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Revolting - I'm a poker...no movement for two minutes poke poke. But this is a rainbow.

I'm always a whiner. My feet are swollen, my hands have ct they're numb, I feel like I have a uti half the time, I burp, vomit, fart like a champion smile.gif I stopped seeing my womb as a vessel of life.

I hope you get help Yogi, I got a great psych. It gets worse after. Body image truly toilets then as even if you wear your pre prego jeans home we all have jelly belly, the breasts sag slightly for a year after weaning - but do perk up again. But I'm also in my 40th year. I lost a baby and 14 coworkers, friends, family members in a year span in 2012. Sure I have stretchmarks, but I don't have cancer today. I will need reading glasses but unlike my sister who was legally blind and lost 100% of her vision, I can still read. I try to be grateful and humble "a wisdom not entertained in youth but in its passing".
All to say hang on Yogini, the journey of motherhood is about selfsacrifice, it tests all of our limits, pains our heart and we often wonder if its worth it. It is and the crappy exhausting part is fleeting. My daughter called me from college today, she's in another city, she was at my grandmothers checking in on her. They grow up so fast its amazing.
I'm blubbering but know everyone has similar feelings, you're not alone but the rewards of being a mom, feeling those slobbery first wipe mouth on moms cheek type kisses, life doesn't get better.
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He ladies! Just wanted to pop in and encourage you all that it doesn't last forever!!!!! And to remind you that once bay is out, some of those things go away right away, yahoo! I never imainged that I'd have a 38+4 day baby . . . But here she is and the heartburn is gone, I don't move like a whale, etc. Your due dates-baby arrival day will come so soon!!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!!

Here are some baby pictures to drool over, ha!

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Shiloh - I have NO hesitation regarding poking as well.  I had that NST the other day where the baby was sleeping, and I knew she would be because it was my first early morning appt and she's always asleep then (after moving CONSTANTLY at 3am).  The midwife was all agonizing over getting her to move, so when she left the room, I just started poking the kid.  Lo and behold, movement.  I don't care if it irritates you now, kid, until women can grow windows in their stomachs, you have an OBLIGATION to show me you're doing fine.  :P


Here's the sad thing about me lately - I feel exactly the same as so many of you, deep down I'm really ready to be done and get this kid out.  I'm perfectly happy to go to 40 weeks, but things have already started moving around here and I'm not really excited about having 2 1/2 more weeks of the constant Braxton Hicks and nightly cramping.  BUT - my stupid paranoia about having everything "ready" for the kid is making me insane!  Like, I have this tiny to-do list of like 5 things, but I feel like if I don't get them done before she comes, I'll be a complete failure.  As if the kid cares whether the bathtub gets scrubbed!  Oh my god.  I think I am crazy.  And I would get everything done all in one day, but the stupid BH keep me from moving around too much.


All I can do is just blame it on being a Virgo.  Or something like that.  I'm also feeling like murdering all the pets because they are UP MY ASS constantly now and I swear to god if I hear another cat start whining in front of a closed door for no other reason than the door is closed and it offends them... I'm going to go on a killing spree.  At least the dog is smart enough to sense when I'm crabby and just sit herself down on her mat and mope silently.


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  So they say.  :P

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Oh, Shiloh, now I want a big, sloppy toddler kiss, but he's in bed. I'll get several tomorrow! He's so affectionate! My oldest is only seven, but it is amazing how quickly he's gotten there! You're right. It has been a huge challenge, but so worth it!

