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Tummy sleepers

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Several of us have expressed that we allow our babes to sleep on their tummies.  For those of you who do such, what do you dress your baby in for sleeping?  Do you keep your child in something basic (onesie or less) so its easier to tend to her/him through the night as needed?  Do you use a sleep sack?  Do you use a sleeper w/ the button legs?


I have been putting Holly in the sleeper jammies.  Since she sleeps on her tummy for the overnight (most nights) I cover her w/ a light blanket.  I am curious about a sleep sack, though.  If she wears that and I get rid of the loose blanket will she still have the freedom and mobility in her legs to move about her crib?  Will she get all twisted in it since she is so mobile?

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Leora sleeps in whatever she was wearing during the day, generally a onesie, sometimes a short dress & if I've timed the shower right, just a diaper. Diaper & dress are easiest as there's no light, I change her by feel in the dark right there in the bed. When darkness falls, snaps become an enemy my sleep fogged brain struggles w/ & wins only 50% of the time. I haven't formally put her in pajamas yet as it's been so warm w/out ac, we've been sleeping under a sheet or less all summer. It got down into the 50's last night so we snuggled under the quilt.

I've used sleep sacks in the past w/ tummy sleepers & it wasn't a hindrance mobility wise, just more to take off for a diaper change.

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Since B is wearing a wool soaker at night I don't change him at all so I'm not worried about what he wears. Like Leora he usually sleeps in whatever he wore during the day. Mostly unbuttoned onesie or just a shirt and the soaker.

With my other 2 I did use the bottomless sleepers though and liked them. When it was cold out I would put leg warmers on under the sleeper.
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Tummy sleeping at its best

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Cute!!  Are any of your tummy sleepers flipping over in their sleep?

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Not yet, only when she's ready to wake up. Her push-ups are pretty strong now.

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Originally Posted by spotty4 View Post

Cute!!  Are any of your tummy sleepers flipping over in their sleep?

B has absolutely no interest in rolling over. He doesn't even try :-)
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