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Originally Posted by JenVose View Post

Also, bear in mind that as the baby grows, it will put a serious cramp on your stomach and it may be impossible (or at least seem that way) to eat enough. Just something to think about the early weight gain - it may be our body's way of preparing for later.


I'm not sure if this is what JenVose was getting at, and I will try to avoid being too graphic, but I will say that right around 36 weeks the downward trend in baby's position made it essentially impossible for my body to digest my food as thoroughly as before. Not just cramping the stomach but obstructing the whole digestive tract at times, and the results when I go to the bathroom are undeniable. (The midwife says this is totally normal for where I'm at.) So I KNOW I am eating more but the pace of weight gain (or lack there of) has not changed. The amount of nutrients we are extracting from our food has gone down, so the volume of food has to go up to compensate.

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Sphinxy - Yes, the digestive issues, in part, as well as the fact that with the baby taking up so much space in the abdomen it essentially reduces the amount of room for your stomach, so it's a little like having a gastric bypass, not to mention that if baby is head down, as we hope for in the final stretch, there's no telling when a meal might be punctuated by a direct kick to the stomach. DD wasn't much of a kicker, but I do recall meals in those final days where I could feel her feet right around my stomach and just didn't trust the food to stay down. I've talked to other moms and heard their horror stories about throwing up out of the blue when a hard, swift kick came at just the wrong time and in the wrong place, and with this little one's current activity levels, I know that's probably in store for at least the last month or so of this pregnancy.

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Just wanted to chime in with my personal experience - I had my first baby in April and prior to the pregnancy was also very slim/petite (5'4 and 19.0 BMI). My weight gain was within the normal range.

Despite taking the recommended prenatal vitamins and having a mostly whole foods diet, my daughter was born with a minor birth defect that is thought to be related to nutrient deficiencies during pregnancy. Concern over my personal appearance became a very trivial issue once I was faced with a health problem in my baby. I have spent many days racked with guilt and regret wondering if my diet was the cause of her problems. I really wish I had focused more on nutrition while I was pregnant. Thankfully, her problem was corrected with surgery and she is doing very well now. I now see a nutritionist who specializes in traditional foods, to ensure that I am receiving the proper nutrients needed for nursing.

I agree with the majority of posters here that the best approach is to focus on high quality nutrient-dense foods and try not to stress about weight. The baby's health is the most important thing. I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight by 4 months and I think nursing and a whole foods diet were the biggest factors in the weight loss.
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Here's my best response for this:
I have three children, and I'm on my fourth pregnancy.  I have gained the most weight in the pregnancy that I started at the lowest weight and was the healthiest in.
My first two pregnancies, I had extra weight to begin with, and didn't make much effort to be fit or healthy at all. I only gained 12 with the first and 17 with the second.


With my third, I started very fit and healthy, continued to work out (running, training with a personal trainer, stairmaster, spin class..) and ate much, much healthier than before... and I gained 40 lbs.


I think many of the women are spot on here when they tell you that your body will sort of 'take over'. If you need the extra weight, your body will find ways to store it.  So you may find yourself ending up needing to go to extremes in order to keep your weight gain as low as you want to, and that's where you could fall into a dangerous trap.


I'd say, get a calorie and exercise recommendation from your doc, and follow it.  If you gain more than you wanted to while following those guidelines, then so be it.  Your body clearly needed it.  If those guidelines keep you at the range you're hoping for, then fantastic.  Either way, if you're maintaining healthy and active habits, you won't have a hard time getting it off.

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Originally Posted by JackieP View Post

My first two pregnancies, I had extra weight to begin with, and didn't make much effort to be fit or healthy at all. I only gained 12 with the first and 17 with the second.


I am starting this pregnancy overweight and that's the main reason I don't want to gain much during the pregnancy. I think it's likely to lose the fatty weight and it be replaced with 'baby' weight, so I'm hoping that happens to me.


It's been hard this past week because I have felt very hungry and don't deprive myself when I am, I just try to make healthier choices of the food I am eating. I weighed myself and have gained 1lb in a week, which is okay considering I have had increased appetite.

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I'd like to echo again what the others have mentioned that the actual weight you gain does not necessarily indicate how fast you'll lose it afterwards. I have a friend of mine, we're the same age and pretty healthy, but she's quite skinny (bordering on underweight).  Whereas I gained 30 pounds, she gained more than 40 (that honestly did not show much) and it took me longer - around 6 months - to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and shape), which she was back to her original weight within a month - without even trying!

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I am a little taller, 5'6", and weighed 105LBS pre-pregnancy. I now weigh 130 at 8 months pregnant. So that's 25 pounds and I still have a month and a half to go. But I LOOK TINY!> I have gained a little weight on my thighs, but mostly it is pretty much all baby and maybe a little boob. People can't believe I am due so soon because I look so small. And in the right hoodie I still don't even look pregnant.

You gain a lot of weight in pregnancy that isn't even fat. You've got the baby, the placenta, the amniotic fluid, increase in blood volume, etc. Trust me, you'll be fine. I even made a goal at the beginning of the pregnancy to put on a little fluff, so that when my belly started growing it would be a little more comfortable, and help with stretching. So far no stretch marks on the belly (I do have some on butt and boobs, darn it).


I would also like to point out that that baby is going to take whatever nutrients it needs, one way or the other. This means if you aren't getting enough nutrition then he/she will take it directly from your body. Meaning you will be left in much poorer health after baby has stolen all your nutrient stores. Don't worry about weight. Just try to be healthy.

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I do not see the point in weighing yourself during pregnancy at all.  Eat healthy foods with protein and fresh fruits and veggies- I eat three meals and two snacks- and have treats sometimes too.  You will gain whatever your body needs to grow and sustain a healthy pregnancy and postpartum time for you and baby.  


I have gained between 18 and 35 pounds depending on the baby.  But I'll add that during pregnancy and right after the baby is born and maybe for the first week after I look rather thin for me, more than I do a month or two after the birth.  I seem to put on more weight then as I'm nursing healthy sized babies and my body needs to have some extra fat during that time.  Since you are small to begin with, your body may need some extra while you are nursing, which is healthy.  Keep in mind that you may be softer and more womanly looking/curvy than you are used to looking, and if that's the case I hope you can see the beauty in that : )


Blessings on your pregnancy.

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