Revolting, I am an incredibly anxious person. It has always surprised me that I don't get more anxious about the baby's health. I know there are so many things that could go wrong, but am somehow able to believe that it probably won't. It's weird because these are things that are typically right up my alley anxiety-wise...things that rarely happen, but totally could. I have, however, gotten incredibly anxious about miscarriage in the beginning of my last two pregnancies. I'm so happy to be past that part! After my first miscarriage, I didn't even get nervous with my next pregnancy, but my second miscarriage was very traumatic for me. I can't deal with an experience like that again. hug.gif I hope you can find some relief from your anxiety until the baby comes.
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i poke too!  a friend asked to touch my belly & i said, "i think she's sleeping--push on her!"  hey, she pokes & kicks me :)  i love feeling her wriggle & stretch.  i feel like it is a conversation.  she wriggles & i talk to her.  i'm a little sad that this is the last one (for real this time!)  i don't want to be pregnant at 45!  that means i'd be 48 with a toddler & weaning & toilet training...yikes. 


& body-wise, a lot of it is a genetic crap-shoot.  i have had 4 pregnancies--one went to 43 weeks & i had a ton of water weight (i looked like an old, bloated jack nicholson when i gave birth), but no stretch marks.  no varicose veins.  i have done breast feeding until 2 and a half with 3 kids so far & my boobs still look good.  however, my belly skin is saggy baggy and my hair gets coarser & straighter with each pregnancy.  however, i would never trade being a mom for a flat stomach.  they are totally worth every early morning and every poopy diaper and every extra pound.


i am thankful that i have very little swelling this pregnancy!  i think my midwife's pressuring me to eat protein protein protein all the time has allowed me to keep my ankles--usually they are LONG gone by this time in the pregnancy.  also, i'm still sleeping well.  my so-called partner is not his usual amorous self, so i am not getting the perineum stretching, the uterine workout, & the doses of prostaglandins (natural inducer found in semen) that i usually can count on for labor preparation--but, hey, more sleep for me.

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Eloise, she's beautiful!
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Congratulations eloise, beautiful family!!!!!


I'm using sex every other day to try to induce something to happen but it's not happening.  Really achey lower back cramping as well as rock hard belly action every evening, and on into the early morning hours, but that's the same as always.  I hope it's doing something, and by the time real labor starts I am already at the finish line.


I guess I'll try raspberry leaf tea, I'm going to go to the store today.


I'm making another new friend today, from etsy as well, we're having a quick coffee date at a bakery nearby, I hope she becomes a real friend candidate.  What a huge blessing that will be if I meet more than one new friend potential this autumn.  My roster of three girlfriends has felt a bit short as they either work a lot or have four kids and busy with their schedules, but luckily one of those three is soon taking a looong maternity hiatus from career, and now I met the new pregnant woman from Mexico who seems great, so I have hope that this winter I'll actually have AT LEAST two other mommy-friends-with-infants (that seems like so much! yay!) to get together with, maybe even some more girlfriends locally with open schedules (but without kids) who like to get together during the days.  


Irelyin thanks for the reminder to stay positive, and I of course agree with the others -- Yoginimomma you should totally try to get someone to talk to now about your body dysmorphic issues.


I guess I haven't been thinking much lately about people who can't get pregnant or have had pregnancy losses, that certainly makes me feel a bit humble for feeling so miserable that I have grown yet another healthy child in my body without any fertility issues or losses (or even with any stretch marks or trouble losing the weight after).  I'm a lucky lady.  


To get into a happy grateful state of mind I'll count my blessings....  I'm so deeply in love with my fiance and I can't wait to marry him next summer on our four year anniversary, and our daughter will be able to maybe toddle herself down the aisle as flower girl!  The image makes me feel really, really blessed.  As well as my sons holding their baby sister and getting to know her.  It's exciting to envision and I'm so eager to get there.  My partner is so steady & loving, he's my rock, and I know that laboring and birthing his child into this relationship of such love, will be such a new experience compared to my previous births partnered an emotionally abusive asshole.  


