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Starting to vax at 2 yrs

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I planned to do S&D vax for DD & now that she is two, I am mostly ready.  Another poster summed it up perfectly with 

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Vaccinating makes me very uncomfortable. I've basically given permission for my perfect little unadulterated baby's virgin blood to be bastardized by some foreign substances, most of which I don't even know how to pronounce.  I have very little educational background in science or biology so I have to trust and have faith that those who do are being honest and have persuaded me to do what was right for my child. As a layperson, the "studies" are almost impossible to interpret but I still seek them out to make myself feel better about my decision[...]


I hope it's ok for me to quote from a different thread!


So, that is why I say mostly.  DD is 28 months now & I think at this point I have decided on DTaP and MMR.  DTaP for tetanus and to help hopefully protect #2 (due Oct) from pertussis.  MMR because the current outbreak is making me nervous.  I have a few questions: 


If you also started S&D at age 2, what did you decide on?  I realize schedules are very personal and individualized but I like reading other thoughts and takes.


Are there others I should consider because #2 is due mid-October and will be a winter baby?  I'm a SAHM and plan to exclusively BF for 6-9 months (DD started playing with solids at 9m but not really ingesting noticeable amounts until closer to 11m).  I know some people are comforted by the fact their kids do not attend daycare or school but we interact with friends that do so I do not feel protected from those possible exposures.


Will DD really need 5 doses of DTaP to catch up?  I'm aiming for absolute minimums.  Titer testing may be out of reach financially - I do not know the cost.


Any particular thoughts on starting HiB?  I am undecided on this one.

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I started around that age, though things have changed a lot in the vacc world since I was making my decisions (oldest is 18). I had a lot more access to single disease vaccines, for example, back then. I think you do need 5 dTAP's. I think for MMR's it is 3 (only my oldest has had them, and when he was old enough to research them himself). 


I'm sure someone else with more current info will be along to help! I just wanted to respond to your thread!

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I think, according to Dr.Sears it's 3 DTAP, 1 MMR, 1 HIB, 2 polio, 1 chickenpox if you start at age 2. My DD will be 2 this month and I'm expecting a baby this winter too. We're going to do DTaP, HIB, and MMR before the baby is born.
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Basic "immunization" with dtap is 3. A 4th booster is required (with at least 6 months apart) for most states' school requirements if the 4th dose is given after the 4th birthday. 3 polio if the third dose is given after 4th birthday as well. All states want 2 MMRs by age 4, but you can do one and draw titers. I think they all want 2 chickenpox but we skip those. After age 2 only one HiB and one Prevnar if you choose to do those.

We started at 2.5 with DS: HiB/DtaP (ActHib and Daptacel) at 2.5, then DtaP at 4.5 and MMR at nearly 5, polio at 5.1. Another DtAp next month will complete his basic round, followed by a polio (2 months after first dose, 4 weeks apart from dtap). A third dose of polio will happen 6 months after the 2nd dose. We drew blood for MMR titers.
DD had ActHib at 24 months, DtAp at 25 months, MMR at 28 months, polio at 33 months. She'll have another dtap at 34 months, polio at 35 months and her third dtap at her 3 year checkup, and then maybe third polio at 41 months or 4 year checkup, which would be preferable as that would suffice for school requirements to no longer exempt polio for us. We won't draw her mmr titers until her 3rd birthday I guess. It really depends on the schools, if we have to repeat the titer at 4 years or if they accept them longer.
We skip prevnar, flu, chickenpox. HepB we'll start around 9-10. No HPV vax. We'll do the menactra for the teenage years.
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Lyndie, did you get started with Dtap/MMR? If so, what order are you doing them? I am also starting my 2 yr old with those.

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