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I'm getting sick of all these contractions too, but I can't even have my baby for at least a couple of weeks! Today hasn't been too bad, but it was ALL DAY yesterday. I'm so sorry for those of you who are frustrated and getting those comments. I honestly only spoke to anyone the last two weeks of my first pregnancy if I absolutely had to. I spent most of those two weeks on my couch, sleeping, ignoring the phone. Totally wish we all had that option. I certainly don't anymore!
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For some reason people think they have some right to say inappropriate things to us pregnant woman, I am super sensitive, especially today, I even hate the comment "oh you'll have your hands full won't you!" It frustrates me no end. Do they not realise we live in a society where woman have (practically have) equal rights and our husbands respect us and we make choices together. Including about the number of children we choose to bear.
I have just built a fire, which is going beautifully, it must've known I didn't need the bother of it going out a million times this morning. Time to open some curtains and sort the kitchen, I should probably see if the two pots where I burnt copious amounts of rice last night are salvageable.

What does everyone have planned for this week!?

It's my eldest sons last week of term, before a two week holiday, so we have a mufti day tomorrow, then a sausage sizzle on Friday. I need to sort m.i.l's birthday present and we need to collect our birthpool.
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I'm getting 1 cntx like every hour or less but not usually more than 2 an hour. I'm ignoring them.

This week my plans are to keep my sanity.
But that's not going to happen so
1. Wash baby clothes and set up stuff
2. Wrap up work second last big meeting on 30th, last one I might do a conference call.
3. Labour/birth prep - make list of people to inform etc
4. Canadian thanksgiving prep - my parents and ALL the kids will be here 2 days after my induction. So that's atleast 12 people for turkey and staying the weekend...Yeah!
I aint cooking. I will buy the groceries.
5. Trying my new mantra - dads not an inconsideratejerk he just has no vagina.
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Pretty much the same here Shiloh. My husband always asks if I'm timing them, and I just get frustrated and tell him there's no point. Just very frustrating. 


Danielle, talk about inappropriate- I've had 2 people in the last 2 weeks ask me if I've dilated at all!! And they were total strangers. Cashiers. I don't understand how that seems like an ok thing to ask! So personal! Another pet peeve is when people tell me to get sleep while I can. It's so negative. As if having a baby is all about the lack of sleep and that's all there is to it. How about the happiness and love involved in having a baby?? Grr. Oh, and my mom asks me weekly how much weight I've gained (she wants me to gain more even though my doctor has no problem with what the scale says), and this weekend asked me if I've gotten any stretch marks. I don't know why people ask that, it's rude! Sorry, little bit of a rant haha. It sounds like a busy and hopefully fun week for you! Sausage sizzle sounds yummy!


Graci, I'm sorry you're having so many contractions and still have to wait a few weeks to be full term. Hopefully it'll mean you won't have to wait much past 37 weeks! I seriously wish I could just go hide in a cave until it's time for me to have this baby. I'm tired of people saying stupid things lol. 


Ohh well, 38 weeks today, so that's good! I was so zen through this whole pregnancy up until now, and I'm losing my mind! Maybe I'll start reading a new book, or start the Harry Potter series again (nerd alert) to pass the time and take my mind off of these contractions. Fingers crossed for all of us full term ladies to meet our sweet little babies soon! (fingers crossed for you too, graci, that your contractions chill out and give you a break!) 

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Dahlia, it is absolutely ridiculous that anyone, let alone strangers, have asked if you're dilating! That's way beyond anything I've ever dealt with. I guess I'll consider myself lucky! Although, I agree with you, Danielle, I hate "you'll have your hands full", too. I just say "yep". Or when people ask "So, you're done after this, right?". I plan to be, but that's really my business...mine and DH's. My mom asks about my weight gain a lot, too. She's worried that I'm not gaining enough. I am. I do understand her worry. My sister's dealt with anorexia off and on for about 20 years. It gets annoying, though.

Thank you, Dahlia. I had DS1 at 38+4 and both DS2 and 3 at 38+2. I've spent my whole pregnancy expecting not to make it to 39 weeks, but I'm starting to worry now that since I've been so sure about it, I'll go longer. It's not the end of the world if I do, but it gets so frustrating for so many of us at the end! The only thing I know for sure is not one of us will be pregnant forever...of course, it still feels like we will be sometimes!

