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Originally Posted by DanielleNZ View Post

I think my only response to 'are you dilating yet' would be "ARE YOU?"



Ask them if they want to check for you!

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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post
. I'm thinking of making some pumpkin muffins, yum! 

I did that this weekend! Yum. Put chocolate chips in them. 2 doz, and for the life of me I have no idea where they all went--there is only one left now. And my DD was furious when she first saw them, because she'd picked our first pumpkin from our garden and magic-markered a sleeping baby face on it and put a little ribbon around it's stem and was calling it "the baby's pumpkin" and she thought I'd cooked it. :rotflmaoBut I didn't--I used canned pumpkin.


Danielle, there is nothing like some atmospheric pressure to bring on a baby--eek! Hope if this is her time that it works out ok.


Regarding the asking about dilation--that kills me. It's ok if you are attending my birth (like, you are my sister-in-law, my mother, or my husband), and if you are very, very close to me you might hint around about "any progress" and see if I want to answer, but THAT IS IT. But honestly I think the problem starts with some moms--I think it's way icky to put information about what is happening on in the inside of your vagina on Facebook, but people do it all the time, and I think that is why people think it is ok to ask. I'll get an internal check at my exam this afternoon and I will text my mom and SIL (and I might post it here, but that's different, right? Since we're all in the same boat right now?) but I will not be sharing the information on Facebook! :blush

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Oh I'm so making pumpkin muffins today!!!

I don't mind close family members or close friends touching my babies. But I'm very mother bear, a stranger has never touched a baby of mine without asking first. Because we have four boys most of them will want to hold her once, then say cool and pass her off. The fight will be between my two oldest daughters! And I will sneak away get drunk, have a long bath, cigar, and sleep for hours.....lol!
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Quick update, need to get into work. 60% effaced and a loose 1cm. I wish it was more but I'll take it. At the NST I was having some decent contractions that were registering. Now off to meetings. At least the meeting help to pass the time!
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Anytime someone in this group doesn't post for a few days I start wondering about them! I still feel like I have awhile to go (35 weeks+2 days). But gosh some of you guys are getting so close!!

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I've been steering clear of the sweets due to monitoring my blood sugar, but I've told DH that I want his signature Pavlova dessert very soon after the birth! Oh the sugary goodness...I can hardly wait!

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Happi, those muffins sound great! Lol about your daughter! I agree with you that it's not such a big deal if someone close to me hints around, and asks how things are progressing.. but strangers, no way! And YES to people posting their vagina updates on facebook!! I don't need to know, and I don't want to share! It's completely different on here :) We're all in the same boat, and rooting each other on! Good luck at your appt today, btw! I hope things are "progressing" for you :wink Lol


Hahaha Shiloh, you crack me up! 


Cindy-lu, I hope your day goes quickly! Yay for effacement and dilation! 

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Soleil, NO! I'm so sorry you have to deal with lice right now...or any time, but especially right now! I really hope you can get them cleared up before your baby comes!

Danielle, I am so sorry about the flooding. That's such a headache! I hope everything gets
sorted out soon.

Superbeans, I wonder about someone if they haven't posted in a bit, too. I'm just over 35 weeks, too. For me, it feels like it's going so slowly yet so fast!

There are definitely people that I'd talk about my dilation with, but I'm still shocked that anyone beyond the closest of acquaintances would ask about it!

I've been making pumpkin muffins every couple of days! I make them small and make some modifications to make them healthier so I don't feel too bad about eating two a day! Even though I don't really believe I had gestational diabetes last time and my blood sugar's been fine this pregnancy, I do know it's a possibility that I wasn't falsely diagnosed last time and I have it again and am managing it really well, so I've also been steering clear of sweets. I've also been avoiding caffeine and chocolate entirely because I read some anecdotal evidence (the best kind of evidence, obviously :P) that they could cause a fetal arrhythmia with the heart and since my baby had that at one point and it can't actually hurt to give it up, I did. I have quite a list of all the junk I want to eat once the baby's born. I know I'll barely make a dent in it, but it'll be so nice to be able to stress less about food!

I've been worrying about the size of my baby, too. I think it's mostly because my midwife is worried (because I didn't take the GTT). I've had babies from 7lbs. 2oz. to 9lbs. 1oz. I'd rather she came out closer to 7lbs. I'm not big. I'd say, belly-wise, I'm similar to last time, which was my 7 pounder, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. 9lbs. wasn't even that bad, I'm mostly just worried that my midwife will worry and want us to go to the hospital if the baby comes out big.
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I've made a bunch of banana chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake but no muffins.  Sounds yummy.


