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Ciga - sorry to hear you have such bad insomnia! I too struggle to stay in bed when it strikes. Would you consider a homeopathic sleep tincture? I have used them in the past and they have been great.
I've come to realise with my own parents that their offers of help and time are beyond genuine and they wouldn't offer if it was going to majorly put them out. I would stick with plans as they are, although I hear you it's so hard having no idea when our babies might arrive.
I'm hoping my wee girl is here at the end of next week (26th of sept) it would work perfectly with school holidays and dh taking time off. The uncertainty of it all, even third time around has me feeling a little anxious.

It's just after half 9pm here Monday night. I have a midwives appt here at home in the morning which I am looking forward too, had some good contractions last night and have been wondering if I'm losing my mucous plug today but I'm not sure, last time it happened it was the night before ds2 was born and it was in large amounts but this is more tmi like big globs of snot. I don't get my birth pool until next week so hopefully she waits until then, even though I have this bizarre feeling she won't be born in the pool like my last two were....
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danielle what tincture have you used and had success with?  I was taking skullcap which seemed to help but ran out and haven't had a chance to get more. When I'm not pregnant I've always taken passionflower tincture but I'm 90% sure you aren't supposed to take it during pregnancy. It has always been the most effective for me.  I've been taking epsom salt baths every night and a magnesium pill at the suggestion of my doula but that only gets me so far.

You're right about my mom offering to come. She has told me that she's fine with coming potentially excessively early.  She says she'll just be able to help me get ready more/watch DS so I can rest more and she'll bring some quilting projects to work on. I'm just overthinking it because I know our house is not nearly as comfortable as hers since we are constantly in a state of renovation.


I'm kind of wondering if I didn't loose a bunch of my mucous plug a couple weeks ago. I had the same thing and since then the baby has dropped.  Not to pry but is yours blood tinged or anything?  Mine wasn't at all so I assumed it was insane discharge and then it completely stopped. With DS I didn't loose the plug until right before labor and it was bloody and obvious so this time I have no clue.


I'll cross my fingers for you that your girl comes around the 26th!

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I am SO glad I'm not dealing with insomnia. I feel for you ladies that are. I would be a walking zombie since I'm still working full-time and we're in the middle of a product upgrade. No time for naps or anything during the day!


I placed a big Amazon order for the remaining things we need for the baby, so all that should be coming in the next few days and I can get it all squared away this week. It would be nice to be all set by this weekend for the most part and then just chill until she finally gets here.


DH's friends took him out last week for a "whiskey shower" - kinda like a bachelor party I guess for new fathers, lol. They just made it up anyway. He hadn't been out in a while so it was cool with me. He got preeetty drunk, and apparently near the end of the night was crying and saying that he just wanted his baby. He just told me this last night after seeing one of his friends and being reminded of that (he had kinda forgotten). I thought it was pretty cute in a way, lol. He's clearly pretty darn excited for this baby to get here.

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my anti-insomnia is 3 active kids!  haha!  i sleep pretty good until i have to pee.  but i remember last pregnancy i would get lots of nervous energy with my warm-up labor--which came at night.  i haven't had a lot of that yet....


i will ask my midwife about the epo.  i know she wants me to start soon, but not too soon, & i did not ask why or how much.  i will see her on wednesday & then report back!  i can't remember if i used it in past pregnancies or not??  i know with my 2nd i tried EVERYTHING to induce labor.  i was 43 weeks & had done acupuncture, was riding a bike (my neighbors loved that!), castor oil, and chinese herbs.  NOTHING worked--though the acupuncture would bring on some contractions.  i would recommend acupuncture if you have a good one available to you.  i did have a bad experience with a very mean acupuncturist in my 1st pregnancy when i needed to turn a breech baby.


i had some awful awful nausea & heartburn yesterday that lasted all day & into the night???  i wasn't eating anything exciting--but i also had forgotten to eat a lot of the day--which sometimes causes me to get nausea.  today i am eating leftover chicken legs every two hours & feeling much better!  i wonder if all the protein my midwife pushes on me has prevented the swelling i usually get??  with all my other pregnancies i have lost my ankles by this time & my bp has gone up--with this one i have minimal swelling & my bp is staying at its pre-pregnancy lowness??  i guess i shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.  i love having my ankles still!  & i am happy for the cool fall weather so i can dress more fun than i have all summer.  i'm still able to get on my boots & leggings! 


i always get a little crazy at this time in the pregnancy because of the limited "cool" clothes i can wear.  i always want to do something drastic like get a mohawk & dye it blue...but i will go in on friday & get just a trim & some layering done on my hair--i read something saying to get your hair in order before the baby comes so you have one less grooming item to feel overwhelmed by once the baby shows up :wink  i figured it was a good idea.