Shiloh, I certainly don't envy you hosting a bunch of people right after having a baby! I have no idea if I have any plans for thanksgiving. I should probably find out. A big part of me hopes I'll just have the baby then, so I don't have to deal with the people. I'm extremely antisocial at the end of pregnancy!

This week, the plan's just to plow through my to-do list. We're making progress every day. Other than the painting DH plans to do in the bathroom, none of them are big jobs...I'm just tired and when I have entire days of contractions, I take it easy since I'm still pre-term. Some very good news, I'm finally nit free! Everyone else has been for days, but now we all are! So exciting to be rid of those stupid lice!
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Yay for being nit-free, Graci! That's great news! I bet you're so relieved! Yeahh, that questions about whether I'm dilating are just so.... what the hell? It caught me off guard both times and I know I stared at them for a few seconds before responding that I don't know. The "are you done after this" question is so rude too, although this is my first so I haven't encountered that. It's just so judgmental! My sister has struggled with anorexia/bulimia for pretty much as long as I can remember too, so I know she's probably just worried. Still gets a little tiring to hear it all the time though! 

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I tried to do a public service the other day with a FB post saying "It'll be nice when the size and shape of my body is no longer an acceptable topic of public comment and discussion." I doubt it did much good, but maybe one person will think before they say stupid shit to a pregnant woman. I'm sick of being told I look like I'm going to explode, or that I just "keep getting bigger and bigger". And I don't even get THAT many comments to be fair. But seriously. If you wouldn't comment on someone's body when they're not pregnant, you shouldn't when they are. I think I would go apeshit on someone if they asked me if I was dilating! Holy crap. At least I don't have strangers in public saying stupid things to me. I must have a "don't talk to me" face going on. It's only a few people at work. 


I haven't had any real or painful contractions yet, but I am getting more BH. Did anyone else's BH seem kind of half-assed? lol. It's only the middle and right side of my belly that's getting hard during them. The left side stays soft. What's with the lazy side to my uterus?! I know her body hangs out on the left, so I'm not just mistaking her body for BH. I hope my uterus gets its act together in the end!

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I don't think I could handle hosting anyone other than my parents and the kids. But since this little girl is our 8th child every big family meal is like a holiday meal...I have bets we would blow $100 a McDonalds on dinner but I'm not about to find out!
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Maybe I need to work on making myself less approachable looking. I'm getting tired of people saying stupid shit to me! I hope your psa works, Slammerkin! I'm going to start directing people to this site: http://haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com/


Not gonna lie, Shiloh, $100 of mcdonalds doesn't sound half bad right now. 

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There'd be icecream, apple pie....
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Slammerkin, was it you who said you move like a sloth? That cracked me up. Me too.
I'm with most of the rest of you. Impatient, grumpy, full of contractions and being driven nuts by comments from strangers.
I do think that my pleading in my miserable state has finally gotten DH to agree to a vasectomy after this circus is over.redface.gif
I'm eating waaaayyyy too much ice cream and fretting about the size of this baby, which I realize is the opposite of helpful but I can't seem to stop doing either one. I saw a new mom in a restaurant this weekend and since she was giving me friendly looks I asked her how big and old her newborn was, feeling like mine were never that small. I was right-- though 3 weeks old her baby was still an ounce below my DD's birth weight (7 lbs 4 oz) and 2 pounds below my DS's. It was kind of a funny moment when I realized the baby still stuck inside of me grinding her head on my cervix night and day probably actually is bigger already than the little cutie in that woman's lap. Sigh...
And I'm totally drooling over babies. I love newborns and will not have more. I'm pouring over other moms' Facebook baby photos like it's baby porn. Lol. I'm a junkie. I paw over her clothes and cloth diapers and I imagine her wearing all these booties. Pathetic! wink1.gif trying to be patient but definitely hoping my time comes soon.
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Shiloh - I take my hat off to you, I absolutely dont know how I would cope with that many family members around straight after birth, and in my home. All the best with your mantra! :-)


Dahlia - Oh honey if anyone asked me how much weight I had gained I would be very upset. Thankfully my parents have more issues about my weight when im not pregnant, they think i finally look "healthy" when im carrying. I have just started a new book too, well ibook, I read it when i cant sleep, because thats getting near impossible these days to find a comfortable way to do so.

