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Menstrual cycle back already?!

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I am very confused/concerned. I have had a tiny amount of pink spotting the last few days when I pee and then today, I felt a wetness and I went to the bathroom...and it looks like my period is back?!

I am exclusively breastfeeding on demand- not even pumping or giving bottles, and my little Caroline is a chubby, happy, alert 11-pounder at 7 weeks (tomorrow) postpartum. Though she certainly sleeps a LOT more than my DS, she is still thriving and I just thought she was a more efficient nurser than he. My period did not come back last time until DS was 14 months old.

Is something amiss? Is DD missing out? Am I doing something wrong? I am suddenly wracked with guilt like I have gotten too much sleep or ignored my newborn to manage my toddler. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for your input.
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Have you been taking it easy, or has it been a busy few days? Could it be more PP bleeding?

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Not taking it easy- haven't really since maybe the second week. My DH didn't take any time from work (owns his own business), so lots to do myself. But I haven't had an unusually busy week, except I'm doing more cooking again. All my PP bleeding stopped by the end of the 3rd week- a month ago!

I am feeling SO sorry for myself; I might set a world record for self-pity for something that may not be a very big deal.
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I had some bleeding 6 weeks pp with DD and it wasn't my period ,just bleeding that cropped up. I bet it's just late lochia even with a month off. I spotted all this last week after a few weeks off.

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I vote for not being your period, Crafty. It's not like your DD has been sleeping through the night every night, and I think that's generally what would bring it back this soon. My PP bleeding is still going just a trickle, at 5 weeks 3 days. Sigh! I'm so done with pads, just thoroughly done.
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Y'all are awesome. DD does sleep the occasional 3.5 hours (which stunned me after never-sleeps DS), but it's not all the time for sure. I did have to wake her up to nurse the whole first week (maybe 2)- very sleepy baby. But since I had tons of milk and she was emptying me out and gaining well, I decided not to worry about it.

For those of you knowledgable about such matters, would taking my temperature help me determine for sure if this is late lochia or the return of menstrual cycle? I want to be vigilant about pregnancy prevention (not like I have so much to worry about with all the exhaustion going around!), but I would flop out if I got pregnant right away and probably check in to a mental hospital.
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No idea if temping at this point would tell you anything, but I had the same issue last time. Bleeding at around 6.5 weeks, and even started my own early period paranoia thread. :)

Like the other mamas, I think it is likely just overdoing it/late blood. I don't think you're depriving DD at all!

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Taking your temp would let you know if you ovulate in retrospect. I would go more for checking cervical fluid since if that turns fertile you'll know you're fertile vs. oh wow I must have ovulated 3 days ago, kwim?

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Crafty, even if it is your period (which I highly doubt), it doesn't mean anything is wrong. I firmly believe that each baby/birth/recovery is unique and I would not be surprised at all to have my period back significantly earlier or later than with my first. I think your baby and nursing sound great so I wouldn't worry. Big hugs to you!
OT I kind of envy you a teeny bit with your 11lb baby. Mine was 13lb 10oz yesterday (7 weeks) - her weight gain is simply ridiculous; over a pound a week lately! I'll have arms like a bodybuilder in no time!
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You should definitely see fertile fluid if you're back to ovulating. But I will also join the party of increased spotting for a day or 2 around six weeks with one of these hooligans ( I can't remember which...)

But even if you are, you're not doing anything wrong! You have a happy healthy thriving baby. You're doing something right!
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Thank you so much, mamas! grouphug.gif I knew I could count on y'all's amazing collective knowledge to set me straight and allay my fears. Love this DDC! love.gif

P.S. Maybe a dumb question, but I am not very knowledge about NFP. (My sister gave me Taking Control of Your Fertility when I went to visit her in NC a few years ago. Little did I know, I had just gotten pregnant with DS...so never finished it! Ha!) How do I look for cervical fluid? Do I need to do something internal or this will be in my underwear?
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You should pick it back up, it's great!

You can check when you wipe, or when you do cervical checks, but you need to be consistent with whichever you choose, like don't switch back and forth. That slippery stretchy fertile fluid is pretty easy to spot once you get the hang of it, TCOYF has great pics too!

So do you think AF is really back, or did it taper off quickly?
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Not sure. It's gone now- only about two days of what I would consider menstrual-looking flow, but not heavy or worthy of more than 1 pad. I typically have very heavy flow, so it probably was just late lochia. Here's hoping!
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I had no spotting for a week and now I've had bright red today but not enough for a pad. 8 weeks pp here.

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Edelweiss, I can't imagine that your cycle is back already with the frequency in which you are pumping and nursing...  right???

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Oh I don't think it's my cycle. I think the domperidone has side effect of breakthrough bleeding and irregularities anyway.

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I am having *another* not-quite period. I thought for sure it must be back when I had some blood in my underwear yesterday, but that was it- just a tiny bit of spotting. And normally my periods are super heavy and long. What gives?! 10 weeks pp today.
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I'm still spotting too but I think it's from the domperidone.

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