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cuisinaire rod books

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Does anyone have, or know what I'm talking about, if I say I'm looking for cuisinaire rod activity books?  I have one that I picked up at a used curriculum fair that is abc's --there's a picture you "draw" with rods then it asks you questions about them... how many white rods make up this letter/etc.  Think preschool-ish level...  someone told me there are other kinds of them - like one about a farm or a city...  but I can't find them.  ANyone have any ideas how I can find them?? thanks!!


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subbing-I'd be interested too. Let me know if you find anything!

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I made one once, back when my now-pre-calc kid was too young for Miquon Math but wanted her own math book like her big sister. I saved it as a pdf, and while it's a bit of a pain to print out as a booklet, at least it's free. Wish I could edit it, but the desktop publishing program I used to make it is no longer available and I can't afford Adobe Acrobat. So it is what it is. It's a few puzzles and a bunch of game ideas, some of which use cards that have pictures of cuisenaires printed on them (because it's hard to draw a random cuisenaire rod). It's here and you're welcome to it if it's of any use. Level varies from preschool to logic games accessible to most 7- or 8-year-olds and interesting for older people as well.



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Miranda -- have you posted that before??  I'm pretty sure that I've downloaded that before and did it with my 6 year old a while ago...  It looks very familiar.  (I'll have to check to make sure its what I'm talking about and not just something very similar) but we LOVED it!!!  Thank you!! :)

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We used the cuisinair rods also! I just had them use the rods with whatever we were using, and let them have some free "play" with the rods also, and they loved them. I think it really helped them with math early on. I still have the rods at home too, even though they haven't used them in nearly 2 years now!



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My girls loved Miranda's book, even 8.5yo dd1.  Still waiting to print the cards for the rest of the games.  7yo dd2 has been playing with them free-form, which only she gets.  Mainly they are just blocks for her animals and paper dolls, but she's having fun with their relationships between the rods and has discovered some of the activities on her own.  I'm always amazed how they do this.  I'm getting the bucket-o-rods next time so we can have some rods left over for their "intended purpose".

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