Im also saving up tv shows online to watch in early labour.


Graci - That is fantastic news you are nit free before you baby arrives, what a relief that must be! And exciting that your dh will be painting the bathroom!


Slammerkin - I just love your facebook announcement, I may just file that away for future reference.


Happileigh - Pleased to hear your dh has come around to the idea of having a vasectomy. That is sadly not an option for my family, not only because dh doesnt want too but because of his age here they wont offer the surgery to him, if we had 6 children maybe but only 3 and its a definite no no. I have reservations about how big this baby is too, at our last scan almost 2 wks ago she was already 3kgs..... and in this weather and in my state of mind food is my comfort. I cant wait to have new baby snuggles, a lady just up the street had her baby 10days ago and hes so beautiful, sadly though shes not very friendly even though she can clearly see im very interested in befriending her. ah well.


Afm - 38+1 wks today, and I saw my midwife and her student this morning at home. Blood pressure is looking good at 118/62. and this little girl is super active, went from being posterior to being anterior and in perfect position in one swift movement while my midwife was palpating my belly. Shes bobbed back out of my pelvis a tiny bit though, which i had expected to hear. So I went and bought a swiss ball and I am bouncing on it as we speak. She also said I am welcome to try and get baby to vacate anytime now. And we booked our next appt for monday next week and if the little lady hasnt made her entrance then we'll do a stretch and sweep and try and get things moving. Having trouble getting in touch with the people who we are renting our birthing pool from so there is a possibility that if dh cant sort it tonight, then we're doing this on dry land/in the tub! right off to quickly put more wood on the fire and tidy my mil is dropping dinner in tonight, she saw how exhausted I was yesterday and offered which is lovely!

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I completely forgot how agonizing the last couple of weeks pregnancy is, so this DDC is my saving grace.  Knowing I'm not the only one really helps.


Danielle-That's gotta feel good knowing babes is in a good position.  Because I have an anterior placenta I'm always worried about a posterior baby, but I try and keep up with SpinningBabies to try for optimal fetal positioning.  We are both so close to our due dates (October 5th for me) that sometimes it feels like it's just too much!  I plan on trying castor oil after 40 weeks, but nothing else besides walking, bouncing and pleading until then :)


Shiloh-You are hilarious! "Dad's not an inconsiderate jerk, he just has no vagina."  That should be all woman's mantra for life.


Seraphina-Where is it you live again?  I'm glad you were able to make a friend, at this age it's not the easiest thing to do.


AFM-I've been having the usual constant contractions throughout the day....going on 2 months of this so it I hardly even notice them anymore.  Ok, that's a lie...but they certainly don't get me excited about baby coming, even when they are 2-3 minutes apart (which happens 3-4 hours a day MINIMUM).  I've lost parts of my mucous plug and had bloody show the other day, but that could have just been from me trying to check my cervix.  I've also been having incredibly watery discharge, sometimes a puddle in my underwear with thicker discharge in the middle (definitely not pee because I can feel it coming from my vagina).  So of course I think amniotic fluid, but then it stops for a day or so.  Ugh!  I'm just so thrown for a loop by all of these 'symptoms' but I think I'm at the point where I just don't care.  Trying a little reverse psychology and just convincing myself that I won't be having this baby until 40-41 weeks. 


I had my blessingway and that was AMAZING.  It feels so good to be reminded that you are loved.  I'm still riding that high days later, maybe that's why I didn't get so upset when a complete stranger said to me, "Oh MY GOD!!! You look like there should be someone walking behind you with bag!"  But seriously, what a dick.


Just can't wait to start seeing other mama's babies so I can live vicariously through them :)  Oh, one last thing...


Gracisue-Guess what?  My 8 year old daughter came home today with lice...oh the fun we are going to have :)  If you were able to get through it, than I'm hoping we'll come out the same (with at least some sanity intact).  Whoever/whatever is out there with any say in anything, seriously has a BAD sense of humor sometimes.

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I had 2 nice strong contractions in a row in the middle of the night then only heartburn and the odd contraction...

