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Coffee withdrawal

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I decided once and for all to finally give up the caffeine/sugar addiction of mine. I never drank a ton of coffee but the little I had my body got hooked on, plus I am caffeine sensitive (and have fibrocystic breasts that hurt during pms), so I am going clean. Today was day one, no coffee, no candy bars, nothing. I had the worst headache all day, finally have in took some Advil, had to do some parenting from my bed! How much longer til this withdrawal gets better?
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I would estimate that you should be feeling better each day. Baby steps, ya know? Good for you for taking this step towards better health!

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Headaches, from 3-7 days.  For sugar, if you keep plenty of fruit on hand and make yourself eat it when you are craving something sweet, then 3-5 days until your brain starts thinking of fruit for snacks rather than sweets.


I've felt better after 3 days totally off sugar, but I always start up again, not being interested in ditching it entirely.  I love sugar.  I'm also back on caffeine right now, but it seems to help me when I drag from allergy loads.

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I actually wean myself from caffeine. If I feel a headache starting, I drink a little at a time until it stops. After 3 days or so I am done and don't crave it or get headaches. Good luck!

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I don't know, I'm still having a hard time with not drinking coffee.  I had a tooth go bad, and couldn't drink it until after the root canal, started back drinking it, then stopped again for pregnancy.  I've been off for a couple weeks now and I'm still craving it like crazy.  I want a cup of coffee, dang it!

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It's really hard not drinking it. I really enjoy the warm, sugary yummyness of coffee. I need to take a break from it though. Today is day 3 coffee free, I am feeling pretty good today thankfully. It's chilly out here so coffee would be good but I don't want to give in. The little I drink definitely wears on my adrenals I can tell a difference already. Sad but true, lol
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I go pretty hard on the coffee in general myself - but I do try to give myself a week or so off from time to time.  I can't go cold turkey anymore doing this - most often I'll drink green tea the first few days and then I can let it go and I find that helps the worst of the headaches (plus extra epsom salt baths - seems to help achiness, maybe helps detox? I like to think so anyway).


Good luck with your detox OP - hope it helps you feel better!  There are some herbal chai's out there that will really mimic a good, flavored, milky-sweet coffee experience (so you can enjoy something similar to coffee without the caffeine, should you desire).  Sometimes nice spicy, stronger herbal teas (with cinnamon, esp.) are coffee-absence satisfying for me as well. 

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