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Thanks Rainy! I guess I could do 3 a day since I'm at the magic 37 week mark on Monday... 

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Ciga - I just checked out the website for the common ground fair, it looks fantastic, we have nothing here like that, organic markets are a few and far between and the scale of that is incredible.
You Mumma's doing freezer prep are fantastic, I wish I had the room to store extra food. But we have the tiniest fridge/ freezer. But I'm stoking up on pantry items which are easy to throw together so I'm hoping dh will survive.
My husband hasn't worked all weekend which is a first in such a long time, its been lovely having him around the house, although this afternoon he's a bit on the grumpy side. We're off to Sunday night dinner at his mom's which should be nice. And the most exciting news today is I'm 37weeks! So cleared to home birth anytime now! joy.gif
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A photo from yesterday's ultrasound, my wee girls face all chubby and cute looking like its squashed against a window, she is head down and ready to go :-)
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He is here!!! I'll post in the due date club!
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Hi mamas! I've been lurking but not posting, but since this check in is during a period of insomnia for me (oh the joy!) I have plenty of time to lie here and make a reply.
So sorry to the mamas dealing with infestations of various kinds--no fair! This is a rotten time to have to use energy on that.
Dahlia, my husband is very bad about suggesting um-pregnant-friendly things and it drives me crazy. Like um, no, I am not interested in going to the opening of a new distillery and restaurant and watching you do bourbon tasting with clients. No. I try to take the compliment in it--like hey, he still thinks I clean up well enough to go schmoozing with clients!--but really it's irritating that he had so little clue about how not fun that would be for me.
Serafina, I loved your post about new motherhood on the last thread.
Danielle, cute girlie!
AFM, just trying to get through the last weeks here. Lots of back and hip pain, contractions, insomnia, and general discomfort. Trying to focus on the week of/following my due date as the end point, but of course I'm totally hoping for an earlier repreive. My bag is packed and I installed the infant car seat today. Logistically we're pretty ready to go. I didn't do freezer meals this time because the kitchen time is just too hard on my back right now--it's enough effort to get our current meals on the table--but we have a pretty decent support system here who I think will help us out early on, and then we'll just patronize our favorite carry out places a bit more than usual. I'm thinking I won't have too much trouble throwing together quick meals anyway if my second grader's enthusiasm for babysitting ends up being even a fraction of what she thinks it's going to be. smile.gif so I'm ready...clothes, dipes washed and put away. Baby Halloween costume done (priorities!), labor playlist loaded, and my poor old belly looks plenty big enough to hold a nice-sized infant!
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Ahhh! Congrats Abk!!!!!!


Danielle, yay for being all clear for a home birth!! And cute u/s! 


Happi, good to hear from you :) Right after I read your post, my husband looks at me and says, "you know, next weekend is the wine festival....." duh.gif Oh gee, that sounds like a great time honey. Lol, men. I hope the last couple weeks go nice and fast for you, mama! I'm right there with you on back/hip pain, contractions, insomnia, and the general blahs. 

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Happi, you just made me so much more relaxed about my lack of freezer meals. I've been thinking along the same lines lately. It's tough being on my feet in the kitchen, prepping meals, and I really can't commit much more time to it than I already do. Not with SPD and breathlessness during contractions. Hopefully there will still be a day or two where I'm motivated and feel well enough to do something, but for now, I'm planning to rely on my mum for the first week (she always has me make a menu plan of dinners) and myself and takeout after that. Instead of doing a shower/blessingway this time, we're going to do a little potluck and visit with the baby after he's here, so I was thinking of spreading the word that I we are looking for freezer meals rather than diapers. My family would be down with that.


abk, i got online early this morning because you came to mind. i was so happy to see the announcement. congratulations again!