Also, I've never actually seen a child come out of me and I really want to use a mirror and my hand to try to witness a bit of the action this time.  My first child was whisked away to the NICU and my second one I quite quickly handed off my child to my mother and husband so that I could be stitched up and then when I yelled from that, my one year old woke up crying so I went to go nurse him back to sleep (it was after midnight) so that then I could relax and settle peacefully into some love gazing with my newborn.   I wish I would have let someone else deal with my older child and kept my newborn with me all the time (except maybe for the two stitches), but no one else ever had soothed/settled my toddler in the middle of the night before I just envisioned that it would go on and on forever unless I offered him some booby action which would be fast and effective (which it almost was, but my adrenaline affected him and it lasted nearly half an hour before I could sneak away and get back to my newborn).   Remembering that makes me a bit sad, as well as not getting any snuggle time for thirteen days with my first, so ....all that is to say that I hope this time, I finally get the kind I heard about my entire childhood from my mother describing my natural entrance into the world.  I want to be cognizent and even visibly able to witness the baby's actual crowning and emergence, and then hold her and make eye contact and have bonding time right away, not interrupted for anything or anyone.  Hopefully no stitches will be needed, and besides the afterbirth (which has always been fast and easy for me) being delivered, I'll be able to just stay in that moment as long as possible and get to know the face of my baby, with my fiance cuddled up with us.  


I guess my kids will be with us though (I have them this week), and I guess we'll have to drop them off on the way to the hospital at their dad's, and then soon after go get them again.  They will be so happy if I go into labor before they go back to their dad's next week, because they don't want to miss their sister's first days.

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Serafina, I really hope you get that early time with your new daughter when she arrives! I was, just yesterday, talking to a friend about how afraid I had been when I found out about my baby's irregular heartbeat. After the initial worry that something might actually be wrong with her heart, my next thought was "What if I don't get to hold her right away?" It was just a horrifying thought to me. After talking about how awful that would be for a bit, I realised that this friend had just had her first, five months ago, by emergency c section. She didn't see him for over 2 hours. I felt like such a jerk and, so so lucky that, with the exception of DS2, I've gotten to hold my babies right away. I'm still not sure why I didn't hold him sooner. There was nothing wrong, they just did all the weighing and stitches and stuff before handing him to me. If I'd said something, I'm sure it would have been different. I think I was in shock. It was a crazy fast birth. I don't think any of us were thinking clearly. It was probably only about a half an hour (if that), but I really wish I would have held him sooner. I'm really hoping that this baby goes right from her father's hands to my arms like my last one!
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i dreamed i woke up with a healthy baby boy laying on my stomach. 


i can't remember on what website i found it--but there was a calculator by mittendorf which said--due to my lifestyle, race, age, etc.--i would have the baby today.  i'm pretty sure both mittendorf & my dream are wrong.  plus it was freaky to just wake up with a baby--i actually am looking forward to labor & delivery...even though i remember how fricking painful it was last time (i had a fast active labor after 4 or 5 nights of contractions.)


i get to see my chiropractor & my therapist today--get my hips & head straight for the birth:)


i have been cheating & buying the cheesecake brownies, but i have made them in the past.  i use my family brownie recipe which is heavy on the eggs & butter--& i swirl in some cheesecake batter (cream cheese, eggs & sugar) before i bake them.  i can give you an actual recipe if you want.  two of my sisters use this method to make carmel brownies which are so completely decadent--but i have never attempted to make them.


i wonder if the cheesecake brownie ala mode before bed contributed to my magical baby boy dream?

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Bit of a scare with her heartbeat today at my appointment.  It was over 170 as she wiggled around doing some wild gymnastics, so they had me come back after awhile and test it again.  An hour later she had calmed down and it was back around 135, perfect.  It was a bit of a scare as they said if it wasn't lower I'd have had to go to the hospital and.... I don't know what.  There could have been a problem with her getting enough oxygen if her heart rate stayed high.  Glad that didn't happen!


Well sex, indian food, and raspberry leaf tea is my life.  So far it isn't helping but I do get contractions All. The. Time.  Like I have for six months pretty much.  Today the lower back dull crampy aches are pretty intense, more than 6 today, and each time it's a couple of minutes of the kind of intense period cramping that makes me hate the first day of my period each month.  It's not fair to be so often so uncomfy and not get any baby as a result.  At least not imminently.

