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Well, I'm still pregnant. Lol. I did end up going to bed, and woke up a few times with contractions, but nothing frequent enough to pay too much attention to. Still crampy this morning though. Humph. Oh well, I know the likelihood of me going into labor before 40 weeks is slim. But a gal can dream, right? :eyesroll It's the first day of fall, and it's supposed to be a nice cool day. I'm thinking a nice long walk would be good! 


Graci, good for you for getting a bunch of your to-do list done! It's hard when all you want to do is rest! 


Em, I feel your pain!! My pubic bone feels like it is trying to split in half. I hope you don't have to wait 42 weeks! 

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Sounds like we're all reaching that stage of being super uncomfortable. Everything is a huge effort. Blah. Stay strong ladies. We're all suffering together!


I did 4 loads of baby laundry yesterday, yikes! This child has so many clothes already it's ridiculous. At least it's not all newborn - there's a lot of 3-6 and some 6-9 months, so we'll be good on the clothes front for quite a while.


I still need to get a few more things for the nursery but at least the furniture is all set up and I can just start putting things away. 


Today marks three years since my DH moved to America to marry me, so I have a few little presents set out with flowers and a card for when he wakes up. Hope he likes it! 

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Danielle, I'm glad to hear you've had such a pretty day there! I love the day after a good rain storm, it's always so nice out! We have a room in our house that just holds all of our random crap that we don't have a specific place for, too. I'd be overwhelmed if I tried to organize it right now as well! I've pretty much had the sharp pains in my back/sides all day, along with sporadic contractions and the pinching in my cervix area. And a little less than 10 mins ago I had a real honest to goodness contraction, so we'll see if it continues like this tonight. I can't decide if I want to lay down and try to sleep, or stay up and see how I feel. 

It must be something in the air. I was having contractions all last night. Pretty much any time I moved. I don't think I could say any of them were the real deal type contractions but I still had to stop and breathe through them. Crickey! My mom told me yesterday that she'll be coming a few days later than planned so all I could think all last night was please please please don't be real! Today it's just been more like constant regular Braxton hicks.
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35 weeks and all the sudden I am soooo cranky. Mostly toward my kids. Any slight bickering between them drives me completely over the edge. Yesterday I freaked because my son pushed my daughter (it wasnt even hard and she was practically asking for it) and today I freaked out again because my son woke me up early to tell me she was "bothering" him. Both situations usually would have been so minor but they completely made me crazy. My back hurts. I hate how slow I've become. I feel like a sloth. It takes like 3 minutes for me to get out of a chair. I guess I should be happy I was so blissful for so long...

Super beans I totally feel you with the lack of patience. I feel terrible but thing DS does that usually slide off my back are driving me crazy. I can't imagine how I would be if I had two bickering at each other.

I was really looking forward to going to this big fair today but as we were getting ready this morning the thunder started and the sky just opened up so we decided to wait on leaving. Walking around all morning in the rain and dealing with DS getting soaked just didn't sound appealing. It also doesnt help that the braxton hicks won't stop. Maybe we'll try to re-motivate after lunch.
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Slammerkin, I hope your DH liked his surprise!

Ciga, sorry the weather ruined your plans. Hopefully you'll still get a chance to make it to the fair.

Afm, it's another morning of regular, uncomfortable contractions. I was pretty close to calling my midwife because they were making me feel nauseous, which I've only felt during labour before (contractions making me nauseous, I mean). I'm pretty convinced now that it's not the real thing, which I'm happy about. I still want her to stay in until I'm 37 weeks. I did just remember, however, that my midwife considers my EDD to be a couple of days earlier than I do, so I as long as I make it to two weeks from yesterday (instead of two weeks from tomorrow), we're good. I had a lot of these days of fake labour toward the end last time. When the real thing came, it was a super easy labour. I'm hoping that will be the case again! So frustrating to not be able to do much again today, though.
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I counted wrong and I thought tomorrow was my EDD but it's tuesday.  I wanted to cry.  Then I found a small fracture in my favorite piece of (handmade by my mother) pottery and I did weep.  I'm just losing my mind with this discomfort and not feeling like I can do anything but groan and moan at every stretch this girlie makes inside me.  She's driving me batty.

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Way uncomfortable! This may be odd but my current favorite position is on the couch sitting butterfly style with my feet together. All I can figure is that it widens my hips so that I am more comfortable with baby. I feel as if she is engaged as she can get with out me being in labor! I so agree!! Bending down hurts, sitting down or kneeling and getting back up is horrible and makes me winded! In my house I am protesting. I refuse to cook until all the dishes - ladies I mean the ones that have to get washed by hand too - are done!! So far there are pots in the sink from last Sunday night. I am beyond livid at my family! Not like they are in capable 9, 11, and a 15 yr old.