Danielle, Common Ground is such an incredible fair. we are fortunate to live close. up until a few years ago, it was held at another fairgrounds, about 20 minutes from here, and my school always took kids there on that friday in September (free for kids!). of all the field trips that we took during my school years, that was my favorite. on the ride home, the bus smelled like honey and sweet annie. memories :)

now that they've moved to the mofga land, the fair feels like it's more of its own thing. they have permanent gardens there and can do more demonstrations on land that they work year-round. 

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I did some freezer stocking last night. Made a big batch of soup that should supply at least three dinners, and prepped two turkey meatloaves. I'm going to make another soup today and a few loaves of bread. I have to admit I was wrecked after standing in the kitchen for ~2-3 hours last night! I might make another few things this coming week/next weekend and that might be it. I'm honestly shocked that I've gotten anything made at all, so I'm feeling accomplished, lol. But DH helped by making two recipes recently as well.


It's getting to be fall-like here and it's so nice! We had a heat wave last week with temps in the 90s and our A/C couldn't keep up. But since Friday it's been pretty chilly overnight and cool during the day so the A/C has been off and I've had all the windows open. Ahhhh! Need to put out the fall decorations I bought recently. :)

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Yay ABK! I have to go read about you next! I'm not taking much for labor prep, guess it's a 6th time thing. My midwife makes great tea, though that I'm trying to drink more. Starting a few weeks ago I began feeling all imminent and crazy about birth, like it could be any time but it wasn't. I had my home visit with my midwife Friday and she really helped me mentally. She said it was OK and not wrong to feel like I'm about to give birth, because I am, and to think of the entire last 4 weeks or so as part of the process. Simple, but it helped me. She is so awesome!

Yesterday I had a big milestone. I taught a wet felting workshop. It was so hard thinking about getting ready for and doing it so close to the end of pregnancy. It was originally scheduled in July but I had to cancel it when I cut my foot the night before. Anyway, it's over! That means my schedule is really clearing out for baby to be the next big thing. Yay!

Yogini, I love your video! I still have to finish the second one I saw. What a great way to share and build community. We also don't have a "nursery". We haven't had a baby's room since my first and they always sleep with us anyway. My fellow Yogini advice to you is to surrender to the process of birth and trust in the wisdom of your body. Birth is a huge opportunity for a powerful meditative spiritual experience. Last night I was feeling my baby move and meditating on what it would feel like to be him going through this portal into a human life. Amazing!
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Congrats Abk!!!!!!!!! 

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I know this is not labor prep or on topic, but since this is the chat thread I wanted to just share my happy dance that my first item sold in my new etsy shop.  I've been painting almost everyday for two weeks straight, 50 items so far, and finally someone bought one!  This bag is headed to England:  




And my best friend who threw me the surprise baby shower has a daughter who loves all things girly so I made her gold mary janes, and some shoes for her mom:



And another girlfriend needed some indoor shoes to wear while working at a kindergarten so I found her some new mary janes at the flea market and made them metallic blue:



I wish more of my friends would let me make them gifts, I have a mountain of belts/bags/shoes/boots here that need homes and I don't really care about making money at it, it's just the most enjoyable hobby to make leather items prettier!  It's like a makeover, but for fashion instead of hair/makeup. :)

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congratulations abk :joy

i *jokingly* posted on fb that i was throwing myself a baby shower & had registered for single malt scotch & free babysitting....i am on my fourth pregnancy & have gotten more "liberal" with each one.  i do sip beer here & there because it helps with my anxiety.

as far as baby size:

my first:  i had a 41 week baby be 9lbs 2 ozs

my second:  i had a 43 week baby be 8 lbs 12 ozs

my third:  i had a 42 week baby be 7 lbs 8 ozs

my current one is already a good size (guesses my midwife) at 37 weeks....

i feel like i should be doing more for after birth food prep!  my kids are like locust & i don't like cooking.  i wish i had enough money to just order take-out all the time!  hopefully the dad will step up--he's the cook in the family, but he needs prodding sometimes.  i keep trying to tell him that i will be unable to do very much soon--hint hint....maybe i should be more direct, but i'm not very good at that.

