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Hi Irielyn, both my previous births have been water births, ds1 born under the water beautifully, and ds2 born in the pool but not under the water as I had to stand up to push his little body out. I just have a feeling this wee girl may be here before we pick up the pool next week.

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Gracisue - I hope your appointment went well and it was indeed your midwife that you got to see! Well done mumma on conquering the lice, certainly a rough battle. Do you have tea tree oil? Lice hate the stuff so if you continue to wash your families hair with it for awhile it should reduce the chance of them making an unwanted return.


Em - I love how you called your baby a little minion! hehe I just love those little yellow fella's. They make me laugh! Pleased to hear you have an awesome doctor who was able to recommend something natural for your skin allergy.


Eloise - Wow I would have thought it was the real thing too with contractions coming like that. My midwife says third baby labours are out of the box, they often niggle for quite a while then ramp up quickly and like you say the babies come out like rockets. Ive had 12hr labours from start to finish with both my boys so i really am wondering what this little lady has in store for us. Hope you have managed some rest today after your big night.


Slammerkin - Hoping your meh day turned out ok!


Happileigh - How exciting 2cm and 60% effaced it makes it a little bit more bearable knowing your body is doing awesome work without a lot of effort. That is so wonderful your dr remembers your last birth, its wonderful to have that connection. I went over my previous birth notes with my midwife yesterday and it was empowering to know how awesome id done. hehe.


Afm = today has been full of unexpectedness ( is that even a word? lol ) Ds2 didnt want any breakfast, which wasnt terribly unusual, but then said his tummy was sore, we had a wee nap together and he woke up upset and still sore and running a temp. Then proceeded to vomit e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e and something hes never done was scream and just not stop, i tried to bath him to get him cleaned up and he just cried and screamed in agony, finally got in touch with dh who said dont worry about the vomit take him straight to emergency, so i managed to wrap him up and get him to the local accident and emergency, and it looks like he may have a urinary tract infection :-( poor baby. hes perked up considerably and not vomitted in over 2.5hrs and is finally taking fluids in the form of popsicles. So i am finally sitting down after coming home and getting him settled and cleaning up the carnage. I definitely think an early night is in order after that.

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I got confused DanielleNZ....for some reason when I read your post I thought differently. I just cant stop thinking of the "what-ifs"...like "What if we dont fill up the tub in time?" Im trying to think of EVERYTHING so it goes smoothly and its starting to drive me a little bonkers:dizzy!   But I need to remind myself that you cant plan for the unexpected!


Hope your son gets to feeling better soon and you get some much needed rest as well!

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yikes, danielle, i hope your son is feeling better!  poor guy!  also, i know how much fun dealing with vomit can be during pregnancy!


irielyn--i almost gave birth on the toilet with my 3rd.  her head was en route while i was laboring on the toilet.  the toilet was SO comfortable & i was super paranoid about pooping in the birth tub--i almost didn't make it.  but when i realized how close she was to being born i waddled down the hall & got into the tub to give birth.


today the birth tub arrived as did my yoga ball.  i think i'm all set??  & i'm 38 weeks tomorrow.  i do have trouble stretching & oiling my perineum though.  i blame it on my catholic upbringing!  haha!

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Hey emconnell, Ill be 38 wks tomorrow as well! :joy WOO-HOO!!!! My bathroom isnt very close to where our birth tub is set up so hopefully someone will have a fish net in hand if the time comes! I really hope it doesnt come down to that either! And Im also not good on stretching my perineum, my midwife suggested just to use coconut oil during sex and it would really help.

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I'm jumping in a little late here, but I've really enjoyed reading this thread and the last one. I feel like I'm in a room full of prego mams :love my heart goes out to those of you dealing with drama. And the insomnia, that drives me nuts! Thanks to I can't remember who I'd really love to have an ale and some apple crumble!