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Okay some of my responses are a bit late in the game but I'm trying to catch up here

Rainy- I have been having the same anxiety fits about getting things done. This morning my husband totally calmed me down by putting things in perspective. He told me that I'm not the only person who knows how to put together a crib and on top of that the baby doesn't care if for the first few days or even weeks he sleeps with our 3 year old so that the baby and I can have our bed until the crib gets assembled. It was good to remember that it'll be perfectly fine if I don't finish anything else before the baby comes. You made me laugh with the scrubbing the tub comment because I have been stressing about doing that too because my mom is arriving today and I want everything to be clean for her...but she's coming to help ME so why am I being such a spaz?

Serafina- oh my god I feel like the low back dull cramps aches are going to send me over the edge. Rock hard belly and so much cramps aching. I'm only 38weeks though and my last one came at two days shy of 40 so I feel like I am going to be enjoying the first couple days of my period for the next couple weeks. I told DH that as soon as my mom arrived (today) that his job is nipple stimulation and orgasms. That sentence reads weird because my mom is included but I need her here to watch DS when I go to the hospital

Dahlia- I cannot believe anyone would ask you if you are dilating. That is insane. Also beware, pretty much the second this baby is born you'll likely start getting the "when are you having the next one" comments. It's the new family version of "are you done after this"

Happileigh- it is kind of crazy to think about a 3week old being smaller than the babies we're currently gestating. I feel 100% sure mine is already teetering on the edge of 9lbs if it hasn't already passed that weight mark. I will be so shocked if I have an under 9lb baby.

Afm- I had the loveliest woman at the park today ask if we were planning to find out the sex of the baby. She honestly thought I wasn't 20 weeks yet, bless her heart. I told her most of the comments I get are of the "you sure it's not twins" variety and she was shocked. Granted I was wearing a kind of loose dress and a sweater and sitting down but whatever...I'll take it. I'm super annoyed as I drove all the way into town today and forgot to stock up on Red raspberry leaf. I only have enough for my daily tea left not for the super solution I planned to take when labor started. Argh. I had this fantasy where I could not go back into the grocer until after this child was born since I've become such a spectacle there recently. Sleep is a rarity and when I do sleep I have such weird dreams. Like last night I dreamt DH and I had split but were trying to remain good friends and I had to hang out with him and his new GF and watch them basically making put except I was still so in love with him and couldn't deal and felt like my heart was going to explode. I was so relieved to wake up and feel him next to me. What the hell?! Finally finished my baby quilt. I have to go photo it and post if in the craft thread. I'm really proud of this one. It feels so special.

eta- i can't find the baby crafts thread so I'm posting my quilt pictures in here. So I did the front and DH and DS did the back together with fabirc paint on a big piece of muslin I gave them and then I hand quilted it. I totally love that the three of us made it together. also, the light in the photos totally doesn't do the vibrant colors justice.

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Amazing quilt!  Gorgeous!!!!

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That is GORGEOUS!!!  Fantastic idea with the muslin.

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I love the quilt, Ciga!! Amazing job!


Danielle, I hope everything's ok, I don't think we've heard from you today!


Serafina, glad that everything turned out alright at your appt!

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Still here and in one piece, Dahlia thank you for thinking of me that's so sweet! Dh is off work "waiting" for the little girl to arrive and at 11:30am we got a phone call from ds1's school to say he'd vomited in class (great) picked him up and I just think he'd eaten to much at recess and got too excited and lost his lunch. Because my goodness the singing, running and laughing we've had ever since is not indicative of someone even remotely sick.
My baby seems to be posterior from the movements I'm getting. And she still feels pretty high. Dh and the boys have been sent to get evening primrose oil capsules. But to be honest as much as I want her born today 9/26 it doesn't feel like anything is happening :-( oh and the blocked ear I've had since Sunday still blinkin' blocked gahhhh.
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I was wondering about you, too.  Glad everything is well but sorry to hear about your son throwing up in class.  Good that he seems fine.