for labor prep i am trying to do olive oil perineum stretching & my midwife wants to start me on primrose at 39 weeks.  she wants to wait since my pregnancies usually go long.  i had a lot of sex for labor prep with #3, but currently there seems to be a void of that?  the dad & i are having an awkward time it seems.  but from what i remember from two years ago--sex is an awesome (& effective) labor prep!  i'm also doing light yoga & going to the chiropractor to keep everything in good alignment & baby in good position.

the midwife is dropping off the birth tub this week!  and i've ordered a "birth ball/yoga ball" because i want one of my own (midwife has one i could borrow)--i spent a lot of time on one of those last labor.

we are still not 100% on a middle name....

i'm mostly sleeping okay except for crazy crazy dreams....  i had a dream the night i conceived this puppy.  i dreamed the doctor told me i was pregnant & i said, "how could you possibly know that--i JUST got pregnant!"  and then he showed me these little arrows pointing towards where my uterus would be.  and i said, "you would think more people would know about this."   i keep hoping i could have a dream to let me know when to expect labor--wouldn't that be handy?

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Serafina, congrats on your first sale! It's a really cool bag!

I feel like I had more posts to comment on, but my brain is super foggy right now, so I guess not.

I'm exhausted...like, drop down, wish I could go to sleep for a year exhausted. I've been cleaning/doing laundry and picking nits out of hair for hours each day, plus doing all the stuff I always have to do. I finally just got a chance to sit down. I'm supposed to be folding laundry...I decided to post on here and drink a glass of water instead...then fold the laundry. DH also had an absolute disaster at work this week, so, while everything should be okay in the long run, it's been extremely stressful. I have been fairly productive, though, considering how much time I've had to spend on lice elimination. I've got some cookie and muffin batter frozen. I always make them to send in school lunches, so this should make things easier for DH...I guess it'll be bread maker bread for a while, though. I prefer it by hand, but DH doesn't know what he's doing or have the interest to learn. We made a huge batch of soup yesterday to freeze. Also, our kitchen was/is in need of a deep cleaning. We're almost done. I guess I should get to that laundry.
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ABK - Congrats!!

I was having BH last night for about an hour. They were sitting at 7 minutes a part like clockwork. I sent myself to bed to sleep. I was a bit shocked to wake up to one heck of a contraction at 2:55 am. I thought it was the real deal but nothing happened after that. Other than lower back pain, nausea, and hot flashes...no good contractions today.
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Emc "i *jokingly* posted on fb that i was throwing myself a baby shower & had registered for single malt scotch & free babysitting..." Love it!
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Ugh, Cindy lu, that's the worst! I hate when my contractions go on forever, but don't lead anywhere!! I was having them 2 mins apart last week, and obviously, no baby yet. And they actually hurt, so it was just insult to injury. But, soon we'll have the real deal! 


Aw, Graci, sorry about your buggy problem! I hope it can get cleared up fast! 


Em, LOL at the single malt scotch!  Do you have any recommendations for taking the epo? I'm 37 weeks, and I just started taking 3 pills a day orally. Is it too soon to start inserting in vaginally before bed? And when I do start inserting it, should I still take 3 by mouth each day? Sorry for the question overload!


Littlebird yay! I'm glad your workshop went so well! It's exciting watching the calendar move closer and closer to baby time! 


Slammerkin, fall is my absolute favorite too! It's getting to be so nice out here, and we've been loving having the windows open too! 

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Nice sell on Etsy Seraphina!!!