Originally Posted by emconnell View Post

with each pregnancy i have gotten a worse skin allergy--to my underwear!!  this one is unbearable.  luckily the doctor who teams up with my midwife recommended coconut oil (with peppermint or lavender)

I love you for sharing this! I'm so going to give this a try. I've been using Vaseline, and warm baths with a little bit of baby oil in it.


36 weeks and after all these months I've finally bonded with my Dr! Even though she still has it in the back of her mind I was trying NOT to gain any weight. I've felt pretty crummy almost this whole pregnancy, head aches, tired a LOT, and just a generally icky feeling, even throwing up in all three trimesters {thankfully not all the time, or all day long. And after my mom doing some fishing around and talking to my Dr about it, it looks like I've had pregnancy induced hypoglycemia. Last Friday Dr gave me a meter to keep an eye on my glucose levels. But it really does add up. I would feel shaky/not right before I'd ever get hungry a lot of the time. I just recently put on some pounds. I had to put an app on my phone and go out of my way to hit my calorie intake goals. Dr has been telling me for the past 6 weeks, sit on your butt and eat junk food. She was finally happy today when she found out I'd packed on 4lbs in less then a week. According to the ultrasound {doc does one every time} Acelyn is still under 5lbs, looks to be 4lbs 5oz. But she is very active, has a chubby face, and good heart rate. Dr says as long as she keeps growing she will let me go into labor on my own and have the natural birth I want. Yay for me! Other then the finger poking and going to the Drs twice a week now I'm pretty happy.

I thought I was going into labor last night. I sleep like crap half the time thanks to contractions. And yesterday they seemed a bit more defined through out the day to the point I started counting at 1am until 4:30 my now "normal" bed time. DH works nights, and half the time I'm still up when he gets home at 5:30am. They don't hurt, but sometimes everything tightens so quick that I take a deep steading breath on reflex, I guess having that reflex is a good thing. I'm 1cm dilated, and 50% effaced. Knowing my baby is on the small side makes waiting a little easyer for me. When I do have her I want to be able to bring her home asap.


I'm not doing a lot of prepping. Got my hospital bag mostly ready, plan to do babys tomorrow. After the baby shower Saturday DH moved our bed and put the crib up while I was with some of my family. He is very uneasy about cosleeping, but I plan to. His working nights will be a perk because I can have her in bed with me then. For the times I do want to use it the crib is butted up to my side of the bed and it's mattress is level with ours. I thought about freezer meals, but I'm hardly cooking right now anyways, and my DH and family are all good cooks. I'm going to pick up a few things on Friday, like nursing pads, and a nursing pillow. I thought I'd be more active during my pregnancy, but it just didn't happen. I've done light yoga, journaled a lot, and done a bit of crocheting & knitting, but that's all.

That being said I've got to brag on my husband. He is a very thoughtful person, and has got me spoilt. He does everything he can around the house, cooking, cleaning, what ever. He'll brush my hair, and paint my toe nails if I ask him. I feel kinda bad some times because he has done so much the whole time I've been pregnant. But he says he likes me needing him so much, and just feels bad that I haven't felt so good. I do go out of my way to tell him how much I love him, and how thankful I am that he is who he is.

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gracisue - so happy to hear that lice is conquered!

Danielle- Sorry to hear about your little one's UTI!  Ouch!  Hope you get some rest after all that excitement.

As for perineum stretching, I ought to try that coconut oil trick.  I told my DF last night that since we skipped yesterday we gotta have sex today (I'm not only wanting to get some intimacy in before the 6 week post partum required break, but also to try to help trigger labor), so might as well crack open the coconut oil at the same time.  He still hasn't finished reading The Birth Partner, but he said one section he has read was about how he can do perineum massage to help ease the area into stretching better, and how he can do it before labor and during labor.  I think it's time he starts practicing!

I'm 39 weeks +2.  Due monday!  I cannot wait to get this show on the road, the constant contractions, especially all. evenings. long.  is just so annoying.  3 weeks ago I was 2cm dilated so who knows what's up now but shouldn't we just rip this bandaid off already and let this little girl fly into the world?


