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New mama on board! :)

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Hello Everyone!!!
I'm a mother to a 15 month old boy and one more baby on the way. smile.gif I found a magazine in the library and it was MOTHERING! It was like a breath of fresh air to read.
I came here for support and to make friends. We don't vaccinate our son, he is not circumcised, we live on a farm with cows, goats, chickens, turkeys and a garden, I wanted a natural birth but that didn't work out. Anyways, I'm really excited to meet you all!
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:wWelcome to Mothering and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm glad you found Mothering in the library and made your way here. You might especially enjoy joining a due date club, checking out the Pregnancy and Birth forums, the Life with a Babe and Toddler forums, the Mindful Home forums, the I'm Not Vaccinating forum, and the Intactivism forum, but really just poke around everywhere because there are all sort of great conversations happening.

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Welcome to Mothering!!!


The Magazine was amazing, we all miss it. :)  But hopefully the forums and the home page can offer something great too!  I'm so glad you found us!

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Miss it? Why? They don't publish it anymore? I didn't have time to look at it more.
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Originally Posted by countrychik84 View Post

Miss it? Why? They don't publish it anymore? I didn't have time to look at it more.


The magazine isn't published on paper anymore, but this website is going strong!



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Sadly, the print publication stopped in 2011. greensad.gif We moved to an all web format at that time.
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