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Em - I am pleased you were able to retrieve your missing garlic, I have to say I really did have a good giggle at that one.


Serafina - Monday is so close! So excited. You must be over the moon to have made it to your edd. :-) And 68 pieces of awesomeness in three weeks is a great achievement.


Abk - I truly couldnt be happier to read that your mom's surgery went well. That is such good news. There is such a special relationship between babies and the elderly, my grandmother was so in love with my children, she had Alzheimers but she had such an intense connection with them there was so much love and life in her eyes when they were together. I am over joyed your grandfather was here to meet your precious wee John.


Shiloh - I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend with your step kids!


Rainy - i am totally with you, where have all those weeks gone, it doesnt feel like i have been pregnant all year, even though we obviously have. Wonderful news that your midwives are happy for you to go to 41 weeks. Yep had to do the swab here too, no idea what "boop" is but im certain you did just fine. :-)


Gracisue - I have to say the supermarket or the shopping mall are two places that make me nervous at the moment, just in case something happens, waters breaking or the like, I definitely dont think i want that many people around when it happens. Glad to hear your contractions have slowed down considerably.


Afm - 37+5 and Saturday evening here, and this little girl is making things pretty uncomfortable. Lots of tightenings so hopefully they are doing what they need too in there as outwardly they are getting a little frustrating. I seem to be nesting in the evening here, making sure everything is nice and tidy before i head to sleep just in case things start in the night. My darling husband is sound asleep with ds1, he is so in need of a holiday working 6days a week is incredibly taxing. I am very ready to meet our wee girl even though my pool isnt here, birthing on dry land is something i havent done before but if i have to of course I will.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends! x

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I spent the first 45 minutes of my last labor at the grocery store (and driving to and from there). I had had my first contraction as we were leaving the house, so I figured I had time to get the last-minute things we needed. Contractions were coming every three minutes in the store (he ended up being born a little more than an hour later), and I can remember two things clearly.

First, I had been planning to cook salmon with a balsamic reduction when we got home, and at some point I waddled way over to the seafood counter and told my husband loudly, "Just buy the salmon pinwheels. I am not cooking ANYTHING tonight!" Then I told him we were done shopping.

On our way out, the register ran out of receipt tape (contraction, contraction), and as they were messing around trying to get the machine filled, I said in the most exasperated voice I've ever used, "I REALLY don't care about getting a receipt right now."

Looking back, I guess my husband was the only one with a clue as to how quickly things were moving. I'm sure everyone else in the store just thought I was a tired, pregnant woman. 

On the positive side, my water didn't break there. For some reason, the potential for that never crossed my mind. 

So yeah, laboring in the grocery store is probably one of the least pleasant and least private places to be. But if that does manage to happen to you, take a tip from me and use the cart handle as leverage. I was leaning on that sucker like a birthing bar.

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Originally Posted by rainydaycraft View Post 

Did anyone else get to do the group B strep swab themselves?  I had to do mine today at the office, and I have no idea if I did it right or not.  The midwife's exact words were, "down your labia, over the perineum, and a little boop around the rectum".  What is a 'boop'?  So scientific.  :P  I did the best I could, I dunno.  Good enough.  Lol.

I had the doctor do it a few weeks ago.


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So do you need special paint?
I have a pair of maryjanes I love but look so so loved smile.gif  

There are paints especially for leather, yeah.  You have to scrub the item with acetone first, then sand it down with fine sandpaper, and the paint with a brush or spray paint.  http://www.shoecaresupplies.com/Shoe_Dye_p/meltonian-spray-paint.htm  and  http://www.jacquardproducts.com/lumiere.html  are highly recommended.  It's permanent if you do the acetone wipe and sandpaper scrub to prep the leather and open up the grain to take the leather (has to be smooth, no suede or nubuck).  I afterwards add a leather care cream to condition the fabric, and then a waterproofing spray for shoes/boots, just because we get a lot of rain in autumn.


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Serafina-- go out in the moonlight!!! full moons bring on babies. Also-- have you heard of the brand Anuschka? it's a popular purse/walletaccessory line and it's all really pretty painted leather similar to what you're selling- it's priced pretty high and people who like it are obsessed with it- so you just might be surprised at what sells! 


No full moon around here that I have noticed, but I haven't really been looking.