Man, I was dilated 2cm FOUR FREAKIN WEEKS AGO so who the effing f knows how much I am now, but that doesn't seem to help my mucus plug to freaking get out of me or my water to break or any decent contractions to start.  I have painful contractions all the time, every evening especially, and this little girl's movements really hurts as she grinds her head against my um, undercarriage.   Her head is so firmly engaged it doesn't even wiggle with palpitations, it has locked into place and is in perfect exit strategy position so all I need from this person is to make up her freaking mind to be born.  Yesterday, preferably.  


Ok that was me trying to put on a good mood.  I am so beyond sweet little pity parties like Danielle and i am into full blown raging witch-with-a-b mode and if anyone said anything remotely irritating to me I would lose my mind.  My DF asking how I'm feeling and how is the belly is already enough for me to give him no smiles and stern stares, and he interprets it pretty accurately as "over it already, I can see!"  I so am.  Today is my due date and I am bitter.  I wish they hadn't changed my due date 9 days up because if I still thought I was due Oct 2 I wouldn't be as disappointed right now that I. am. still. effing. pregnant.


But I am.  Whew, so so so glad you guys are around here and miserable too, I would hate to feel all alone in this.


So I made ANOTHER New friend today!  Found another etsy seller who lives walking distance from me, and she walked over and hung out for three hours, came bearing homemade cheesecake.  She is 27, so a few years younger than me, married but no kids, and was sweet.  I didn't really have much in common with her and one hour or one and a half hours probably would have been enough, but in the second and third hours she didn't take my hint that I really was ready for a nap  (and yawning, etc) so I had to eventually get up and walk her to the door to get her to leave.  I guess she is even more desperate for friends than I am (she said as much) as her friends live in other cities and she doesn't know many people around here.  She doesn't have much going on in her life during the days when her husband is at work so she was thrilled to have someone to meet.  I liked her, but it wasn't as much of an obvious bond and as great a time as the 4 hours I spent with the pregnant foreign woman I met yesterday who I obviously have more in common with, as a pregnant foreign woman around here.

But I will keep in touch with new girl and maybe since she and I don't have really a ton in common that would result in a great personal friendship,  when I meet a few other etsyers around here (I have 2 more etsy shop gals nearby to meet up with, on the horizon) I could put together a regular ladies group around the theme of running an etsy shop (we could get together once a month to discuss local happenings where we could bring our goods to sell, together, for example) and the five of us could get together regularly.  A thought.


HOpe you guys all get through these days one at a time and with no one  saying any stupid crap to you.

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I am so over being pregnant. I am also so over the current circumstances we are in of being broke, going 1K more into debt with every month because we don't have enough, and now my car's transmission is DEAD, right before baby is due of course, and I'm set to be a SAHM... and now I have no transportation. I don't live in a town where I would ever consider biking as a main source of commuting... I ride my bike for fun on trails around here but its NOT safe on the road and i would never do it with a baby in the back. I'm 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant and despite not gaining any weight since 27 weeks, my belly is getting bigger so she's obviously growing but I really hope she decides to come at 37/38 weeks because I just can't take it anymore and I don't want my belly to get any bigger and I do NOT want to get stretch marks. Just being honest. I have carried her for 9 months and she's fully grown at 37 so that is enough!! i am so uncomfortable and miserable and just freaking sick of this. I have NOTHING to wear, and since I have no car right now and my husband commutes to work I am stuck at home alone all day without a car to go anywhere, before I had a routine of going to the gym in the morning and that would take up a good hour and a half or so of the day and then do a couple errands, now I have to wait until he's home to go to the gym/do anything (even something so trivial as going to the store for freaking thread to mend clothes or mail packages of things i sell on ebay). He switches off driving with another co-worker so I was supposed to have the car today but something came up and I'm stuck at home alone all day yet again. I can walk to the beach and back which is nice, but I just hate being so alone and getting stared at constantly so I don't want to even walk down there alone. I live in kind of a skeezy neighborhood, with a trailer park and a super cheap college kid apartment complex and the people who live around here are just kind of creepy and weird, so even going for walks I just dont feel safe, I guess it's a pregnant/vulnerability thing- I'd rather just stay in the house. Feeling really depressed today. Really missing my former life of financial abundance and freedom to be able to do what I need and want when I need and want to do it. 