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I made the mistake of having Chipotle both Fri and Sat. Brutal heartburn that wouldn't quit the whole weekend!

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Ohh man, I have been the queen of insomnia this entire pregnancy.  It goes in such stupid spurts - I'll be sleeping great for 3 days, then I'll get maybe 3 or 4 hours over the course of a day/night for 2 or 3 days in a row, then I'll crash and sleep all day one day.  Luckily I'm not working at the moment, jeez.  I've never been a good sleeper, I've always woken many times during the night, and I sleep lightly, which I'm sure will be helpful when the baby comes, but right now... I just wanna sleep.  :(


Sometimes, I seriously wish this wasn't my first pregnancy.  It's so hard to decipher the things my body does, and I never even know what to tell my midwives when the time comes at my appointments.  For example, I've been getting cramping now a lot, every time I wake up to pee or in the mornings, sometimes throughout the day.  But I don' t think it's coming with tightening like the BH!  Those are different.  Ugh.  I suppose as long as I'm not bleeding or leaking anything that it's just normal gearing up stuff. 


I'm picking up a used Pack and Play from a Craigslist seller today - hooray!  That's the last necessity, then I can buy the last few things on my Amazon list that are semi-necessities/wants on Friday.  I think I might wash and rearrange more cloth diapers today, it makes me happy and calms me down. 

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I've really struggled with anxiety this pregnancy. After my husband finished his bed rest, he went back to work on light duty. However, I managed to crash the car on Tuesday. Everyone is okay, but the car got totaled. We decided to spring for a new car. Today, my husband learns he'll be sitting at home unpaid until his arm heals. I have trouble sleeping at night due to all the worry and when I do fall asleep, I wake shortly having to pee again or from contractions. By morning, I just don't want to get out of bed and deal with it all.


The good news is that my iron levels are high enough that now my midwife won't risk me out of a homebirth. That's something, right?

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I'm right there with you, revolting. My anxieties are different, and I won't name them because it would stress me more, but I have to believe that everything is going to work out in the end. It will be okay.


I hope you get a good sleep tonight. My better days are definitely those preceded by better rest. :Hug

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Revolting, I'm so sorry you're going through such a rough time, and I wish there were more I could do other than just send you big hugs and lots of love. I'm thinking of you, and sending you good juju and warm thoughts! The same goes to you, Maine mama, xx Keep your chin up, things will be ok, it always works out eventually. Look at life like a circle- sometimes we're at the bottom of the circle and that's when our luck is the worst, but we continually move around the circle, so you'll be back at the top again in a little while. Things will look up! :Hug

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It's the Circle of Life

And it moves us all :wink

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Ciga - I have both ingredients, i'm going to have to try some apple cider and spritz tonight!!

Sole - so sorry to hear about your body having a mind of it's own! I love your first line. Had me laughing out loud pretty good! and I so agree with you!!
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Ciga - The sleep tincture i had was made specifically for me, but contained all of the following. Lemon balm, Chamomile, Hops, Jamaican dogwood, Skullcap, Pasqueflower, Gentian, Lavender, Lime flowers, Oats, Rosemary, and Valerian. Do you have a homeopathic dispensary near you? Thats where I got mine from it was great. As for the mucous plug, no not pink or blood tinged just big globby mucous I too had the blood tinged pink last time when labour started. My midwife has said that you can absolutely loose it at different intervals. So you may well have lost some a few weeks ago. I told her today about mine and she said that while its productive I could still go to my due date.


Slammerkin - Bet you cant wait for that order to arrive how exciting! I think its so sweet your husbands friends threw him a "whiskey shower" you dont tend to get many men acknowledging the huge transition there friends are about to go threw. And majorly cute about your husband just wanting to hold his baby. Bless.


