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Any advice pleas

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For the last 2 days, I have been literally bed-ridden with gas pains.  When I stand up, it hurts so bad in my stomach it makes me faint.  If I suffer through that, it moves up into my chest and shoulders.  I have never had gas pain like this in my whole life.  Some comes out (sorry TMI) but it seems like it's never ending!  I'm considering calling my OB.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this go away on my own?


PS~ I'm 9 weeks pregnant if that makes a difference...

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I would call your OB. Especially since you have been fainting. You need to speak with your doctor.
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Call your doc if it's that bad to get extra advice, possibly a prescription. But also see if what you eat affects it, track your foods and how bad you feel afterwards. And use fresh ginger and caraway and garlic as much as possible, and maybe probiotics could help. Look into body stretches you can do to help get the gas out. Maybe try an elimination diet, eat only what's very easy on your system (homemade broth, boiled meats, certain veggies, certain fruits) and slowly reintroduce other foods one at a time. There's OTC gas relief products that are very safe like Simethicone, try that for sure.

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This happened to me in my first pregnancy when I was around 21 weeks. For a whole day I had painful gas (no fainting) and it seemed like I just couldn't get it all out no matter how much I walked or did. I ended up getting diarrhea and vomiting the next day. It was either something I ate or the flu. Gas pains often accompany gastroenteritis. I would call your HCP to let them know what's going on.

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I had something similar a couple pg's ago. I never had any come out, but it was bad pain to the point of almost fainting a time or two. Mine almost always started after I ate chicken at a restaurant. I would drink tea and try to avoid those foods I knew caused it. I still don't eat some of those foods 3 years later. I hope you found some relief.
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I agree with calling your doctor, but something that provided me with a bit of relief was drinking peppermint tea. I believe it's safe during pregnancy. I just got some cheap Celestial (?) peppermint tea.

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That sounds a lot like a gallbladder issue to me. Are you still feeling sick? If it happens again I'd go to the ER. That's no fun:-(
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