40 weeks & 2 days and I have to say that the 41st week of pregnancy isn't all it's cracked up to be.  I wish they never would have changed my due date from Oct 2 to Sept 24 in the first place, so this daily suspense and disappointment would not be so bitter.


I did make a new friend yesterday!  That's one per day this week!  All other etsy sellers in the area.  Yesterday's was fabulous, she's really fluent in english, (english translator by profession) and has studied in the US twice in her life so she even sounds American.  She's clever and friendly and I liked chatting with her a lot, the time flew.  So I'm definitely feeling it's a promising start, although she isn't quite 30 and has no kids, so of course we won't have the motherhood link to bond over, but that's alright.  Better than the Tuesday girl who was sweet but the three hours we spent together crept by so slowly and it felt like an exercise in social niceties and I looked at the clock so. many. times.  ....not an experience I would relish making a regular thing (just getting together the two of us, for hours at a time), but she was nice and sweet and I will definitely invite her to small gatherings.


Anyway, there's one more etsy seller I could meet today if I feel at all up for it, a seamstress, twenty something, no kids.  Since I am in the market for a wedding dress, I guess she would be a really valuable friend to make!   I have free time while my kids are in school.  But, I'm just not sleeping well and I'm really losing steam.


This countdown to labor is driving me bonkers.


Off to drive my younger son to school (older one took the city bus on his own today!  He's so grown up, my ten year old).

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Hello ladies. I spent hours catching up, I've missed so much!

People really do say some crazy stuff. I haven't really had strangers say anything to me, they just give me this "oh that poor dear" look because I look like I'm in my teens, not mid 20's. It doesn't help that most of the time I go some place I'm with my mother, have no makeup on, and by the point my belly was big enough to be of note my hands started to swell so I have to leave my wedding ring off. But DH and I both are getting tired of his friends and family telling us things like "sleep while you can" he works nights so they act like he never has the chance to rest to start with. I like how my hubby put it, "you can't save it up for later". Lol.

I think I'd stated before that my Dr was kinda worried because my baby has been measuring smaller then average for a while now. And I had not put much extra on ether. As of yesterday I've put on 17 out of the 20lbs she wanted me to shoot for, and Acelyn is now over 5lbs. She is packing it on pretty quick too. Doc was so pleased I'm back to once a week visits, and not twice a week. Yay!

Still not sure what has been up with my blood sugar, half the time it's normal, half the time it's low. I guess that's better then it being high... But I sure feel like crap on days it's low. Kinda like now, I feel extra tired and having a hard time focusing.

I'm in week 37 now, and today was the first I had some contractions that hurt, all the others just felt tight and discomforting. It kinda took me by surprise and was one of those moments that make to stop and watch for more signs. But nothing else exciting has happened, so I'll settle into waiting again. Personally I'm fine with going the full 40, well at least that's what I think at this point. Lol. DH on the other hand is getting more edgy then I am. Sometimes he is half panicked when I wake him up. He is so excited. I think I'm enjoying this phase of pregnancy the most, between no longer feeling sick and being able to feel every little move she makes...I think I pretty much had it in my head to start with that I was just going to take each day as it came.

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Serafina - sounds like you have had an awesome week meeting other etsy sellers that's awesome. I'm not due for another ten days but the waiting is doing my head in.
Today we've *blush* done the deed! I've been for a big walk had two cups of red raspberry leaf tea, along with plenty of bouncing on the birth ball! Still no sign of anything happening just yet.

Oklafarmmama - im 25 and this is baby #3 I get some very interesting looks, thankfully I don't look *too* young though (sleep deprivation will do that to ya!) I wish I could wear my wedding ring too, I miss it. Last time I tried to wear it I nearly had to saw my finger off to get it off again. Super pleased to hear your back at just weekly visits with your dr. I love your husbands response about not being able to save it up. Ain't that the truth.
Yay for things progressing in the right direction, with contractions!