Em - Glad you are feeling better eating a little more regularly, hopefully the heartburn/nausea was just a one off random thing. I have to say I hear ya, its hard not being able to wear what you want to look the way you'd like, at the moment its comfort not style here and i am assuming i look like im wearing a tent for the most part. Doesnt help the weathers not that flash and the laundry isnt getting dry.


Rainy - Im afraid you just have to go with your gut, this is baby number three and sometimes i feel completely in the dark about what is happening/not happening. This pregnancy has been very different to my boy pregnancies and its thrown me for a six sometimes thinking "ooh is that ok, should i call my midwife?". Hope you enjoy washing your diapers today! Washing all the tiny things can be very cathartic!


Revolting - Oh dear, Im so sorry you really having such a rough time at the moment. I hope the light at the end of the tunnel shows itself very shortly! Love and hugs mumma!


Maine mama - this is one of my favourite quotes " Everything will be ok in the end, if its not ok then its not the end" :-)


afm - 37+1 here and ive just had a lovely home visit from my midwife, and my blood pressure is back to being perfectly awesome at 110/60 so who knows what caused the previous spike but im pleased its down again. Got all of my homebirth kit sorted yesterday, my birthpool should be ready to pick up some time next week so its looking like we are all set to go. Im starting to feel a wee bit impatient. I am also waiting on other babies, my cousin who is 37wks pregnant with twin boys is being induced today so I am awaiting news of their arrival! I think an afternoon nap is in order today, if the toddler obliges of course. 

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Hahahaha, Maine Mama, exactly

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I'm so excited I just had to share, my cousin had her twin boys today born at exactly 37weeks weighing in at 6lbs 1oz and the other at 5lbs 6oz. I'm very excited, but to be honest a little envious, I want to hold my baby now!
Dh mentioned to the guy who owns his company today about needing his replacement to be able to start at short notice with the baby coming, only to find out his boss had forgotten...... So there may be a bit of muddling through going on if things happen suddenly around here.
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Danielle, it's totally normal to feel excited for and envious of your cousin! It's exciting news, but you want you baby now! She'll be here soon! As for your DH's boss, I can't believe he forgot! That's horrible! Hopefully things will get sorted soon.

Revolting, that's great news about your iron! I'm sorry you're still dealing with so much, though hug.gif

Maine Mama, I'm sorry that you're dealing with anxiety. I hope whatever's causing it doesn't stick around! hug.gif

Rainy, I'm with Danielle on this one. This is my fourth baby. Every pregnancy's been different, but this one's been really, notably different. Physically I've been more uncomfortable, but that's nothing compared to the emotional toll it's taken on me! I'm usually super happy and confident when I'm pregnant, which I can't necessarily say about myself when I'm not pregnant. I'm not getting that this time. I mean, I'm happy I'm having a baby! I'm starting to get really excited to meet her, but I'm so weepy and irritable...that's not even a good word for it. I'm angry a lot. It's horrible. I remember I started to get irritable at the end of my last pregnancy and I said to my husband "I can't wait to have this baby so I'll like my kids again!" It sounds terrible, but that's pretty much been me this entire pregnancy (with everyone, not just my kids) and it's awful!

Afm, I'm 34+1 today. I've got an appointment with my midwife this morning. It should finally be my midwife (not my back up) since that's who I was told the appointment would be with, so I can finally talk to her about whether or not I'm still planning a home birth. I've started to assume that I am, so I really hope that's the case, or I'll be crushed...I mean, I would have been anyway, but the baby's heartbeat's been regular the past month or so, so I don't see why I shouldn't be able to give birth at home...unless it's a stupid hospital policy thing, in which case, I have to fight and I don't want to have to do that. I'm so tired and fighting takes effort.