The only thing that takes my mind off of how uncomfy it is when she does her yoga and how much I cannot stand these final days of waiting is painting leather!  I am probably boring the crap nuggets out of you guys about it, but it's so much fun to do something crafty for the first time in my life.  Ten hours went by yesterday in a blink of an eye painting (mostly vintage) leather pieces to blingy metallic deliciousness.  I forgot I was pregnant, I forgot to eat.  Here are a few results, not even half of what I did but enough to give you an idea:







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Em, it must be awful to deal with that skin allergy! I'm glad you were able to deal with some of your emotional troubles. This baby was unplanned for me also, and took a little getting used to the idea. I've never gotten pregnant without trying before. It's a little different because we were planning on having a 4th, just not yet. I do feel a little weird because while I'm so unhappy and wish I could just have the baby (I can't for about 3 weeks), I'm a little upset that this is planned to be my last pregnancy. Reading about you waddling to your birth pool having to push got me a little excited for birth! There's no way I would have made it. Once I get the urge, I can't control anything. If I was in that situation, the baby would have been born on the toilet!

Slammerkin, I hope your day got better.

Danielle, I hope your son is doing better. Poor guy (and poor mama). I didn't want to use the medicated shampoo, so I used tea tree oil mixed with olive oil for the lice. It might not quite be as close to gone as I'd thought yesterday morning, which was frustrating to discover, but it's much much better. I'm really hoping the boys can go back to school today (they love school...for now), but they have to be nit free, so we'll see.

OklaFarmMama, I'm glad you're finally getting to feel a connection with your Dr. For me, that connection is so important. I have a lot of anxiety and hate the idea of strangers or worse, people I don't get a good feeling from, being at my birth. I've known my midwife through three pregnancies, though she's been my back up for the other two, my primary has always been off call when I've gone in to labour (including my first birth, before we moved to this area) so she's always been with me through labour. I feel like we have a good connection, even if we don't always agree on everything! Also, I'm happy for you to have such a wonderful husband!

HappiLeigh, it's so nice that your Dr. was sharing her memories of your last birth! I get amazed that my midwife remembers as much as she does about mine...although, she remembers DS2's birth as quicker than it was! It was quick, but she was there for at least half an hour before he was born! She remembers it as walking in to catch the baby! When I was in labour with DS3, she wouldn't even talk to me on the phone, she just said "Meet me at the hospital!"

Afm, I spent yesterday in an exceptionally terrible mood. It started when I checked my older boys' heads, hoping I could send them to school. I found a few nits on both of them. I don't know if I just missed them the night before (I do have terrible eye sight...can't wait for my eyes to go back to normal so I can get new glasses) or if they're coming back. It's still a huge improvement over what it was, so I just have to remember, I'm getting there. Then my appointment got rescheduled to today because my midwife was at a birth. I honestly don't know if it's been rescheduled with her or someone else! If it is, I'm going to have to talk to her before my next appointment since this is driving me crazy! Then DH kept saying he had work things to do and he'd be gone x amount of time...without fail, he'd be gone double that. He pulled the same routine on Monday. I know he's working (I'm not suspicious there's another woman or something), but it's really ticking me off because he keeps saying that he's going to spend a lot of time working on the house, then he doesn't. Other than checking hair and washing a couple of loads of laundry, I got nothing done yesterday and broke down a bit since there's less than two weeks until my home visit and I want everything done before then (although, I guess it doesn't matter if I find out I'm not having a home birth...then I'll have an extra week). DH did give me a nice massage and tell me he appreciates everything I'm doing right now, which is wonderful, but I don't know if he gets just how stressed out I am! Hopefully I can at least check back in later to talk about how amazingly my appointment went!
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Graci, hopefully you're appt goes well!


