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Sarah, hopefully you will have your little one soon. That bowling ball feeling has to be pretty miserable.
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well......... i got my membranes stripped again yesterday, had a few painful contraction last night but not labor. i have an induction time of 6am tomorrow. so my son will be here. but we are gonna start with nipple stimulation, low low meds and breaking my water. since im 5cm we are hoping i dont need much meds just to jump start it. GL ladies i hope all your babies come soon and your labors are what you want them to be :)

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Good Luck, Mexiflower!  Hoping for a quick labor!!

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thank you :)! me too.

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For those taking EPO or being recommended EPO, I wanted to share this article. 





mexiflower- I hope you have a smooth induction and that things go well :) Hang in there!

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Mexiflower why r they inducing u if your not 40 weeks yet?
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im 40 on mon. but ive kinda have low fluid. its not to bad but its best to induce now then to have a csection later he says. and im ok im ready to have this baby my ribs hurt so bad i gotta get checked after hes born. o plus my left hip.

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Oh ok, just here in uk we don't induce until 10 days overdue or absolutely medically necessary.
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induction went AMAZING ladies. got there at 6am started meds at 8am broke my water around 845-9am was handling labor great used my birthing ball. lol man i didnt leave that thing till it was time to push. hubby rubbed my back, placing blankets on me cause i was cold then 2min later fanning me down because i was hot lol. meds stayed low i progressed great. contraction never were closer than 3mins but they came in couples. one would start then lighten the pick back up. i felt some pressure but not really to push my doc got there and checked me i was 10cm and ready to go. i pushed about 4times and he was out! labor was a total of about 6hrs. over all was just beautiful and besides the induction part was everything i wanted i wore what i wanted i got to push how i wanted hubby was great with helping me. best birth out of the 4 ive had :) and once hes back from hes next deployment we will be trying for crossing fingers another boy! lol i hope everyones labor turns out how they want and if not no matter as long as theres a healthy baby. :)



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