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I remember that confusion about what clothes I would need before my daughter was born.  As a summer newborn, she did spend some time in just a diaper& onesie.  Add a blanket or swaddle & your baby's toasty warm.  By 2 months my go-to outfits became the long sleeve, no feet one-piece play suits.  She's warm, there's a snap-crotch for quick changes & it's comfortable for playing.  If we go out, socks and a sweater make it an outfit.  If she makes it to bedtime without a blowout, I add a sleepsack.

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Onesies never worked for us either.  They often wouldn't snap over my kids' cloth diapers.  If they were wearing wool longies/shorties, the onesies would have to snap on the outside of the pants, which is sorta cute but kinda silly.  They got in the way when potty training or ECing.  If there was a diaper leak, I not only had to change the pants but the top too.  And they were just one more thing to have to fiddle with every time I changed a diaper.  Unfortunately it's not easy to find just plain ol' shirts here, so I ended up with onesies anyway and just chopped off the bottom.

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I think tshirts are annoying because they always lift up to about armpit level and baby's cute little belly sticks out. I agree about keeping babies warm. And when they are older, onesies keep little hands from digging in little diapers.

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I'd put a onesie on underneath because with separates the shirt always goes up.  

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With my first child I wasn't so sure about the necessity of onesies either, but her shirts had a tendency to ride up and so I would up layering them underneath so that her precious baby skin was always protected from sun, drafts, dog tongues, etc. 

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We live in a very warm climate. We have a swamp cooler but no AC. We use onsies sometimes as the only thing on for a crawling baby, but don't really ever use them as an undershirt under an outfit. We also EC (with diapers), so I don't like onsies because the flap can fall into the potty if you're not careful. We also pretty much never use footy pajamas. When the baby is newborn, I use those long nightgowns that go past the baby's feet and are elastic around the hem. Not sure what they are called--we call them "who-dresses" (I think from Cindy Lou Who from the grinch). When it's colder at night, I use sleep sacks. I pretty much don't want to do snaps or try to get baby's legs into the right holes in the middle of the night in the dark. I also like non-onsie shirts because when we do a diaper without a cover, if the baby wets the diaper I don't have to change the shirt.
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I think onesies work well for babies because there's no elastic pressing against the tummy. I like sleepers with footies during cold weather for the same reason.

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With my first my mother was insane about how often she insisted on overdressing him.  I live in Colorado and NEVER put a onsie on under clothing on either of my two and wont do it on this one either its just extra laundry to do and extra to get in the way when changing diapers for me. If its cold I add a blanket or a hat and maybe an extra pair of socks but usually I go by the old "if you are cold baby is probably cold if you are comfortable baby is probably comfortable too and if they arent then I fix it. 

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I skipped onsies completely. I found them to be a complete nuisance. I had dd in january and even though it was chilly outside our house is heated by wood and is always warm
she spent a lot of time naked the first two months...easy to diaper or ec and I dressed in a robe and easily breastfed and snuggled skin to skin! If only we lived in a warmer climate, I think my whole family would wear as little clothings possible lol smile.gif
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I loved onesies for my babies. They were easy to deal with for me. I also loved footed pajamas. T-shirts and baby gowns annoyed me because they always rolled up, never stayed where I wanted them to. The baby gowns are so cute, but they roll up... what's the point? They are covered up and stay that way with a onesie. They are also good to use to layer clothing with in cooler weather.

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LOL... I didn't put a onesie UNDER my baby's outfit.. it WAS his outfit! Except occasionally in the winter when it was cold. Then I'd put pants over the onesie. At a little over a year, I'm finally transitioning to dressing him in shirts and shorts/pants. Part of the issue of shirts/pants with little babies is that the shirts constantly ride up to their armpits, due to them laying down all the time and wiggling. Once they start crawling/walking, that issue isn't so bad. For us, it's warm most of the year, and we're inside most of the time, anyway, so just a onesie was perfect for us the vast majority of the time. Plus then I didn't have to drag pants off and then back on for every diaper change. Just do and undo 3 snaps. :)


My baby also slept in just a onesie and a swaddle blanket until he was too big for his swaddle. He's a furnace like his daddy, and if I dressed him any more than that, he woke up soaked in sweat, poor thing. He will not keep a hat on his head for any reason, or socks for longer than 5 minutes, usually, so it's good he's an oven. Honestly, he wakes up sometimes now with icy little fingers, but it doesn't seem to bother him in the least, so I don't let it bother me. (He sleeps in one-piece jammies now, some with feet, some without, with long or short sleeves depending on weather.)

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Depends on the season-if its summer, then yes. However, if you EC or use cloth, not so much. Its better just to have shirts.

So...if you have a summer baby, and use disposibles, bring on the onsies!

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Why no onesies with cloth? We cloth diaper and use onesies no problem. Pants are a problem, though! And yeah, onesies and EC don't go well together. Lack of non-onesie options did inhibit our attempt at EC.
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I guess it depends how waterproof the cloth is-ie, if you use a cover or not. Basically, if its not waterproof, changing a onesie is a nuisance...

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