Anushka leather is so pretty but you have to be an artist to paint designs like that!  I'm lucky if I can do a colorblock look.  I'm so not able to draw/paint nice looking pictures with any medium!  I wish.



I guess the used/upcycled shoe market isn't huge but I don't really mind if I keep all these shoes and boots for myself and baby girl or give some away to friends.  It would be cool if the bags started selling but then again I have a major handbag obsession and could happily keep them all or give them away to friends.  I just liked the 'makeover' process and making things pretty.

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Maine Mama, that sounds like an experience I'd certainly like to avoid! I've never been too nervous about my water breaking in public. I always assume I'll have contractions first (which is weird because my second labour started with PROM). I absolutely would be nervous about making it home in time, though. In my second labour, by the time things actually got painful, I had a baby about half an hour later...maybe 45 minutes. In my third labour, I had two contractions that I would call painful. They were fast labours and I spent more than half of them in denial of the fact that I was actually in labour. The only reason I called my midwife (and she made it in time) for my second birth was because my water had broken. Where I live, you have to drive everywhere. I don't go out in public much toward the end of pregnancy! I'm probably worrying for nothing, but I can't help it.
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I'm so scared of my water breaking in public too!! 


Danielle, I'm pretty darn uncomfortable too today. I woke up feeling nauseous and crampy, and now I'm having contractions, which is pretty normal, but I also keep having shooting pains in my lower back and pinching in my cervix (I'm assuming it's my cervix, it's way up there haha). Not a clue what my body is doing, which is the norm these days I guess. I hope you managed to get some rest last night! 

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REFLUX is such a bitch.  I can't lay down at all.



So here is the baby stuff area in the bedroom, where there are her clothes in bigger sizes in the clear boxes to the left, and in the white thing with four drawers are her newborn sized items for dressing.




Now here is in our laundry room, where I'll change her next to the utility sink, using the sink to dangle her toushy under the water to clean, then onto the changing pad with the dangling smiley face thing over her face, to do diaper changes.  You see we have two washing machines, one just for cloth diapers, and the rest for everything non-poopy.  The second washing machine will also serve as diaper pail when it's not running. I guess we'll put dirty diapers in the bottom of that deep utility sink when it is running.  Luckily the second washing machine also dries stuff, so I don't have to transfer the diapers to the drying closet which takes ages to dry things anyway.  Those stacks of diapers are a bunch of bamboo flats, a ton of doublers, and then lots of diapers and covers in too big sizes.  Her newborn sized diapers are all in the diaper bag waiting to go with us to the hospital!


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I love your set up for cloth diapering!

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As an American, it felt weird to wash a poopy baby butt under a facet instead of with wipes, but I came around and now ten years later I totally hate wiping messes with cloth OR sposie wipes, much prefer hanging baby over one arm an getting naked bum and legs under water flow and using free hand to swish bottom clean. I guess I'm not squeamish about baby poop! It's just SO much faster for me now than with wipes, especially if the sink is deep and handy, like my chosen spot. I have had newborns who hated changes so the sooner it's over the better.
I plan to run the diaper machine nearly every day!
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I love the idea of having an area right beside the sink to change diapers! I'm not terribly squeamish about baby poop either. When it's a big poop or one that's difficult to clean with wipes, I tend to take them to the bath tub to wash them off. Unfortunately, I really have no place where that kind of a set up would work. It sounds great, though! I've got to say, I'm a little jealous of your laundry room, too. I can't fit two people in my laundry room let alone two washing machines! I get a little claustrophobic in there.
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Oh, man, I wish my laundry room was big enough to set up a changing area.  I don't even have room for a sink in there - it's also the room that connects the garage with the back door, so it's more of an entryway than anything else.  I'm still working out right now how to set up a drying rack for diaper covers - I'm not sure whether I'll be able to hang them from hooks or clips or whether I'll need to set up an actual rack on top of the machine.  It's great having a house, but sometimes just how tiny this thing is gets to me.  :/

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Rainy, there's no sink in mine either. I have to set up a drying rack in my dining room and my house isn't small. There was just no thought given to the laundry room.
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Dahlia - I hope you have managed to find some way of being a little more comfortable. Its a gorgeous day here today and i'll be 38 weeks tomorrow I could happily have this baby girl now, I think she may take some coaxing out though....