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Yoginimomma I sure hope you do give birth at 37 weeks! I can't imagine the guilt trip that poor girl is going to get if she stays in much longer, grows any bigger, or if you happen to get a stretch mark or two.

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Originally Posted by superbeans View Post

Yoginimomma I sure hope you do give birth at 37 weeks! I can't imagine the guilt trip that poor girl is going to get if she stays in much longer, grows any bigger, or if you happen to get a stretch mark or two.





I know you are miserable, Yoginimomma, and I was also quite 'done' at 35 weeks ...or so I thought.  I tried to get positive and active and busy with things for a few weeks between 36- 39 weeks but then I just lost my steam and the hip pain which I thought was bad before, just became a whole new animal and nighttime is no longer any rest for me.  Reflux also became a problem suddenly, so I have to sleep propped up and everytime I wake up to pee I am in an agony of alignment pain through my back but especially my hips.  Now at 40 weeks I can say that the pain increases noticeably every single day (is it psychosematic or REAL???!) and  I am truly losing my morale, feel on the verge of tears, screaming, or hitting something.  I feel like I'll be pregnant forever.  Hindsight is 20/20 I guess and I long for the way I felt at 35 weeks, when I was quite a bit less uncomfy than here on my due date and no baby.


But seriously, the obsession with you getting much bigger and the baby growing?  WTHeck? You haven't gained much at all and your stomach is very small for the point in the pregnancy you are in, just compare with the vast majority of us (or are you ignoring everyone's photos on the belly pics thread and just focused in on your own slightly expanded waistline?) and you'll realize that you have gotten off WAY easy in terms of bodily changes.  I always gain fifty pounds with pregnancies (well the first was ONLY 38 pounds but I only went to 34 weeks! I expect I would have gained fifty easily if I would have gone six more weeks) and I gain it all over my body and it's REALLY not pretty, but whatever it all comes off with breastfeeding and the results are worth it.


Maybe try journaling to your unborn daughter about what you were feeling and dreaming of when you decided you wanted to become a mother and were trying to conceive her?   All the reasons you so badly wanted a girl ?  Surely those will be some positive themes to focus on, rather than just examining your third trimester body changes and being bitter about them.   How are you going to make it (emotionally handle it, I mean) to your due date, if you don't go into labor early?  Better start planning for the worst,(but hoping for the best) so that any possible disappointment doesn't send you for a total emotional loop-de-loop roller coaster nightmare ride.

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I complained to my ob I wanted out at 37 weeks he told me to suck it up I was not the most important person in this mix.
Yogini I think you're raising a lot of redflags about your emotional state, supports and a referral to someone you can talk to should be on your list to talk to your healthcare professionals. These issues of body image, weight, selfesteem, can easily lead into postpartum anxiety, depression or worse.any form of body dismorphic disorder is something to tackle now especially since you're having a baby girl.
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Yogini, I can understand having a problem with the changes the body goes through. Our circumstances are different as my body was far from perfect in the first place, but I was in good shape. It's been really tough on me this time even though it wasn't in my other pregnancies. That being said, it has to happen. That baby needs to grow and that means the belly's going to grow too. The other thing that worries me is that you seem to think things will be easier once the baby's born (I apologise if I'm wrong). If you're isolated now, you will be when the baby's born too. As much as I don't doubt you'll love your baby, they're easier to take care of when they're inside and it makes it even more difficult when you don't have any support. I know this from experience. I really hope you can find someone to connect with and a way to get out to connect with them. I also hope you take Shiloh's advice to talk to a professional, if you haven't already.
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Am I the only one who actually ENJOYS being pregnant? Sorry for those of you who are having troubles, Ive had my fair share of mine too but the more I dwell on it and complain the harder it is for me and my family to get through this and on to the other side (which Im sure will have its ups and downs, reasons to complain as well). And dont get me wrong, I have my complaints and pregnancy woes, but I also talk about how wonderful Im feeling after a nice bath or prenatal yoga class, nice stroll with my son in the woods, those few times I actually get a goods nights rest without waking to pee!  I have few family members who can not have children of their own and whenever Im feeling the common "prego pains" I just think of the many people who cant be where I am today and long for that feeling of having their own child move around inside of them. I am forever grateful for the healthy body Ive been given and relish every last second of it! I am fine if I stay pregnant past 42 wks even (sitting at 39 tomorrow and babe feels quite comfy in there). I only say this to remind those of you how lucky you are and to try and think of the positive aspects of being pregnant. Remember, it wont last forever and babies will come when they are good and ready! One of the MANY reasons why I LOVE being pregnant is the closeness I feel with my babe inside of me, almost as if we have developed a telepathic communication with one another. Im also grateful for these last few days/maybe weeks just being with my beloved partner and 2 yr old son, taking in each moment before the 3 of us become 4. And I also love the surprise factor of not knowing the sex of babe or when babe will join us earthside...life doesnt have too may surprises left so Im thrilled to have one of the biggest surprises of our lives happen any time now!