Well my mum and dad are arriving next week and I can let them take over the kids, laundry and meal prep. But the rest are just our kids. I'd personally prefer my babymoon at an adults only resort but
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Well it's just gone midnight here so I guess that makes it Wednesday morning now, and I'm awake, feeling a little anxious and nervous, I woke with a fright, darn blocked ear, we are in the middle of a storm, and the gale force winds are insane. 100 mile an hour winds whipping past the house. Makes for a fair amount of noise. Surprisingly the kids aren't too bothered and are sound asleep. Dh too. And the dark chocolate I ate for dessert..... Acid reflux :-(

Solielmama - I didn't know there was a connection with anterior placentas and posterior babies, that's good to know. I've never tried castor oil tmi the way the babies get in tends to be the thing that brings them out again if you know what I mean ;-)
Your henna from your blessing way looks amazing, so happy you are still on a high from such a special event. I have seen vagina cakes on Pinterest and I definitely had a giggle when I saw yours.
All the best with clearing out the lice, how frustrating!

Shiloh - that must be nice being able to take a wee break when your parents arrive! Wouldn't it be wonderful to be in a tiny bubble of a resort for your baby moon. I get a little instinctive, primal may be a better word for it post partum, I really struggle with lots of visitors and everyone wanting to hold baby. Dh is going to have strict instructions this time around that we limit visitors for the first few weeks.

12:20am and I now have to either try and sleep or find some other way of keeping myself occupied while I listen to the storm and hope to god that is it is passing and nothing gets damaged.
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This is too funny... I actually DID seriously just get asked if I was dilating yet. How perfect after Dahlia mentioning that yesterday. It was my old office-mate, who's a woman, so it's not like a complete stranger, buuuut still. I wouldn't answer her, and she got the point she'd crossed the line.


Happy and Danielle, I also worry about the size of this baby, since my belly is SO BIG. Ugh.


How nice of your MIL to bring dinner, Danielle! I hope DH cooks something tonight. After a flurry of making freezer meals a week ago we haven't had much in the way of proper dinners lately.


Soleil, that sucks about your daughter having lice! What bad timing!

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I think my only response to 'are you dilating yet' would be "ARE YOU?" Grrr some people. Well I just went downstairs to get firewood only to find the den is flooded..... :-( have mopped up what I can, I should wake dh as I can't find the source, but he has work in 4hrs so will leave him asleep. We haven't been in the house very long so there's lots of things we don't know about. Touch wood it doesn't get too much worse over the course of the night.
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Ugh slammerkin, it's so awkward! Who asks that!!!?? Major boundary crossing. 


Happy, Danielle and Slammerkin, I've been wondering/worrying about how big my baby is too. I have no realistic reason to be so worried, but I am. I think it's just because this is my first, and the task of pushing her out of my vagina seems like enough work without her being gigantic. I know that I can do it, and will, but it's definitely been on my mind a lot recently. She was estimated to be around 5 lbs 9 oz when I had an ultrasound a few days shy of 36 weeks, not huge by any means.. but I have no idea how much she'll gain before making her grand entrance, and it makes me nervous! Glad I'm not the only one feeling this way, but sorry to hear you guys are going through the worry too!


Soleil, oh noo, I'm sorry to hear about the lice! What a pain!! I hope they clear up quickly for you! And holy crap, what an ass whoever said that to you!! I hope you smacked them. People seriously just suck sometimes! 


I hope the storm blew over without any damage, Danielle! And that you managed to get some sleep! I slept horribly last night too. Just couldn't get comfortable, tossing and turning, and of course having to pee all the time. Luckily it'll be a nice lazy day for me. I'm thinking of making some pumpkin muffins, yum! 

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Oh Danielle, I saw your post right after I did mine. I'm sorry your den is such a mess! Ugh, what a headache! I hope you can find the source and get everything cleaned up without too much effort.

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The storm seems to be easing, I say that tentatively, as the wind whistles loudly past the house, rain has eased thank goodness. I have put towels all over the floor in the den, so there will be plenty of laundry to get done tomorrow. I'm also having some light contractions, might head back to bed and try and rest. I hear babies like to be born in storms. You never know.

Pumpkin muffins sound delicious Dahlia! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing day!
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