I hope she was packing! It would mean she hasn't inherited my horrible procrastination habit!

Redheather, I'm sorry to hear about the flooding. I'm glad everyone's okay.
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Sigh. Got sent from the midwife to triage greensad.gif because my blood pressure is 150/93 . . . . Real special way to spend what may be our last "family day" before baby is born! I had a huge crying- freak out with the midwife and the whole drive home to get DH. Thankfully she said it should just be a matter of being sent home with meds to control it. Apparently this little girl is going to be my tricky one . . . Come on little one, mamma just wants to met you!!!! Will post later once I am out of here!
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Wow, looks like everyone is suffering from the full moon!!

Yesterday was the Air Forces 66th anniversary. After days of wining and many attempts/excuses to not go. My husband and I dressed up; he was in his tuxedo and I in my black pregger cocktail dress and heels and we headed into DC for the big dinner! I am exhausted today and amazed I made it through the night and then work today! 37 wks+ 2. It can be done ladies!!

Had my weekly check up today. Nothing too new to report. My NSTs are showing lots of minor contractions so I know everything is gearing up. Doc said she would check my cervix next week and depending on how things are going we might up my c-section date by 1 week. So I would deliver oct 1 instead of the 8th...that is, if she doesn't come naturally!y next NST and ultrasound is tomorrow. Last week baby measured in at 7.7lbs. I'm curious what she will be tomorrow!!
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Ah the moon! Maybe that's why my baby and body are being wacky too. Acelyn has always been active but between her and the contractions sleep is not as restful as I'd like it to be. Tonight it's storming here as well.
My app went very well today. I think I'm close to a normal weight gain now...they quit offering to tell me cuz they think I don't want to put the pounds on, those silly lady's. I've felt much more normal today, no head aches at all! Dr wanted to watch her on the ultrasound for breathing and movement. She was VERY happy. If I popped her out right now the doc wouldn't mind. Lol. She really enjoys her job, and is getting excited for this birth too.
I wish I had asked her to check my cervix this time. The nurse told me after the 36 week check its pretty much up to me. But I've been having contractions all day today. And to my own body it just feels looser down there. I'm not sure if that's just in my head or what. I'd like her to wait a few more days at least, I have some shopping I need to do tomorrow. I'd really like to have more then 1 bra, and a nursing pillow...I've got this feeling she isn't going to wait too much longer tho.
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I started a thread to keep labour and birth stories on as your underachiving comoderator...

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Thanks serafina and graci. I think I'm going to do it at least tentatively. I technically have until the end of oct to get my contracts in so I can always panic and drop out after the baby is born...

I didn't get to see a midwife yesterday, one was out sick and the other was in L&D, but I did see one of the nurses and found out I'm GBS negative! My mom is arriving this Sundayand bringing me this couch I inherited from my great aunt. We've had this super uncomfortable faux couch chair thing all this pregnancy so I am so excited to finally have a comfy place to sit downstairs again where I can actually put my feet up! 37+3 today and once my mom is here I'll feel totally prepared even if I don't have everything ready for the baby. Whatevs, it'll all come together. This morning DH was all "babies have been born in caves and been fine" which is 100% true so I'm not going to stress myself out. We have clean clothes and diapers. We're doing fine
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Great idea Shiloh!! Can't wait to start reading it as it fills up :-)

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