I have my 36 week appt today myself. Weekly appts from here on out! Crazy man. We'll be retesting my iron and testing for GBS today. I hope my iron has gone up. It was 10.6 on my last test at 29 weeks, and I changed my iron supplement and got serious about actually taking it every day since then. I do feel like I've had more energy in recent weeks, so hopefully that's a good sign.


I've gotten all the stuff I ordered from Amazon and should be getting the replacement piece for the baby's dresser today, so DH can finally finish putting that together. The rest of this week I can really get on top of organizing all the crazy amounts of clothes and stuff that's laying around the spare bedroom for this child.


We have 14 meals in the freezer now, woo!


Hope everyone has a good day.

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hey oklafarmmama!  i'm glad i could help.  i come here for the room full of pregnant women feeling--i always crave that connection at the end of a pregnancy!

i have trouble eating this pregnancy, but mostly due to having 3 kids who are always demanding food for themselves & stealing my food & just not having the energy or interest in feeding myself.  i have spent so much of this pregnancy either stressed or depressed!  my midwife is always lecturing me about it--even though she sees how my kids are when i do try to eat!  but if i don't eat, i get super nauseated.  the midwife reports that the baby is nice & big regardless of my terrible eating habits.  i was so good (fat & healthy) with my other pregnancies. 

your husband does sound awesome--mine is really good at video games :eyesroll.   i have done bedsharing with all 3 of my babies so far.  they sleep on my arm when they are little bitty & i wake up at the slightest movement.  i have a king sized futon just a few inches off of the floor.  i love bedsharing and feel it has worked out great for us.


gracisue--it was forever ago that i had head lice (jr. high school--i loaned out my hairbrush even though my mom always told me never loan out your hairbrush!)--but i remember how they told me the nits were cemented onto the hair follicles & i just had to wait for them to grow out??  i just remember waiting & waiting for all the nits--though dead--to grow out of my hair. 

good luck with your appointment & with getting more support from the husband!


i have a midwife appointment & a chiro appointment today.  i love my chiropractor.  she works miracles.  she adjusts my pubic bone even!  i was having spasm-y pains there & she adjusted it & they went away.  she has also helped my nausea & sinus issues.  my kids use me as a jungle gym & then she puts me back together :stillheart

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Originally Posted by emconnell View Postt i remember how they told me the nits were cemented onto the hair follicles & i just had to wait for them to grow out??  i just remember waiting & waiting for all the nits--though dead--to grow out of my hair. 

There are very fine toothed combs that pull them off the folicle.  They are glued there pretty good but can be scraped off.


Gracisue, sorry you had such a bad day and hope your apt goes very very well!

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Danielle- thanks for the herb list. I unfortunately don't have a dispensary nearby but I do have a number of those tinctures on hand so I might try making my own mix. I have to do a little research first, of course. Also, so sorry about your son's uti. That sounds so awful. I hope he's feeling better.

Graci- I hope your appointment was awesome.

There was a lot I wanted to respond to but I only have a couple minutes before DS realizes what I'm doing. I finally got my second box of 0-6 months clothes back from my friend today! She has found a few odds and ends since mailing it that have yet to arrive but that's okay. I've got the bulk of it. I keep having contractions lying in bed that make my chest feel heavy...if that makes any sense.

This is totally not pregnancy related and more just parenting related but I have to make a decision. I've been invited to be a part of this craft exhibition show thing in the spring and I have to give them an answer by Friday. I know, this is months away but all I can think about is how much time I probably won't have in my studio to prepare for it all winter as I adjust to parenting 2 kids and then how will I deal with manning the actual booth for 3-4 days in a city that's many hours away when I'll still have a breast feeding 6 month old. DS was still nursing a lot at that point. I could possibly have DH man the booth for me but then he'd have to take at least one day off from his work, our main income source. If I had my sister do it for me I'd have to pay her and find her a place to stay. Ugh. It's just stressing me out because I feel like if I let it pass I'd be missing a good opportunity. Sorry to bring up something so totally unrelated, it's just on my mind right now
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Ciga, I wouldn't say it's totally unrelated, and even if it was, don't feel bad about bringing it up. I've been complaining about lice for almost a week now! I can't say I know what I'd do in your situation. It's a tough decision. My last baby nursed every two hours (at least) until he was about nine months old, so I'd definitely find it difficult, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. Definitely tough.

