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Did you take CDs to the hospital? How many?

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Hi, all -

I'm working on packing my hospital bag - haven't done this before - and I've been debating on whether I should take cloth diapers or wait until I get home to start using the cloth. I would prefer to use cloth from the beginning, but at the same time, it seems like an enormous hassle - at a time when there's going to be enough to deal with - to bring a bunch of diapers and covers, rinse them out in the hospital, pack used ones in a wet bag, and manage to not lose any at any point. I intend on the hospital stay being as short as it possible can, but I want to prepare for eventualities, too. So I'm kicking around the idea of picking up a pack of seventh generation or similar diapers to just use while in the hospital.

What was your experience with this? Did you choose to take cloth to the hospital? Was it a pain or no big deal? How many did you take and how long did you stay?

Thank you!
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I didn't do it. It sounds like more bother than it's worth to me personally. But then I also plan on using disposables until the new baby grows into the one-size diapers, so take that as you will. 

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Yes, my last baby was a planned hospital birth and I took cloth. No big deal at all. I did use some of the disposable wipes there to take care of the meconium.

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I'm expecting my first sometime in the next 2 weeks and am not bringing any cd to the hospital. I figure if all goes my way we will only be there 1-2 days at most anyway and it seems like more hassle than it will be worth, considering this is my first and I'll have my mind full with adjusting to mamahood, breastfeeding, etc. Not to mention the meconium. I have a few newborn disposables that friends offloaded on me that I will bring with, but more than likely will just let the hospital use theirs and then start CDing when we get home. :)

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Eh. Seems just one more thing you're going to have to worry about getting home with. I had a home birth with my most recent baby and used cloth from the start. (Looking back I did too much) but one thing I learned is that Meconium doesn't stain like everyone says. If I had to do over I would have a pack of sposies until the cord fell off just to make those first few days easier.
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I don't ever take cd's to the hospital. I just use the diapers that they provide, and am glad when they send me home with a pack too. Having a baby is exhausting, especially when nursing and taking care of other kiddos. I've always found it easier to use sposies for the first few weeks, but I dont have any washing help really :)

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I took CDs to the hospital. Aside from the first nurse being baffled about putting one on (I even brought a fitted!) there were no issues. I had to bring a wet bag for my pads anyway, so I didn't feel like I was bringing much extra. I think I brought like 8 dipes and 2-3 covers. I cut up a ratty T-shirt to use as liners that I could toss if there was a lot of meconium.

It worked well... and I think that it is kind of cool that my son never wore a single disposable.
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I keep seeing this thread title pop up and I'm like "Just get an iPod, so much easier" and then realize what it's talking about. 

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I've always just used what they gave me, because it is just easiest.  The last thing I want to deal with is washing diapers.  

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I'm packing cloth diapers in my hospital bag. DS was born at home, and like stephienoodle said, I think it's awesome that he's never worn a disposable diaper. I'd prefer to repeat that with this new guy smile.gif

And I doubt it will be a big deal. I'm pretty used to washing diapers by now, so bringing ten or so home from the hospital in a plastic bag doesn't seem like much hassle.
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