While waiting to have this bub is hard, having dh off work the last two days has really helped (not with housework) I feel so much safer having him close knowing if I suddenly went in to labour he'd be here. He's very level headed and calm, I'm the anxious one so we tend to balance each other out really well. I can't wait to see the thread filled with special announcements of labouring mummas and beautiful new little people!
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Serafina, it's wonderful that you're making all these new friends! I don't think I've made a new friend since high school, which would be about 11 years ago now...one of the disadvantages of being a shy SAHM still living in the small town I grew up in, I guess. I'm happy for you!

OklaFarmMama, Yay! for only needing weekly doctor's visits! I've had a few family members tell me I look like a pregnant 12 year old. I'm 30. I can't wear my wedding ring either because it's too big! I weighed a lot more when I got married. I've gotten a lot of "you don't look old enough to have three kids". I honestly don't think I look that young...I'd say I look my age. I'm just very short. The stranger's looks were much worse, though, when I had my first at 22.

Danielle, my DH is the calm one, too. If anyone's going to be able to calm me down when I'm anxious about something, it's going to be him. Sometimes it's frustrating how he can be so calm about everything, but I'm glad one of us can be!

I haven't had any uncomfortable contractions for a couple of days now, which I'm quite happy about! I'm still getting quite a few BH, but whatever. They're nothing to worry about. DS2 and DH are getting really excited for this baby to be born. DS2 said to me he wants this baby to be born today. I told him it was too early and the baby had to wait at least a couple more weeks. He was very disappointed. I guess it's quite a long wait for a 5 year old! As much as I want to meet this baby, I'm getting more and more worried about how DS3 will react. He's quite independent, but he's 2. He still needs a lot of cuddles and reassurance that I'm here for him. Obviously, he already shares my attention with his brothers, but they're at school all day and spend most of their time playing, just the two of them, when they're home. Obviously a newborn will require much more of my attention. I'm sure everything will be fine eventually, but it's on my mind a lot lately.

Also, I've been so so tired for no other reason than I'm pregnant and it's driving me insane! I sleep fine still, but don't feel like it. I'm barely getting anything done. I was making lentil soup last night in a haze and DH caught me putting the garlic peels in the soup. Delicious! At least I didn't cut myself! Also last night, I sat down to drink my tea, with full intentions to tidy the living room after I was done and promptly fell asleep! I didn't even drink my tea! Usually exercise gives me energy, but it's just been making me more tired. Anyway, sorry about the pity party. I'm sure I'll have some energy again...in a few months...
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back when i was married & pregnant, i would wear my wedding ring on a necklace around my neck so all could see i was indeed married.

& i'm at the other end of the spectrum--in my 40's & pregnant.  fortunately, i look young for my age & the number of kids i have (or so i'm told.)  my midwife had to double check my age with me when she put my birth date together to calculate my age.  i don't volunteer my age because i hate being classified as "high risk" when i feel healthy & young.


my almost 8 year old is demanding to know when the baby will be here.  "and don't say 'soon'!" he tells me.  so i have to explain to him that i don't know until my body tells me--& even that won't be a 100% guarantee that the baby will show up that day.  i am thankful that my 8 year old & 5 year old are excited about the new baby (or is it just the gifts they get when the baby is born??)


my 2 year old--who is still my baby even after i have a newborn--seems to like little babies.  she notices them & seems curious.  i know she would love to have a sister--she regularly "shops" for a sister whenever we are in public!  hopefully this babe's a girl, because i don't know how clementine will react to another brother!


39 weeks.  my midwife comes today.  i have no overwhelming signs of labor except how low she is riding & pushing on my pubic bone (none of my babies have done that before!)  it's weird to be disappointed by painless contractions--i'm always like, "c'mon!  bring it on!"  but maybe that's just me?

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