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Soleil I LOVE LOVE LOVE that name! And the meaning behind it makes it even more gorgeous! We dont know the sex yet but a girls name came to us very early on and it just clicked, like it was fate also and I havent been able to get it out of my mind. A boys name came to me quite late in the game and my beloved has mixed feelings still...we shall see soon I suppose!


I have a hard time simply naming my cats so to name another child has been SUPER difficult for me! yikes2.gif

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Irie---->  I'm so glad to get a positive response, this site was the first announcement of it I have made so your response was the first one I've received and it just made me feel so much better that it is a well received name.  So THANK YOU!!!  It's really such a relief to have found 'the one'.  


I, too as well, have trouble naming anything!  I think I put way to much weight on it, but eh....I y'am who I y'am.  shrug.gif


You should share your name picks with us  :energyI love hearing other people's choices.

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Originally Posted by Soleilmama333 View Post

I've also been skeptical about doing any natural inductions after doing a lot of research.  It seems that (although seemingly harmless) any sort of induction can lead to a less than smooth labor only because your body needs to send a hormone to trigger labor and it will only do that when it's completely ready.  It seems so tempting though especially with all the contractions and discomfort, but this mama will be holding off (unless somehow a medical induction is being threatened). 




Very well put.  That's where I'm coming down on this issue. It is SO tempting and I'm so uncomfy and miserable and can barely bear the nighttime discomfort, but.... I feel like it's taking too big of a gamble about resulting in a smooth labor.   We actually don't completely understand the natural process that is the start of labor, but it's a process that appears to start within the baby's brain according to many theories.  Meaning, the baby decides when to come out.  I love that.  (Except when my first decided to pop out 6 weeks early and needed a few days in the NICU, that wasn't ideal of course---but even that was ok because within days he was doing fine, lungs done, nursing exclusively and gaining weight like nobody's business and to this day is the second biggest kid in his class.)


I don't just want to stop being pregnant, I don't only want to go into labor, I also want a smooth and straightforward labor that my body executes as beautifully as the last two times.    I want to have a third great labor.  Meaning, super fast/effective contractions/cervical progress, transition also taking no time and even a very big (nearly ten pound) baby slipping out in a couple of pushes, placenta detaching cleanly and coming out within moments after, and everything healing and reverting to pre-pregnancy state really fast.   I suspect that that's "the norm" for my body (after a horrendous/miserable pregnancy of course, which also has been constant and identical through each pregnancy), when I have a spontaneous birth.  I'm worried that any induction methods, even a finger in my cervix, will decrease (& dramatically so) the chances that this third birth will be as smooth & straightforward as the first two.  As tough as it is to wait and suffer through this, I really have my eye on that brass ring of a really fabulous birth experience that leaves me and my entire body feeling on cloud 9 and delicious from head to toe.  After all this pain and misery, I deserve that!  I want it!  God, I hope not being in my early twenties this time doesn't compromise that at all!  :)

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My best births were in my 30s
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Happy to announce the birth of my precious little boy yet to be named born on sept 25. Born peacefully in water after about 6 hours of active labor more intense than i was expecting but worth every second. 7lbs 2 oz 20 inches long and just perfect
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Yay!!!!!  :joy

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Yeah wildgreen!
Can't wait for the story!
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Congratulations wildgreen!


And Serafina, I'm also with you on the no-interference thoughts. Whatever happens, I want to know that it is just what would have happened. My second birth was very much like your births. My first birth was very rough on us and left me second-guessing myself. I still have questions about what happened, what I should have done, etc.

For me, waiting is the best course of action. Or non-action :) 

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Congratulations, Wildgreen!!! 

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em, I just wanted to give you a lil' love. :Hug Hopefully your DH is just going through a temporary freakout and will come around soon. It's so hard at this point in the pregnancy, with everything imminent and nothing quite happening.


As for sex, well ladies I'm impressed with anyone still having it!! I think for me I've just been too uncomfortable the entire pregnancy for much, from nausea to fatigue to reflux to hugeness. My DH is older so I don't think he needs as much as he used to, so we've been laying low. However, I still have had some libido so...I've had to take matters into my own hands from time to time...And I haven't had any Braxton Hicks that I'm aware of, so I think of it as a way to, you know, tone the uterus! Haha. That and my faithful raspberry tea.


As far as induction goes, well, I had a friend who did her recent and 2nd birth unassisted (something I'm not feeling inclined toward; but yes to homebirth) and she waited patiently to 42 weeks! That takes faith and courage for sure, but she delivered a healthy 8lb boy, no issues at all. I feel inspired to follow her example, even though it is certainly nerve-wracking. It's just nice to have a success story to lean on I suppose, when considering these issues; otherwise it can seem daunting.

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congratulations wildgreen!


for birth advocacy & advice i have been following:

http://www.improvingbirth.org/  &  http://birthanarchy.com/


a good one for getting babies positioned is:



i have had 3 traumatic births & this is my last chance to have one on my own terms.  i talked to my partner as best as i could about his being able to support me or not.  he was so good at the last birth & i could not have done it without him.  i want him to feel good about this one.  i do finally feel good about this one after months of feeling awful about it.  my midwife is convinced i could pull off an "orgasmic birth."  i want to tell her not to get carried away.  as long as everyone survives in one piece, i will be happy.


irregular cramping for the past couple of days.  i have pooped so many times that i have lost count.  having failed to wean my two year old--i am using her nursing as nipple stimulation.  & i finally got some sex--yay!  i will be 40 weeks come october.  i feel ready--& yet i also feel the urge to hang onto the pregnancy???


i hope everyone is having a restful weekend :)

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Okay, I put pictures of my cute baby up in my announcement thread! Go drool and make your babies so jealous that they want to come out!!! (The Heidi thread)
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Over the moon to announce the arrival of my sweet baby girl ( yet to be named ) at home in the water @ 2:17pm NZT. Sunday 29th September. Weighing 7lbs 11 oz. She is absolutely darling feeding spectacularly. Will update once we've slept joy.gif
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Congratulations, Danielle!

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Awesome Danielle!!!!
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Wow!  Congratz to you Danielle!!!  Can't wait to hear more!

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Its the 29th lol who wants to start new thread to take us into October?
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Congratulations wildgreen!

Congratulations Danielle!
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