I would take a drink and some free babysitting ANY FRIGGEN day over some baby blankets and other plastic crap I don't need :)


Soooo, as I  mentioned before I have an irritable uterus, well it's really messing with me now.  For 2 months now I've had at LEAST 20 contractions/braxton hicks everyday.  More often than not I'm having over 10 an hour, some just regular tightenings and some that are lower with a crampy feel to them.  The last three days I've been having contractions every 2-3 minutes during at least 75% percent of the day AND I've been losing parts of my mucous plug.  I'm 37 weeks now (as of yesterday) so that's good, but I can't help feeling like I'm going crazy!!!  I mean it!  My body is messing with my mind and has been for quite some time and I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.  My husband is ready to lose it too.  So many times I've thought that my contractions were headed in the direction of the real thing only to have them either completely stop or just never develop any further.  We are both getting sick of cancelling plans or purposely staying close to the house 'just in case.'  We've 'packed' the car several times for the Birth Center just to unload everything.  ALSO, either my incontinence is picking up or I have a slow leak...my underwear is just always wet/moist.  I see no point in going in for it though because even the birth center has a time limit for PROM and I really don't want to be induced.  I'm an RN and feel pretty confident that I can keep the area clean and can detect the onset of maternal infection in the case of PROM and slow leak.


Everyone has me convinced that this is going to be a fast labor because it's my second, I'm already dilating, my cervix is anterior and completely soft and I've been having these practice contractions for soooooooooooooooooo long.  Please someone tell me how I'm supposed to just relax and surrender to the process.  I'm running out of patience and am incredibly fearful that this could go on for another couple of weeks.  I wish my body would just (excuse my language) shit or just get off the pot...as they say :)  I'd really rather have NO signs of labor until the moment of (like my last pregnancy) because I'm so done with this emotional roller coaster!


Ahhhhh....thanks for letting me vent.


P.S. As far as labor prep goes, I'm just trying to safeguard my sanity.  That counts as prep, right?  :bouncy

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Aw, big big hugs Soleil, it's so hard waiting. I was told the same thing about my uterus, and I totally know what you mean about how frustrating it is. It's good you're losing parts of your mucous plug though! That's a good sign! I'm not so much help with just letting go, unfortunately :eyesroll I'm the worst about obsessing. 


serafina, yay, I love etsy!

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Serafina - those leather items are GORGEOUS.  I cannot get enough of those shoes, oh my god.


I have no idea why, but I'm feeling SO much pressure to get this house ready to go.  I know I'm only 36 weeks, but I just hope against hope that we can be totally ready to go by next weekend when I hit full term.  Then, whatever happens can happen and I don't need to worry so much, you know?  I'm still getting a lot of cervix pressure and BH, but they only occasionally come with any actual cramping or pain, and they are so irregular that they don't bother me much.  I know it's still really early for me, but I'm hoping she's at least starting to drop - I feel like I woke up today and she was lower.  I'm having way more urges to pee, and I'm having no trouble with nausea or heartburn like I was earlier in the week.


Much love to all the ladies who are so close to being done - I hope things happen soon for you!

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Insomnia!  Yep, it's 4:30am and I should NOT be awake. Jeez, this is ridiculous. This has pretty much become my regular routine. This morning I just couldn't lay in bed staring at the dark anymore. I've also been having a ton of BH lately combined with major lower back pain and cramping. I feel like as soon as I lay down to go to bed it starts except that's not really true because Its going on all day long I just notice it more accutely when I'm trying to rest.


So, when DH was thinking about going and doing this art school thing for 5 days when I'm 38 weeks I asked my mom to come up early to be with me while he was gone. Now he's not going but I don't really want to tell my mom to come later again but I'm worried its excessive to have her come when I'm barely 38 weeks.  She is coming to help me after the birth but most importantly she will be here with DS when I go into labor so that I don't have to worry about getting him to a neighbor's in the middle of the night or worry about him while we're gone if we end up spending a night at the hospital. He's never been away from both of us overnight but I know he'd be totally fine with my mom. Anyway, knowing she's here in case makes me feel calmer but then I worry that I won't have this baby until like 42 weeks and I will have uprooted her for weeks on end.  Something just tells me that if I have her wait until 39+ weeks to come then I will have the baby early. DS came a few days before his EDD, not that that means anything now.


This is one of the myriad details I obsess over as I lay in bed staring at the dark.

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