As for the lice, I'd say we're almost clear. We found a couple on DS1 yesterday, but that's it. I'm still going to be checking their heads every day for a bit and then a lot more often after that so, hopefully it doesn't get as bad if we get it again (DS2 really did have a lot). I'm glad this is almost over. I'm seeing scalps and nits whenever I close my eyes!
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i know how you feel, gracisue!

i'm on my fourth when i only planned on three--it's been a LONG pregnancy!  i've been irritable about sharing my body when i didn't plan to & have hated being pregnant while i enjoyed my other three pregnancies.  with each pregnancy i have gotten a worse skin allergy--to my underwear!!  this one is unbearable.  luckily the doctor who teams up with my midwife recommended coconut oil (with peppermint or lavender)  so now i can wear underwear & leggings again.  just in time, too, it is getting chilly :)

emotionally, i've been terrible this whole pregnancy.  i wrote a story about it.  that helped, i think, a little.

i wrote about how much i hated being pregnant & about how i felt i had already failed my unborn child & that i was no longer a good mom to my other three.  it's a pretty dark story, but it helped me to get some of it out.

now that i'm at the end of my pregnancy & excited about meeting my fourth minion, i am super excited & thinking, "i could do this again!  let's go for five!"  (which would mean the dad would run screaming out the door)

i hope everything works out with getting your home birth--having to fight for what you want sucks at any point in the pregnancy, but especially at the end when you just need everything to be settled& ready!  and yay for (nearly) conquering the lice!  seriously! 

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38+1 here . . . had my first-ever (in 3 pregnancies) episode of "is this it?" last night.  Had painless contractions every 10-20 minutes all afternoon and into evening.  Then around 8 pm they were consistently 10 minutes apart.  And then between 10-12 they were between 5-10 minutes apart, still painless but annoying enough that I didn't sleep.  At 12 I got up and was keeping track- every 5 minutes, with random spells of 5-2-2 then 5-2-2 again.  Had 5 bowel "clean outs" yesterday . . . by 2 am I was tired and I REALLY hate being up in the middle of the night, really didn't want to bother all the people that will have to be involved if we do a "middle of the night run," so I decided enough and went to sleep (and the contrax stopped when I did).  


So of course I'm exhausted today.  Wondering what's up!  Never had anything like that with the other two, so perhaps this child is just going to make things a bit trickier . . . or she's literally going to shoot out like a rocket by the time she comes!  Eeek!  Last labor was about 7 hours and honestly I don't think I'd want to go faster, there is just too much to do around here once we decide it's time (with getting supervision for our kids, our Dorm kids, etc.).  Sigh.  Please remind me this will all be a distant memory soon and I'll have my sweet girl!  


My ankles have now officially disappeared, too.  This water-swelling is so nasty and awful, eeek!  Okay, that's my end-of-pregnancy complaint list for the day!  I hate being so negative, let's see, a positive . . . um . . . got my floors vacuumed today, granola and energy bites made on Sunday . . . 

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Danielle, congrats to your cousin on her twins! I can imagine how it just makes you want your little baby to be here all the more.


Gracie, that must be tough to deal with being angry all the time. :: hugs::


Em, it's good to hear you're feeling so much more positive about this 4th kiddo coming. I'm scared enough with this being our first.


Eloise, ahh, it sounds like you're getting close! You're going to be meeting your little girl any day now!


AFM, I feel meh today. Work is sucking. 4ish more weeks hopefully of this. Usually it's not bad, but my manager is so useless sometimes. :: deep breath ::


I think I might have had a couple contractions in the night last night. I woke up a few times and I'm not sure if it was a desperate urge to pee or a contraction...maybe a contraction brought on by a desperate urge to pee? LOL.

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Sounds like we're all headed in the right direction! Slammerkin, I get contractions every time I empty my bladder, like somehow the rearranging of everything crammed in there after the liquid is gone brings on some new pains. I have no idea, but it has happened to me in all three pregnancies. Usually only at night, because I think I don't wait to pee until my bladder gets that full during the day.


I had my 36 week visit today. 2cm, 60% effaced, so I guess all these crazy nighttime contractions are doing something. Baby's head down. I swear I'm huge but still measuring right on. My doctor was so sweet, sharing her memories of my last birth. I honestly have no idea how she could remember mine when she delivers so many babies, but she did and it made me feel nice. :)

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DanielleNZ.....I too have some strange feeling that we will attempt a water birth and Ill end up having this baby on the bathroom floor or toilet or somewhere else unexpected! Just curious, and Im hope Im not prying by asking, but how was it that your last 2 were never born in the pool?

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