Thank you so much everyone. I find it difficult to vent to anyone in real life besides DH, and when he's one of my problems, that makes it even worse! Pretty much everyone I know tends to think he's pretty much perfect, and frankly, I'd have a difficult time finding someone closer! He really is wonderful most of the time, but nobody's perfect! It feels good to have a place to vent. Sorry I've been doing it so much lately. Although, it's not about to stop...at least, not today.

First, the good news! All my boys are nit free! The older two are at school now! I'm not nit free, but I'm close and much better at keeping my head to myself! Although, it puts some restrictions on cuddles, which can be tough on me (definitely how I got them in the first place)! DH and I talked a little (there hasn't been much time this morning) about making a plan to get things done. I think our goal for tonight may be a little lofty as we're still checking hair (mine takes over an hour since I have so much hair) and one of the boys has swimming lessons tonight, but we'll make progress!

Now the bad news...well, the non-news. My midwife had another birth this morning. They rescheduled me with another midwife there (my SIL). On my way to the appointment, I got a call saying she'd been called to a birth. I had some errands to run, so the receptionist told me to call when I was done and hopefully they'd find something for me. I was able to go in after my errands, but it was with my back up...again. Everything looks good. Baby's head down. She has been for a while, but she's getting to a point where she's less likely to turn...not that she couldn't, of course. She's not engaged yet, but I'm only 34 weeks. I'm only measuring a week ahead (I usually measure two weeks ahead) and there was still no irregularity with her heart. I could (and probably should) get them to have my midwife call me about this, but I'm just going to prepare for a home birth. There is no medical reason for me to be in a hospital. My chart says the report from the cardiologist says to continue routine care. Routine care from them includes choice of birth place. Hopefully I'm right.
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Originally Posted by gracisue View Post 

First, the good news! All my boys are nit free!  

:joy  Woot woot!

 That is cause to celebrate.  When we had our parasite issues all winter/spring, I was losing my mother effing mind, and I totally relate to how blissful it is to have your kids cleared after an infestation.  Hopefully you'll comb out all the eggs from your head soon and be done with it very very shortly.

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Originally Posted by ciga View Post

This is totally not pregnancy related and more just parenting related but I have to make a decision. I've been invited to be a part of this craft exhibition show thing in the spring and I have to give them an answer by Friday. I know, this is months away but all I can think about is how much time I probably won't have in my studio to prepare for it all winter as I adjust to parenting 2 kids and then how will I deal with manning the actual booth for 3-4 days in a city that's many hours away when I'll still have a breast feeding 6 month old. DS was still nursing a lot at that point. I could possibly have DH man the booth for me but then he'd have to take at least one day off from his work, our main income source. If I had my sister do it for me I'd have to pay her and find her a place to stay. Ugh. It's just stressing me out because I feel like if I let it pass I'd be missing a good opportunity. Sorry to bring up something so totally unrelated, it's just on my mind right now

By the time your second child is six months old, you'll be a talented multitasking mommy of logistical magic tricks you can't imagine possible right now.  It's only 3-4 days and you'll really regret it if you miss the opportunity it sounds like.  You'll figure out the booth logistics when the time comes and it probably won't even seem like that big of a juggling act by then.  You can throw a six month old on your back and man the booth most of the time and take a few breaks to nurse, one way or another.  Babies are so adaptable!

