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VBAC Induction. Best time to do it?

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I have kind of a complicated case. I have gestational diabetes that requires a lot of insulin control. I had a ginormous baby last time, was induced and ended up with a c-section due to "fetal distress" and high blood pressure (not pre-e). This time around my OB and I are trying for a VBAC in a town where VBAC friendly docs are rare. He's pretty much "the guy" to see if you want a VBAC. So far, aside from my GD which is well controlled, everything is going in a good direction. I have slightly elevated blood pressure but nothing serious.

My OB really doesn't want me to go past 40 weeks but he will not pressure me either way (we have had some differences and worked them out. He's a good guy) but there is a problem... His daughter is seriously ill and he can only be available for my birth if it happens on a Tuesday!!! He has to travel out of town for her treatment. This is really not a case of him wanting to go golfing. He's really having a tough time and I totally understand. He wants to be at my birth and we both know I have the best chance of VBAC if he's there.

Sooooo.... He wants me to do a balloon catheter induction either at 39 weeks and four days (which he prefers) or 40 weeks and four days (which I prefer, I think). I can go longer as well, but I understand his reasoning as my GD is kind of a wild card. He's also concerned about another ginormous baby. Right now it seems as though this baby is gonna be less than ten lbs at term which I am thrilled about.

I also am working with a midwife and she is going to help me with some other things to encourage labor, such as herbs and homeopathics. Gonna "try" and have some sex as well LOL. Of course, I'd rather go into labor naturally but I know if I do there's a big chance my doc won't be there. But it would be awesome and the best case scenario. My midwife will be my advocate although she can't deliver my baby.

Sooooooo, after all that here is my question for VBAC knowledgeable ladies. If you had to be induced for a VBAC, would you rather have it done during the 39th week or the 40th week? Taking into account my case of GD? I can't really find any statistics and I'm trying to make a decision what to do.

I hope all this makes sense.... TIA!!
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Bumping this up. Hope it's not too complicated to get a response! :-)
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That is a big decision.  I think I might go with the 39 weeks, since you seem to trust him and really want to have a chance to deliver with him.  I would probably start the natural stuff Monday as well, since you have a midwife to advise and help you through that, to help give you even greater chances.

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I would go for 39W, personally, unless your Bishop score is very low. If he really supports your VBAC, I am sure he will not induce on a totally unripe cervix. I think you have a better shot at VBAC with that doc than if you end up with someone random.

I had an induced VBAC and it went very well.
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Thank you both for responding. We are trying for 39 if my cervix looks good. If not we will go another week. I am using EPO internally and orally, doing some shifting, visualization, nipple stim, and blue/black cohosh homeopathics. Also, we are trying to sweep the membranes although we haven't been succesful yet. Wish me luck!!!!!
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