Serafina - Reflux is pretty awful, i have never had to before in my life until this pregnancy and its n.a.s.t.y! Sleeping propped up is the only way ive been able to deal with it. I love your laundry room set up! I have a laundry room finally, it has a spare toilet in it too which is helpful.  Still need to work on setting it up though. Shelving and the like would be very helpful.


Today is Sunday here, and even after a terrific storm last night its a lovely day, dh is sorting out the downstairs rumpus room, he wants to turn it into a man cave/area where the kids can go to play. There was a heck of lot of general crap down there from the move that just didnt have anywhere else to go, nor did we have time to sort it. So he's down there now going through things and finding it a home. I tried to help, but to be honest its insanely overwhelming and i just didnt know where to start or how to help so here I am. I did go and buy awesome stackable storage containers so hopefully they are super helpful even though im not. 37+6 only 15days until my edd. But very ready to have this little girl.

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35 weeks and all the sudden I am soooo cranky. Mostly toward my kids. Any slight bickering between them drives me completely over the edge. Yesterday I freaked because my son pushed my daughter (it wasnt even hard and she was practically asking for it) and today I freaked out again because my son woke me up early to tell me she was "bothering" him. Both situations usually would have been so minor but they completely made me crazy. My back hurts. I hate how slow I've become. I feel like a sloth. It takes like 3 minutes for me to get out of a chair. I guess I should be happy I was so blissful for so long...
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Danielle, I'm glad to hear you've had such a pretty day there! I love the day after a good rain storm, it's always so nice out! We have a room in our house that just holds all of our random crap that we don't have a specific place for, too. I'd be overwhelmed if I tried to organize it right now as well! I've pretty much had the sharp pains in my back/sides all day, along with sporadic contractions and the pinching in my cervix area. And a little less than 10 mins ago I had a real honest to goodness contraction, so we'll see if it continues like this tonight. I can't decide if I want to lay down and try to sleep, or stay up and see how I feel. 

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Aw Superbeans, it really does get more frustrating the farther along you are. Hugs! 

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Massive hugs Superbeans it is hard when your really not feeling your usual self to be tolerant and patient.


Wow Dahlia that sounds exciting, the pinching in the cervix is driving me a bit mental, it makes me think eeek is there a little hand trying to escape out of there?! or is this it. Today would be perfect for a baby dh is home from work so anytime between now and 5am tomorrow works for me as then i absolutely dont have to worry about him being away at work and sorting getting him home in time.

I have hit the wall in terms of organising our bedroom too, i have piles of pre-pregnancy clothes all washed and folded but not really anywhere to put them or the knowledge of when they will be worn again so they are just sitting there staring at me, making me grumpy that its not easier to deal with them. I may try and be brave and sort them this afternoon. But thats just a maybe....

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Dahlia, I'd try to get some sleep if I were you. If it's the real deal, you're going to want to have rested! I understand wanting to stay up, though. It's exciting!

Superbeans, I've also been very impatient with my kids. It seems like all the older two do is rough house and I can't deal with it. Luckily, things should go back to normal pretty soon, but it's difficult for sure.

DH and I were able to get quite a few things scratched off of our to do list today! It took a lot of effort on my part because I was absolutely exhausted today, but I'm feeling a little better about all the things that still need doing. It's nice to finally see the list shrinking!
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Well done Grasisue on shrinking your list of things to do! Especially while being so exhausted. I hope you are able to get a good nights rest now! :-)

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superbeans--oh i get super cranky too!  i tell myself that i'm instilling a healthy fear of pregnant women in my sons--but yah, i am not dealing with them very well!  i keep saying things like, "i'm pregnant--you'll never know what that's like!"  they had the nerve to complain that their feet hurt the other day.  ha! some days i cope better than others. 


i feel so so so heavy!  my pubic bones ache with all the pressure!  getting up & down is a workout.  getting dressed is a workout.  bleah.  i'm 38 & a half weeks & all i've had is half-hearted cramping/contractions.  i know i'm prepared to go to 42 weeks as i have done in the past, but i really don't want to....  & then it will take me 4 hours to run a few errands with 3 kids & i'll realize that soon i will have a newborn in the mix, & i think maybe i could stay pregnant longer....


tomorrow is the autumn equinox...& monday the sun enters libra....

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I should be asleep, but the combination of a late afternoon rest and an insanely wriggly baby have made that impossible..... Thank goodness for Pinterest and iBooks.
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