I'm thrilled that I made it through today my DD turns 11 on Oct 4. We scheduled her birthday party today, before her soccer game and pictures. WoHo! Birthday party accomplished and they won their game 6-0. Now if I could get something worked out for the Girls on the Run (GOTR) team I coach...sigh. Practices start tomorrow. grrrrr it is really the last thing I have to stress over!

My DH put together the bassinet last night. Never thought that would make me so happy. Now he needs to put together the bouncy seat/swing. Unless there is something I have completely forgotten, purchasing a stroller car seat is the last item on our list. Sigh...and one of the most important ones.

I have a baby bag packed and in the truck along with a hospital bag for me.

I was lucky enough to get all my fall and Halloween decorations up in the house last weekend. DH and DD are putting the stuff up in the yard now. How is everyone else coming with decorating? I was worried I wouldn't get everything up in time.
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Lol they just sent me a pic of their work outside, had to share.
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We put up a few Halloween decorations that my mom picked out for my boys. My oldest loves Halloween, so I let him start decorating a little early.


A few weeks ago we noticed that an enormous vine of gourds had grown out of our compost pile, and we now have between 30 and 40 eggplant-shaped yellow gourds to use up. My sister suggested painting them like Minions from Despicable Me and putting them out on the lawn. That sounds like too much work to me right now, but my husband liked the idea and wants to try it.

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I love the Halloween decorations Cindy-lu! So much fun :) Maine Mama, you could also just use them as some kind of decor, maybe in a centerpiece? Or tell your husband to have fun painting them without you lol. 


Serafina, just look at is as an extra day that you have the chance of having the baby early! 


Graci, I hope you're feeling better and that your contractions calmed down. Keep that baby cookin' for a few more weeks :) 


Ciga, I hope your day turned out to be fun, and that the weather cleared up for you! 


Slammerkin, I hope your husband enjoyed the little gifts you surprised him with! 


AFM, pretty much feeling the same as the past few days. It's a little annoying, but it does give me hope that maybe these contractions are doing some work. I've noticed a little more discharge today, which is new. And still lots of contractions, just nothing regular. I took a long walk with my husband and our dog this morning, even if it doesn't help labor get going it was nice to be out enjoying the cool fall weather! 

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Looks like I have tentative induction date for the 11th!!!!!!
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Exciting to have a date in mind Shiloh!


DH enjoyed his little gifts. He didn't even get what they were for at first, lol.


We were cuddling in bed last night (doesn't happen often with his work schedule) and he's apparently feeling anxious about the birth and just can't wait for it to be a month from now and for the baby to be here. Poor guy. He said he feels like he's been in a holding pattern for weeks. I've noticed he's been a bit "off" lately, so I guess that's what's been eating at him. It makes me a little anxious to have him be anxious. Ahhh. I keep worrying about something going wrong and I'm actually more worried about how he would handle it than myself. Like if something went wrong that might have been avoided, or more quickly treated if we were in a hospital, I'd blame myself for his pain in that case. This is a tough mental state for me to be in because I don't really wanna talk to him about it and worry him or myself more. Ugh.


Good news is my GBS and urine cultures came back negative.

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Baby coming early is not happening.  Unless she arrives in the next hour, she's either on time or late.  

I'm trying not to be a total grump but I am.  


I did make a new friend today. Another foreign woman around here, yay!  She's close in age and six months pregnant and I really hit it off with her, very sweet.  Funny story about how I found her.  I searched etsy for other shops in my area, and found an etsy shop in the same city and sent her a convo. That was two days ago and today we spent four hours today prowling flea markets and having coffee.  Lovely!

So, even if my etsy shop isn't a success, making a new gal pal is quite a big acheivement.  I only have 3 girlfriends in this city so increasing to 4 would already be a huge jump. 

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Sorry your baby didn't cooperate and make her entrance (exit?) yet Serafina.. But yay for making a new friend!


Slammerkin, I'm sorry you're stressed, and that your dh is so nervous! I'm sure my husband is a nervous wreck too, even though we'll be at the hospital. I think it's totally natural and normal to feel some anxiety and to have "what if's" cross your mind. :Hug It'll be ok! 


Shiloh, woo hoo for a possible date! 