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I feel really lonely and unsupported in this pregnancy. I'm completely depressed, honestly. I've been trying my best to stay positive, but it's really hard with the circumstances, I don't work- husband works all day- I have no money, he has no money, we have no money and are in debt. Going to buy groceries on a credit card right now. All of my "Friends" have fallen off the face of the earth- I wrote something on facebook last night along the lines of "working on being happy despite all my friends falling of the face of the earth since I got pregnant/married" and everyone responded defensively- saying that *I* should be the one reaching out, that *I* should go out more (despite feeling like shit all the time), that being pregnant/married doesn't matter, etc. I'm really at this point too depressed/exhausted to care and take the time and energy to "reach out". If "reaching out" means texting/calling people to make plans-- I've definitely done my share of that- only to be flaked on/have plans change the last minute- not to mention I live IN TOWN, by the beach and I go to the beach and to the gym just about every day- I am VERY AVAILABLE- I just don't feel like trying anymore. 


my husband told me that a blessingway is happening... he is doing something behind my back - but honestly at this point I don't even want one. None of the people who would be there are real friends. REal friends would be there for me during this whole pregnancy and not just at the very end for the special celebration and after to see the baby. In fact- I am putting ZERO pictures of my daughter up on the internet and NO ONE is allowed over for at least a month except for people who have babies/toddlers... I am not letting my situation become entertainment for people. I'm also really upset because I just feel straight up used. When husband and i were traveling I let a "friend" use my car for free (payment and insurance paid by me) with the only thing she had to do in return was pick us up from the airport. She arrived an hour late, and now I haven't seen or heard from her all summer.... used. A different "friend" needed a place to stay while my husband and I were traveling, so I let her stay at my house, rent paid with the understanding that we'd do a trade-- she'd pitch in $ for utilities (she left $150 for one month of staying at our duplex 2 blocks from the beach with rent that costs $1550) and then provide meals for the weeks after the baby is born- she's a professional caterer/chef and does raw/vegan food so I thought this was a fair trade- now I'm seriously doubting if she's going to hold up her end of the trade because the only time I saw her since letting her stay at our house was when she called me to "go out to lunch".... I told her I'd go even though I wasn't hungry and had no money-- so I picked her up from the gym, took her to the restaurant, sat with her while she ate, and then dropped her off to pick her car up from the shop. I feel like she just called me because she had a couple hours to kill between the gym/picking up her car, had no way to go get lunch, and needed a ride. again- used.




and I am freaking ready for this baby to be outside of my body in 2 weeks and 5 days on the freaking dot. 

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ugh--my midwife just told me i tested positive for for group b strep...bleah!  so now i have to use garlic & yogurt at night...in addition to olive oil on my perineum & coconut oil on my rash--it's turning into some crazy salad dressing down yonder.

she told me to wait on the primrose oil--so i still don't know details on that.

i am super nauseated again today.

my midwife came & said the baby had dropped down a lot.  i can feel the pressure on my pubic bone & on my bladder!  plus, someone keeps pushing on my right hip....  everything other than the group b strep results looks good.  i'm 38 weeks.  wow.  somehow i have made it this far!  it is so nice to have a caregiver who is for birth choices & who encourages me to relax instead of trying to scare me into more & more tests & interventions!  i feel more prepared for this birth now that i know from my last birth that anything goes & it's all unpredictable!!

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Look for mommy and baby groups.
You will find friendship among people who are in the same position you are.
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YoginiMomma...I agree with Shiloh, try and find some local Mom/baby groups, LLL is where I met alot of like minded ladies. Even though Ive nursed for 2 yrs and soon to have another Ive got the breastfeeding thing down pat, however we go for the socialization and other nursing toddlers for my son to play with. And I myself have a hard time finding friends, Im kinda picky when it comes to who I let in my life and Im glad I could find so many like minded people in one place...hope this helps you and you get to feeling happy again! If I wasnt so far away Id come hang with you, it seems we have alot in common! HUGS!!!

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yoginimama--i wish i knew how to help.  i totally understand being disappointed in people.  it sucks when people take advantage.  i really really hope you can find the support you need/want!  it so sucks to feel alone--especially when going through a pregnancy.

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