And heres an inspirational quote I found that may be of some help........"There is no way out of the experience except through it, because it is not really your experience at all but the baby's. Your body is the child's instrument of birth." - Penelope Leach


LOVE and LIGHT to all Mamas to be!!!  :blowkiss

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i too keep craving sweets--i make cheesecake brownies ala mode--but then i get nauseated??  that's not fair.  as for baby size--this might make her fatter, but her head will not grow significantly bigger before she comes out.  i routinely go to 42 weeks so i consider myself something of an expert (as in i have read & researched my ass off.)  also, my cervix doesn't budge until active labor & i don't have text book early labor so i never bother to get my cervix checked anymore--it only proves to be discouraging.  every baby is different.  every gestation is how long it needs to be.  every labor is different.  that's my mantra these days.  & i keep eating cheesecake brownies ala mode even if they do make me want to throw up.


i am 39 weeks now.  i think i have her (or his)  name completely figured out.  i can be on my feet for a couple few hours before my pubic bone feels like it is going to fall out of me.  i am embracing the quote "sometimes you eat the bear; sometimes the bear eats you" as a way to deal with my coping.  yesterday i was kick-ass mom; today i am grumpy-ass mom.  my so-called partner is about to get un-invited to the birth of his child.  this afternoon i dreamed i was about to go into labor.  no one ever even tries to touch my belly or ask about my private parts--i think i give off a "vibe." 


and now i'm going to try to walk to the neighborhood farmer's market...wish me luck!

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Irielyn, I'm happy to hear someone is enjoying themselves! This is my fourth baby. I've also had two miscarriages. I know I'm lucky to be able to carry and birth children. I've absolutely loved being pregnant in my other pregnancies, although I've gotten grumpy and antisocial at the end of them. I don't know what's different this time. Although, I must admit, I'm a little sad that I'll likely never feel a baby moving inside me after this baby's born.

Good luck with your walk, Em! Cheesecake brownies a la mode sound delicious!
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Good reminder to try to stay positive, Irielyn :) I have actually loved pregnancy, but recently I think I've become a grump. The anticipation to meet my little girl is so overwhelming, but I do have to say that having so many contractions is frustrating at times since I just want the big day to come! A few weeks ago a stranger asked me if I'm sick of being pregnant, and I honestly wasn't, and told her that I'm going to miss feeling the kicks when baby is here. The wait is so. hard. but staying positive is much better than dwelling on the negatives. No harm in acknowledging when you're uncomfortable, though, as long as we keep the positive energy going in the long haul :)


Em, how do you make cheesecake brownies!?? That sounds aaaaamazing! :drool

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Pumpkin muffins: We are making them for our weekly tea time on Thursday, and boy I can't wait. I love baking with pumpkin!
On staying positive: I'm really struggling with this, too. A lot of my anxiety about the baby surfaced again this week. The baby moves less, which I know is normal for this late in pregnancy, but I worry that the baby somehow got hurt in the car crash. I constantly stress myself out waiting for the next movement, trying to get the baby to move, etc... It doesn't help that I went through recurrent pregnancy loss right before conceiving this baby. Anyone else anxious like this, too? I so thought I had moved pass this! I also just can't wait until the baby comes. Of course I still feel excited to meet my new little one, but I also look forward to the reassurance of being able to see a breathing baby. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and would love love love for the baby to make an entrance asap, though I know from previous pregnancies that my babies generally take a little extra time to cook.
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Revolting I am sooo nervous lately too. My fear is cord accidents. I made the mistake of reading a blog by a mom who had stillbirth years ago (and has since had several healthy children) and I have been panicking since.
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