I'm getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal tired of these contractions going nowhere. So frustrating! 

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dahlia- i second that! I have spent the past few days having contractions and its annoying. Its hard to imagine going another 2+ weeks with the baby this low and having this many contractions on a daily basis.  I'm almost scared to have my midwife check me onThursday because I'd hate to be told that nothing had progressed with all this discomfort.


serafina- I'm crossing my finger for you that she decides to arrive before the hour is up.  That is pretty awesome about meeting a new friend. Way to be proactive. I should probably do that...


slammerkin- woohoo! on the GBS test!.  At least its one less thing to hold anxiety about.  I'm sorry you guys are so stressed.  My stress about the birth is a little different.  My DH is very very pro homebirth and I'm the one who insisted on a hospital this time (mainly because we live so far from the hospital).  Last time around we went to a small birth center that was very close to the hospital but we've moved back to Maine since then.  He is very mistrustful of hospitals and western medicine in general so I'm little worried about how he'll feel when we're there and how he'll react if anything goes wrong. Fortunately we've hired an awesome doula to help keep both of us focused and calm.  I'm kind of counting on her to keep him from getting worried and overwhelmed in the event that I do require any unforeseen interventions.


afm- I actually took DS for a real walk today.  I've kind of been avoiding walks from our house because no matter which way we go there is a crazy hill and my hips have been killing me. I was totally exhausted afterwards but it felt good to be outside in this beautiful Fall weather. I absolutely LOVE the Fall!  It is by far my favorite season. So, I've decided to take DS on as many fun outdoors adventures as possible before the baby comes. I'm basically going to take us on every "Easy" hike midcoast Maine has to offer.   No hills...I'm all over it!

I'm going to go make some brownies now!


Does anyone know what the average fetal weight gain in the last few weeks of pregnancy might be? I realize its probably different for every baby but I'm just curious how much this kiddo could potentially pack on in the next couple weeks if I eat all the brownies and cheese I'm craving.

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Ciga, I'm right there with you! I'm so scared to be checked at my 39 week appt and be told no progress. Ugh. I'm just so uncomfortable. Your walk sounds like it was nice! I've been doing the same thing to enjoy the beautiful weather! I'm not sure what the average fetal weight gain is at this point.. I would love to know what this little girl weighs too! 

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Is anyone else having an issue with well meaning people asking you things like "when are you gonna push that out?", or, "have you had the baby yet?", or another favorite "go time?".. My best friend actually just said the last one to me, as though I wouldn't tell her if I went into labor. She means well, but given how frustrated I feel with all these stupid contractions, it's just not funny to me. She asked me yesterday too if I was at the hospital yet. I'm like omg you have to stop. My old (tactless, idiot) roommate asked me when I'm gonna push that out earlier today too. Ughhhhhh I don't even know what to say to that. 

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Average gain 1oz a day I was told.
Oh yes "are you due now" "don't have the baby here" (my banker) "are you having twins" I only gained 11lbs in 3rd trimester...sigh I think its because smart 9 month preg women stay home
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Sounds like we are all at the point where meeting our babies is at the forefront of our thoughts, I feel like c.r.a.p tired and sore, I have a blocked ear and my back is killing me. And the acid reflux is making me nauseous. Total pity party here sorry ladies. I have a midwives appointment in three hours, my belly is still quite high so I am doubting this girl is anymore engaged than she was last week.
To top it off dh is having a hard time at work and can't wait to take time off for baby, but in the meantime is being a complete slob and not lying a round the house at all :-(
Dahlia, every person I come across asks when I'm due, I am clearly at the stage of looking huge and they look nervous about me being out and about. I may skip grocery shopping this morning just because I don't need my mood getting anymore flat.
The thought of this lasting much longer makes me want to cry. Curl up in bed and sob.
Right off to build a fire and then clean up the horrid mess my husband has left me with. :-(
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For the past couple months I haven't been able to leave my house without "well meaning" comments from everyone I come in contact with. At least now I can actually say that it's any day now instead of having to be like "no I still have 1-2 months" and getting more horrid comments. I get the twins one every time. I used to smile and say no. I don't even remotely smile anymore. I was actually thinking today that I'm going to start reprimanding people for those dumb comments. Of course, it would just make me look unhinged rather than making them rethink how they talk to pregnant women.
I have had a couple strangers make the "any day now" comment and then just give me words of encouragement which has actually been nice.
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Oh Danielle, I'm sorry your feeling so down and sick. We'll all get through this. The end of pregnancy is definitely not pretty though.
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